Members are invited to Branch Out

with Great Smoky Mountains Association

Go Backpacking

We are working again with Wildland Trekking and Just Get Outdoors to provide our members backcountry immersion experiences. Shorter trips are designed for those who are new to backpacking, in the hopes that they’ll develop the confidence they need to one day plan their own backcountry experience. Longer trips open the park’s harder-to-reach places to more eyes. In addition to providing a safe, enjoyable experience, our guides will share their knowledge of park history, as well as its flora and fauna.

All backpacking trips are limited to 8 participants, including the guide. This small size provides for individual attention and lessens the impact on park resources. Backcountry reservation fees of $4 per night, per person are also included.

NEW THIS YEAR - Gourmet breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options will be provided on both Wildland Trekking tours as part of your registration fee. We'll take the worry out of planning your own meals and make sure all your nutritional needs are met for a successful trip.

Hammocks, Camping, and Cammerer

October 3-4

Join us to learn the basics of swingin’ slumber. Included with registration is a Made-in-the-USA hammock, tree-friendly sling straps and a hammock-specific rain tarp.

We’ll begin our swinging-from-the-trees style of camping in Cosby Campground, where we’ll learn how to choose appropriately spaced trees, hang a hammock-specific tarp, and hone our sleep technique. Professional guide Liz Domingue will be available to assist every step of the way.

After a good night’s rest, we’ll pack up for a day-hike up Low Gap Trail to the Appalachian Trail for a rewarding lunch break with sweeping views from Mt. Cammerer Firetower.

Rated: Strenuous
Estimated Distance: 13 miles maximum