Catch the Firefly Experience

Catch the Firefly Experience

While things brought many changes, one symbolic event of summer stayed true—the appearance of fireflies. And though firefly season is slowly coming to an end, there are still many ways to experience the magic of these wonderful creatures. Firefly photographer and videographer Radim Schreiber partnered with Great Smoky Mountains Association and Discover Life in America on two separate projects that you can enjoy from home.

For those who like to read, the current issue of Smokies Life magazine features Schreiber's amazing photography on a wrap-around glow-in-the-dark cover as well as in the firefly cover story by Amanda Womac. It can be purchased individually or bundled with a special edition firefly ornament.

For those who prefer to watch, in June, Discover Life in America presented a Virtual Fireflies Event with a live video feed from Schreiber. GSMA has partnered with Shreiber and DLiA to make the video available to the public once more. For optimal viewing, watch the video at night, with all the lights turned off, in full screen mode. 

Don't let the fireflies fade away with summer. Watch the video below, purchase the spring 2020 issue of Smokies Life magazine, and enjoy the glowing season as long as possible.

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