Great Smoky Mountains Association Marks 2020 with Calendar Showcasing Historic Photographs

Great Smoky Mountains Association Marks 2020 with Calendar Showcasing Historic Photographs

GATLINBURG, TN (November 15, 2019) — Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA) is proud to present its 2020 Great Smoky Mountains National Park wall calendar, a look back in time through the lenses of gifted Smokies photographers from the pre- and early-park eras. Featuring historic photos carefully selected from park and regional archives, the 12-month calendar shares images taken by such noted photographers as Jim Thompson (1880-1975), Doris Ulmann (1884-1934), George Masa (1881?-1933) and Carlos Campbell (1892-1978).

The 11" x 11" spiral-bound calendar presents Smoky Mountain residents, landmarks, flora and scenic landscapes in gorgeous sepia-toned photographs. On the cover, a Jim Thompson image depicts a merry band of circa-1920s Smoky Mountain hikers—Thompson included—loaded with hiking gear and accompanied by Wiley Oakley, legendary mountain guide. Details about this and other captivating images within include background information and biographical text about the artists who photographed them.

Beyond merely tracking the days of the year, GSMA’s wall calendar also functions as a helpful resource of natural history and the history of the national park. Each month highlights wildflowers in bloom, seasonal wildlife changes, park weather summaries, notable dates in park history, sunrise and sunset times and park special events.

“Each year we present a special glimpse into the Smokies through our wall calendar, and normally we show some amazing modern photography of scenic vistas and colorful landscapes,” said Frances Figart, creative services director for GSMA. “I felt it would be a nice change of pace to highlight many of our historic images focused on both natural and cultural history.”

Designed by Lisa Horstman, GSMA senior publications specialist, the 2020 wall calendar is a companion publication to Pictures for a Park , a pictorial tribute to the early photographers whose work was crucial to the birth of the Great Smoky Mountains as a national park. These and other GSMA publications can be purchased at visitor centers within Great Smoky Mountains National Park and GSMA visitor center stores in surrounding communities. They are also available online at GSMA’s web site,

Great Smoky Mountains Association’s publications are designed to enhance greater public understanding, enjoyment and appreciation for the national park. A national park partner, GSMA has provided more than $44 million to support the park’s educational, scientific and historical programs since its inception 66 years ago. Support for the association is achieved primarily from sales of educational publications and from annual membership dues. Those who wish to enrich their national park experience are encouraged to become GSMA members.

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GSMA 2020 Calendar

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