Hiking Trails of the Smokies

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Author(s) Great Smoky Mountains Assoc.
Short Description This special 5th Edition with over 100 revised pages covers all 150 official trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with in-depth narratives and invaluable profile charts that show mileage, elevation change, and major stream crossings at a glance. Includes information on all backcountry campsites, shelters, regulations and permit/reservation information. New edition includes Mountains-to-Sea Trail and handy pocket in the back cover to hold park map. Printed on special lightweight paper. Pocket-sized. 584 pages. Weighs only 11 ounces.
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  1. My first backpacking trip will not be my last My first backpacking trip will not be my last By Logan Boldon Member Events Specialist When I think of the ultimate backpacker, Samwise Gamgee from J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series immediately comes to mind. This stout little hobbit who’d never left the Shire made it all the way to Mordor toting a simple rucksack. With pots and pans clanging, Sam climbed over mountains and waded through swamps, camping out along the way with enough fortitude to give lectures on t
  2. Exploring Laurel Falls again, 15 years later Exploring Laurel Falls again, 15 years later By Elise Anderson Kemp Writer in Residence After attempting Ramsey Cascades as my first hike in the Smokies this year and turning around just ¾ mile shy of the top (wisely, or I’d have never made it back down), I decided to re-visit a classic for my second hike of the year: Laurel Falls. The 1.3-mile trail up to the waterfall is much easier than Ramsey Cascades, ranking at a difficulty level of 2 compared to Ramsey’s 12.
  3. Gearing up, Branching out Gearing up, Branching out Every spring people flock to the Smokies to view our park’s spectacular displays of wildflowers that begin blooming at the lower elevations and creep uphill as the temperatures warm and days grow longer.