Land of Falling Water (DVD & Blu-ray)

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This film takes you on a journey along the 3,000 miles of streams and rivers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These protected watersheds, which splash and churn from the Smokies' highest mountains to the valleys below, draw thousands of visitors to the park each year. Join filmmaker Gary Wilson and narrator Bill Landry as they explore the waterfalls, aquatic life and trout streams alongside dedicated park employees who work to protect rare and endangered species in the park.

Contains both Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film. Produced by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. Runtime: 39 minutes.

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  1. 2020: A Great Year for Waterfalls and Mushrooms 2020: A Great Year for Waterfalls and Mushrooms
  2. The Strange Case of Cades Lake The Strange Case of Cades Lake Depending on who you were and what you stood for, the idea of turning most of Cades Cove into a 50-foot-deep lake—three miles long and two miles wide—was either brilliant or terrible. Pro-lake constituents included National Park Service Director Arno B. Cammerer (immortalized by the naming of Mt. Cammerer), Tennessee Governor Gordon Browning, the Great Smoky Mountains Conservation Association, park booster Col. David Chapman, and Kno