Wildflowers 101

  1. Wildflowers 101: Passion Flower

    Wildflowers 101: Passion Flower Story and image by Tom Harrington Suppose you were visiting New York City, got a ticket to attend a live TV quiz show, were invited to be a participant, and the first question asked of you was to name the State of Tennessee’s official wildflower. Could you answer that question correctly? You may know that the official Read more...
  2. Wildflowers 101: White Snakeroot and Mountain Gentian

    Wildflowers 101: White Snakeroot and Mountain Gentian Images by Tom Harrington Have you ever heard of “milk sickness”?  What could something like that possibly have to do with wildflowers found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Read on to find out.  The first wildflower we shall examine is white snakeroot. White snakeroot generally grows from one to four Read more...

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