Birds of the Smokies

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This gem by Fred J. Alsop III includes 100 extraordinary color photographs of park birds. The text reflects more than 25 yearsof birding experience in the Smokies with sections on where tofind birds, suggested birding trips in the park, bird songs, andhow to "get" the 12 most sought-after species in the Smokies. Includes a complete checklist. Fits pocket or pack. 167 pages.
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Author(s) Fred Alsop, Great Smoky Mountains Association
Short Description This beautiful guide includes 100 extraordinary color photographs of park birds and a text that reflects over 25 years of birding experience in the Smokies.
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  1. Gearing up, Branching out Gearing up, Branching out Every spring people flock to the Smokies to view our park’s spectacular displays of wildflowers that begin blooming at the lower elevations and creep uphill as the temperatures warm and days grow longer.