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GSMNP: the story of wildflowers

THE STORY OF WILDFLOWERS OF THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS shows beautiful spring, summer and fall wildflowers, and what makes the southern Appalachians such an ideal habitat for them. See why Great Smoky Mountains National Park is called The Wildflower Park. In the making of this program, our wildflower odyssey led us into many types of terrain, into all kinds of weather, and spanned over 6 years of searching and researching. It is not over yet this is part one of a series about these beauties!

Even though these wildflowers were found in the southern Appalachian mountains, many of them grow in other parts of North America as well. Here, we have identified over 160 woodland & prairie wildflowers, including plants, shrubs, trees & vines!ge.


- The formation of the Appalachian mountains and what makes them such a wonderful wildflower paradise

- Wildflowers and their uses, how to identify them, their pollinators, diversity and conservation

- How climate and habitat may impact wildflowers

- An introduction to the Institute at Tremont at Great Smoky Mountains National Park and hands-on learning

- Beautiful wildflowers found on 14 trails in 3 states

- Wild orchids found in the southern Appalachians

- The relationships between wildflowers and their neighbors, such as trees, animals and especially their pollinators

GUESTS: Ken Voorhis (Institute at Tremont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park); Dr. Thomas E. Hemmerly (Professor of Biology, Middle Tennessee State University at Murfreesboro); Ila Hatter (Wildcrafter and Interpretive Naturalist); Jim Fowler (Orchid Expert); Dr. Robert D. Hatcher, Jr. (Distinguished Scientist, Professor of Geology, University of Tennessee at Knoxville); and Theresa Schrum (Certified Arborist and Horticulturist).

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