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GSMNP: the whitetails of cades cove

13-time international award-winning studio, Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. brings you the deer of Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, direct descendants of the native deer from hundreds of years ago. They also show the ecology of deer and their private lives in dramatic wild whitetail behavior in all four seasons - does, fawns, bucks, in sun and snow.

WINTER: Whitetails must face the colder months with a diminished food supply and snow on the way. See bucks, does and yearlings on the snowy Cove meadows and in the woods nearby as they dig through snow to get grasses.

SPRING: Deer still have on their winter coats, long and furry to keep out the cold. They huddle together in the woods to keep warm. Bucks lose their antlers. Deer are tasting violets and dandelions, new shoots and tender leaves, and acorns from last fall.

SUMMER: Tiny fawns are with their mothers, learning to keep up in a big new world. Bucks are growing new velvet-covered antlers. Does and bucks retreat to the creeks and woodlands to cool off and escape biting insects. See little fawns being groomed, and learning new social and survival skills. In late summer, fawns and yearlings are kicking up their heels and playing in sheltered fields. With large velvet-covered antlers, bucks are in the woods and hanging out in fields in bachelor herds. See velvet up close.

AUTUMN: Whitetail deer behavior during the time of the rut, the mating season. See rubs, scrapes, and scent marking; flehmen or lip curl; and bucks of all sizes sparring for breeding rights. Lots of bucks and lots of action!

Beautiful videography - Natural behavior of deer - Fawns and yearlings - Deer in all four seasons - Velvet and hard antlers - Secret lives of whitetails - Does with young fawns - Marking, scrapes and rubs - Battling bucks during the rut

This documentary program beautifully illustrates the personal and private

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