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"Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. You are today’s stewards of Great Smoky Mountains National Park: you take the time to learn about the park’s resources; you honour its rich history; you buy and read our publications; and you contribute your member dues, donations, and time so that this park can continue to inspire people for generations to come." – Laurel Rematore, Chief Executive Officer

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As many of your member benefits are made available through the U.S. mail and email, please contact us with address updates or use your online account to make updates. For even more information about your membership, please call us anytime at 865.436.7318, Exts. 222, 254, 349 and 325.

*Membership status and benefits are non-transferable. Members listed on the original membership in-store application and/or web form are permanent for the duration of the membership's active period.