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Posted by | 11.29.2016
The view from the GSMA warehouse looking
toward Highway 321 East. This image was
taken before wind gusts  brought wildfires
from GSMNP into Gatlinburg after sunset on
Monday, Nov. 29. As of now, GSMA is unsure
if our warehouse facility has been impacted
by the fires. -- Photo by Dawn Roark


We are looking forward to shipping all orders as soon as we are given the "all clear" to reopen our Mail Order operation.

Posted: 12.1.2016

Due to the devastation caused by last night's fires in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, now more than any other time in our history Great Smoky Mountains Association needs the support of our members and visitors. We ask that everyone continue to shop with us and consider making donations, as well as becoming and renewing membership with us.

GSMA officials have been unable as of this posting (noon on Tuesday, Nov. 29) to assess if wildfires in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg last night impacted our Cherry Street warehouse facility. If so, web orders could be delayed, but we ask that you please continue to support us.

Emergency officials have temporarily closed all access roads into Gatlinburg as they assess damage to the community, making it impossible for us to reach our warehouse. As news of surrounding properties impacted by fire begin to reach us, however, we fear the worse, said Product Support Director Dawn Road.

While we are unsure of the status of our warehouse facility in Gatlinburg, we ask that park supporters continue to shop at our open Tennessee visitor center locations on Highway 66 in Kodak and in Townsend, and on our website. Once we assess the damage, if any, web orders may be delayed.

Click HERE to learn more about become or renewing your GSMA membership.

Q: Where does my membership dues go?

A: GSMA gives on average $1.5 million to the national park to support a variety of programs and services. A list of funding distribution is found HERE.

Directions for donating to GSMA via our website follow. Please note that only active members can give this way. Others should try calling us tomorrow (Wednesday) or as soon as the all clear is given for us to reopen our operations in and around Gatlinburg.

Q: How do I give to Legacy Fund?

A: GSMA members are invited via mail twice a year to make an additional show of support for the Smokies: first, to accompany their annual renewal; and second, during what most would say is the park’s most spectacular time of year, the fall color season. Members can, however, choose to give donations at any time of year for any reason at our visitor center locations, on our website (you must log in and click on “Smokies Insider” to donation this way) or by calling us at 865.436.7318, Ext. 222 or 325.

Q: Are donations to the Legacy Fund tax deductible?

A: Yes, Legacy Fund donations are 100% tax deductible. Each donation is followed within 2-4 weeks by a letter of thanks, which can serve as validation of support at tax time.

Downtown Gatlinburg before the fires rolled in over night.
None of our staff has been able to get into town since yesterday.
-- Photo by Gary Wilson



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