Donate Now to Support Great Smoky Mountains National Park's Future

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What is the Legacy Fund?

Our Board of Directors established the Legacy Fund in 2010 to build a sustainable method of operating our association. Once realized, the fund’s interest dividends will be used to support operational expenses, thus providing us the opportunity to give more of each dollar we earn directly to the park’s educational, research and resource preservation projects.

Your donations to the Legacy Fund will forever be held in trust. Only the proceeds from secure and safe investments will be used to maintain our operation. One day in the future GSMA’s business functions will be funded by the Legacy Fund, which means 100% of our proceeds from visitor center sales, membership dues and annual giving campaigns will go directly to the park. As far as we know, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of only two parks in the nation working toward a partner-supported endowment of this sort.

Recurring Gifts

We're happy to help you give even more in support of the Great Smoky Mountains with less effort. When you choose to give $5, $10, $20 or more monthly, you substantially increase your giving ability. Then, when you feel your donation has reached a point where you're ready for it to stop, just let us know. We'll take care of the rest.

When you give $5 a month, your annual gift is $65.
When you give $10 a month, your annual gift is $120.
When you give $20 a month, your annual gift is a whopping $240!
What to give $1,000 in 2019? Sign up for a monthly $84 gift to the Smokies. 

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer a matching gift program to their employees to encourage support of organizations like Great Smoky Mountains Association. If you do not know if your employer is a matching company, please check with your human resources department. Please include your matching gift form with your donation or mail it at the time you make a donation to: GSMA, P.O. Box 130, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Tax Deduction Opportunity

GSMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the Legacy Fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation. Acknowledgment letters from GSMA are supplied to all Legacy Fund donors shortly following receipt of funds. Our federal tax ID is 62-0576032. 

Learn More

You can learn more about the GSMA Legacy Fund, by calling 1.888.898.9102 x325, or by mail to GSMA, P.O. Box 130, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. If you are interested in mailing a donation, please print and send a copy of our donation form along with your payment. Click HERE for a full list of the many ways your donations are helping us preserve and protect Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Some of the Ways Your Donation Helps

Luna Moth
Protecting Black Bears 
You help us manage the "symbol of the Smokies".  The Lives of more than 1,500 black bears are wild, free, and thriving because of you.
Hemlock Trees
Save the Hemlock Trees 
You help us fight pests and invasive species attacking our park's hemlock trees.  With continued funding, we are saving a healthy patchwork of hemlocks so that future visitors can marvel at the "redwoods of the east."
Parks as Classrooms
Parks as Classrooms
You help us bring thousands of students each year to the park and provide them engaging learning experience by utilizing the park's cultural and natural resources as teaching tools.