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2017 Aid to Park

2017 GSMA Annual Report

Great Smoky Mountains Association’s aid-to-park for 2017 was $2,357,024, marking another strong year of support. The association’s contributions to Great Smoky Mountains National Park fall into three broad categories:

• Cash donations, which are provided for a host of educational, historical, interpretive and scientific projects

• In-kind services, which is primarily labor expense

• Publications and digital media, which include development costs and free publications

Total Aid-to-Park for 2017

- In-Kind Services, $840,807: Includes salaries for staff at eight park visitor centers and publications development costs

- Publications Development and Production $188,663, Includes free publications, such as Smokies Guide newspaper, and pre-press costs for sales publications

- Special Projects Funded by GSMA, $1,067,536