Picture Yourself in the Smokies

Picture Yourself in the Smokies

Members Weekend was
Friday - Sunday
September 20 - 22 | Gatlinburg, TN

Photo Contest Winner: First- through third-place winners, along with one Grand Prize winner, were chosen by popular vote in five categories:

2019 Great Smoky Mountains Association
Photo Contest Winners

Category: Picture Yourself in Action

3rd Place: “Soaring in the Smokies with Daddy”
Submitted by: Leesa Avila of Apopka, FL

Soaring in the Smokies with Daddy

“We were in town for our nephew's wedding and went to Cades Cove for the day. Soaring in the sky has been a tradition with Alexander and his daddy since he was very little. Throughout the years, I have snapped this special moment of them together. The backdrop of the Smokies Mountains in the photo only enhances this moment of a son with his daddy.”

2nd Place: “Man’s Best Friend”
Submitted by: Ty Prosise of Evansville, IN

Man’s Best Friend

“The Great Smoky Mountains are my home away from home. It is a place where I can get away from the busy world we live in. This picture symbolizes the three things that I love: hiking, photography and my dog Hemi.”
*Special Note: Because Hemi is a certified service dog, he is permitted to travel into the park’s backcountry with his owner.>

1st Place: “No Longer Alone”
Submitted by: Christopher Cannon of Knoxville, TN

No Longer Alone

“This park is one of the most special places in East Tennessee. I spent a lot of time growing up in this park with my grandparents, parents and family over the years. Through that, Great Smoky Mountains National Park has become my escape. It’s my place to go and clear my head and get away from life’s stresses. This is one special place, and the memories are uncountable!”

Category: Flora and Fauna

3rd Place: “Bee on Flower at Mount LeConte”
Submitted by: William Simpkins of Knoxville, TN

Bee on Flower at Mount LeConte

“Two of my daughters and I hiked to Mount LeConte via the Alum Cave bluff trail. We ate a picnic at the top and enjoyed the view. After the picnic I noticed the flowers and the bee on the flower.”

2nd Place: “Chimneys Bear”
Submitted by: Shari Jardina of Sevierville, TN

Chimneys Bear

“This photo was taken on one of our many trips to the Smokies. On this day we had just come from Clingmans Dome where there was snow. Coming back down the mountain to see this bear surrounded in beautiful fall foliage was quite a treat. It has been our dream to move to the Smokies. That dream came true this year. So happy to call the Smokies home.”

1st Place and GRAND PRIZE: “Mama Bear and Cub in a Tree”
Submitted by: Jenny Brunet of Fairview, NC

Mama Bear and Cub in a Tree

“We've been coming to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for 20 years, always on Mothers Day weekend. We love biking, hiking and driving around the 11-mile loop in Cades Cove with friends and family. This photo was taken on Mothers Day weekend. We were driving the loop, and I saw the bears in the tree. I told my husband we had to wait until sunset, and it was worth it.”
Special Note: For being named this year’s Grand Prize Winner, Jenny Brunet’s ‘Mama Bear and Cub in a Tree’ will be featured on our website home page and our Facebook page during October.

Category: Mountain Vistas

3rd Place: “There’s Mountains Over There”
Submitted by: Maureen Spector of Houston, TX

There’s Mountains Over There

“We visited over Christmas 2016; we had a wonderful time with perfect weather. We visited Cades Cove almost daily. We saw this rainbow as we were leaving Cades Cove one morning. We stopped, blocking traffic, but that also caused everyone else to see the rainbow. It became a moment of unity as we all got out to take pictures and enjoy the beauty.”

2nd Place: “Snow on the Mountains and Daffodils on the Hill”
Submitted by: Tina Cannon of Ooltewah, TN

Snow on the Mountains and Daffodils on the Hill

“In Cades Cove, I have often seen daffodils blooming where there used to be old home places. One place always had a hillside of flowers blooming in the spring. This particular day we made a special trip for this photo. There was a dusting of snow on the mountains and all of the flowers in bloom. The edge of spring and winter in the same photo!”

1st Place: “Fiery Sunset in the Smokies”
Submitted by: Katrina Swanson of Hoover, AL

Fiery Sunset in the Smokies

“This photo reminds me that each day has its own beauty. Once the sun goes down, there is a new start. This photo brings me peace, strength and fire to my soul and life. This photo brings me life and reminds me that nature is my peace. The Smoky Mountains being smoky can light the fire in me.”

Category: Wonderful Waterways

3rd Place: “Fall Falls”
Submitted by: Michael Mitsui of Chicago, IL

Fall Falls

“The Great Smoky Mountains have been my home away from home since my parents first took the family there when I was a teenager. It began my love affair with our national parks that I now share with my wife. I'm sad I can’t make it to Members Weekend but excited that we will be there in October to continue making joyous memories. There's no place like it.”

2nd Place: “Change Your Perspective”
Submitted by: Margaret Bridges of Knoxville, TN

Change Your Perspective

“On a warm February day, my husband and I set out for a quiet day on Baskins Falls Trail, a relief from the busy few weeks we’d had in the midst of planning our May wedding. I always take my glass globe when hiking to take cool photos of the park, and I guess this one paid off! Great Smoky Mountains National Park will always be special to us; it’s always our little getaway.”

1st Place: “Washbasin Reflection”
Submitted by: Chris Rohwer of Knoxville, TN

Washbasin Reflection

“The Great Smoky Mountains afford me a place of respite though I seldom rest while there. The mountains provide both exhilaration and relaxation. Washbasin Reflection’s juxtaposition of the moving water with the stillness of the reflection mirrors my experience.”

Category: Portraits of the Past

3rd Place: “Henry Whitehead Cabin”
Submitted by: Emanuel Landry of Centerville, LA

Henry Whitehead Cabin

“My wife and I love going to the Smoky Mountains. It was the second time for us to go to the cabin. It’s not a cabin that a lot of people know about, so it’s easier to get a picture of it. We like to walk around and think about how it must have been back in those days living out there. And the hard times those people faced.”

2nd Place: “Home in the Cove”
Submitted by: Brandon Adams of Comer, GA

Home in the Cove

“The opportunity to see history, wildlife and habitat all in one beautiful setting with my family makes memories that will last all of our lifetimes. I have been fortunate to travel to several national parks, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of my favourites. The park staff are always so friendly, helpful and educational.”

1st Place: “Cades Cove Mill”
Submitted by: Steven Ives of Newport News, VA

Cades Cove Mill

“My photography and travels have earned me the name ‘Adventure Steve.’ I’ve been fortunate to see so many beautiful places, and yet no place I have ventured stirs my soul like Great Smoky Mountain National Park. From the vistas atop Clingmans Dome to the roaring falls down so many beautiful trails, every inch of the park soothes my soul. Perhaps the most special to me is Cades Cove. To escape the modern world and catch a glimpse of days gone by haunts me every time. I’ve tried so many times to capture that feeling in an image and I feel like with this shot I may have finally gotten close. I only hope it sparks a sense of adventure in you all.”

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