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(Individual youth up to age 14)

- FREE copy of 'Sabrina' by Lisa Horstman
- Youth membership card and fun trivia and games worksheet
- Click HERE to learn more about Sabrina and Lisa

All members receive a free
subscription to Smokies Life!

Buckeye Individuals and Buckeye Family Members

- Annual membership card in your name
- FREE "Get Rooted in the Smokies" tote bag (while supplies last; in store only)
- 15% off at all GSMA stores, including our website
- Annual subscription to Smokies Life magazine
- Monthly Cub Report e-newsletter (IMPORTANT - if you are not receiving the Cub Report each month, please contact us so we can update your email)
Rent the Mountain Farm Museum audio tour at Oconaluftee Visitor Center for .99 cents, a $2 savings
- Receive the Bear Paw member newsletter, your choice - digital or paper
Reciprocal Discount Program saves you at least 10% off in-store purchases at 400 public land stores; look for the Public Lands Alliance logo (see it below) at participating stores to know where discounts are available
- Gain access to 'Members Only' area of website for fall foliage and spring wildflower reports, as well as Recipes of the Smokies
Invitation to Branch Out events
Invitation to Members Weekend each September
Discounts from select GSMA Lookout League Members

The Reciprocal Discount Program
saves you at least 10% off in-store
purchases at 400 public land stores.
Look for the Public Lands Alliance
logo at participating stores to know
where discounts are available.

Chestnut Individuals and Chestnut Family Members

All the benefits of the Buckeye Level, plus...

- Join or upgrade your membership for two chances to win prize packages donated by Lookout League members in North Carolina and Tennessee. Click HERE to learn more.


Dogwood Individual and Dogwood Family Members

All the benefits of the Chestnut Level, plus...

- Your Name Listed on our Bear Paw Donor List
- $50 gift certificate to spend in our GSMA stores and website after your fourth installment

Hemlock Individuals and Hemlock Family Members

All the benefits of the Dogwood Level, plus...
- A free, half-day private tour of Cades Cove provided by Mike Meldrum, NPS retired ranger, who spent 16 years working in the Cove. Visit details would be worked out directly with Mike.
- 20% off at all GSMA stores on website
- Free admission to all Branch Out events
NOTE: This benefit does not apply to lifetime members grandfathered into the previous program (See below for details)
- A lifetime of knowing your membership is supporting the Smokies

Lifetime (and Installment) members VS. Hemlock (and Dogwood) members

Lifetime members who joined prior to April 1, 2015, have been grandfathered into the Lifetime membership program with all the benefits existing at the time of their membership.

Benefits of a Lifetime membership include all Buckeye benefits listed above with the exception of the shopping discount here in the Smokies, which is 25%.

Lifetime installment members (those working toward a lifetime membership) must remain current to retain this level of membership and your eventual Lifetime status. After receipt of your fourth $125 installment payment, your status automatically changes to Lifetime, not Hemlock.

Lifetime and installment members who prefer to upgrade to Dogwood and Hemlock level in order to qualify for enhanced benefits may do so at any time. Please call the membership department for details at 865.436.7318, Ext. 254 or 349.

2017 Tax Information

A portion of each membership level can be considered a deductible donation to Great Smoky Mountains Association. Click HERE to request a PDF letter be emailed for tax records. GSMA must be able to verify your membership dues was paid in the 2016 calendar year before a letter will be sent.

Membership Level Dues Deductible Amount
Acorn $15 $10
Buckeye $35 $15
Buckeye Family $50 $30
Chestnut $100 $80
Chestnut Family $125 $105
Dogwood $200 $150
Dogwood Family $300 $250
Hemlock $1,000 $900
Hemlock Family $1,500 $1,000

Lifetime Installment
(no longer available
as a new item)

$125 $100
(no longer available
as a new item)
$500 $400
Legacy Fund Any Amount 100% of Total Amount

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