Experience the Smokies

Great Smoky Mountains National Park encompasses more than one-half million acres of Southern Appalachian splendour. It is one of the largest natural areas in the East, boasting glorious mountain landscapes, alluring streams and waterfalls, impressive old-growth forests and an abundance of wildlife.

Tucked away in the valleys and coves of this wilderness are the remnants of mountain communities that sustained their way of life for several generations before the park was created. More than 90 historic structures remain, including the largest collection of historic log buildings in the East. This ancient landscape has been part of the homeland of the Cherokee for more than 1,000 years; long before that, roaming bands of hunters and gatherers passed through here.

Great Smoky Mountains Association is proud to partner with the National Park Service in support of their mission to preserve and protect this historic and treasured place.

Another Day in the SmokiesWith some 11 million visitors a year, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited of America’s national parks, and there seem to be as many ways to experience the Smokies as there are people who visit.

Scenic roadways carry travellers across the Appalachian Highlands for sweeping views or along quaint gravel back roads amid lush forests.

Trails invite day hikers and backpackers into the heart of the wilderness and reveal the deeper secrets of this land.

Anglers enjoy prized fishing rivers and streams.

Wildlife watchers seek to glimpse the icon of the Smokies, the American black bear.

Bird watchers, wildflower enthusiasts, naturalists, history buffs and those simply seeking a feeling of nostalgia – each visitor will experience the Smokies’ many dimensions in his or her own way.

And each distinct season brings its own new wonders.

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