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Short Description In the old days, people saved their wood ashes in a hopper and poured water through them to make lye. The lye was combined with lard to make lye soap. Lye soap is great for chigger bites, mosquito bites, poison ivy, chicken pox and cleaning just about anything. All-natural. Try a bar so we can share this authentic remnant of mountain life with your family. All purchases benefit the park. Linda Stewart has been making soap using the traditional method for 15 years. "Our pure soap is appreciated by folks with acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry itching skin, odors, poison ivy, bug bites and even dirty laundry," she said. "Just one bar of our soap can be used for all of your bath needs: shower, shave, shampoo, lotion and salves." Stewart's soap making conforms with the traditional method going back to the time of Cades Cove settlers. It includes no perfumes or dyes.Ingredients: Lye (sodium hydroxide), food grade certified lard, and water.
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