Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wall Calendar

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The animal species featured in Great Smoky Mountains Association's 2022 wall calendar are all ones who live in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and also in a landscape near the park boundary called the Pigeon River Gorge. Just like the park, the gorge is a wild, rugged landscape where animals have traveled along ancient wildlife corridors for millennia in order to find food, mates, and shelter. GSMA is a partner in Safe Passage: The I-40 Pigeon River Gorge Wildlife Crossing Project, which is collaborating to make I-40, the highway that bisects the gorge, more permeable for wildlife and safer for people to drive. The calendar features wildlife photography from the Smokies as well as small illustrations from A Search for Safe Passage, GSMA's newest title educating youth ages 7-13 on wildlife crossings. It also includes seasonal flora and fauna information, like wildflower blooms by month, seasonal animal migrations to and from the park, and predicted peak leaf color dates. 11" x 11" wire bound.
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  1. Save the Date and Save Wildlife Save the Date and Save Wildlife What is it about the humble wall calendar that explains its enduring popularity well into the digital era? I guess in the same way that physical mail now feels more novel than emails, or our printed photos have become more precious than the thousands of files stored on our phones, a wall calendar hanging in the kitchen or office has a much-appreciated presence we just don’t want to let go of yet. Even if I rarely use mine for actual schedu