Mountain Kitchen with Naturalist Ila Hatter DVD

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Short Description Naturalist, author and storyteller Ila Hatter is the host of Mountain Kitchen, a modern look at common edible and medicinal plants in the southern Appalachian region. Ila introduces viewers to an abundance of useful wild plants, including spicebush, elderberry, mountain mint, Joe Pye weed, boneset and jewelweed. Her recipes and remedies are easy to follow and easy to make. Join in as Ila and Mandy Swimmer (A Cherokee elder) bake a mouth-watering elderberry pie and enjoy a cut of healthful spicebush tea. Learn traditional mountain medicines for colds, coughs, fevers, arthritis, flu, poison ivy rashes and other maladies. By sharing her hard-won knowledge of wild native plants with viewers, Ila achieves her goal of perpetuating the history and culture of the storied Southern mountains. 27 minutes. Member discounts are not available on clearance items.
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