Walker Sisters of Little Greenbrier

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Author(s) Rose Houk
Short Description The Walker Sisters were famous for their skills and self sufficiency as farmers, seamstresses, artists, cooks, herb doctors and so much more. They were so attached to their Mountain Home that when the national park was created, they could not bear to leave. After a long dispute, they were granted a lifetime lease and remained in their cabin without electricity or plumbing until the last sister passed away in the 1960s. This beautiful, full-color book features lots of historic photos, plus modern images of the artifacts in the Walker Sisters Collection kept by the National Park Service. Images include quilts, coverlets, baskets, clothes, hats, household items and tools. 64 pages.
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  1. Reflecting upon the Walker Sisters during Women’s History Month Reflecting upon the Walker Sisters during Women’s History Month The Saturday Evening Post printed an article titled “Time Stood Still in the Smokies” on April 27, 1946. It began, “Deep in the mountains of East Tennessee, the Walker sisters are still living in the early 19th century... and finding it not so bad, either.”