"Singing Creek" Is Live and Streaming! Creators Host Book Signing, Conversation, and Concert

Something musical is coming straight from the Smokies into living rooms everywhere—and it has claws! 

Great Smoky Mountains Association is pleased to announce a very special holiday-time book event with the creators of its newest title for younger readers, Singing Creek. Join author Morgan Simmons and illustrator Don Wood for this one-time book signing, conversation, and concert on Thursday, December 10, at 4 p.m.

The event, moderated by GSMA Creative Director Frances Figart, will allow readers to learn about the creation of the book and see the evolution of the illustrations in this chapter book for young readers. Participants who purchase the book will receive a signed bookplate that can be placed within the front cover of their copy of Singing Creek.

Singing creek

Singing Creek tells the story of a talented crayfish named Molly McPhee with big ambitions. An aquatic resident of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this singing crayfish hopes to record her very own music album, and, to achieve her dreams, she recruits other native aquatic species to join her band—from madtoms on tom-toms to a banjo-picking bullfrog. Just as they’re about to record, however, a mysterious stranger with a bad reputation appears, and Molly’s dreams take an unfortunate turn.

Musicians themselves, Simmons and Wood have recorded two pieces of music—an instrumental and a song from the book—which will be played for the first time during the event. The instrumental is titled “Little Bonnie” and features Wood on mandolin, Simmons on guitar, and Simmons’ wife Ruth on fiddle. The second song “Crawfish Lullaby” is sung by Simmons’ daughter Bonnie and accompanied by Simmons on guitar and Wood’s daughter Grace on piano. The lyrics come from chapter three of the book.

Singing Creek includes the lyrics to four songs, and Crawfish Lullaby is the first I've set to music,” said Simmons. “I chose it because it was easy to imagine a minor-key melody to go with the words. I love how the song came to life with help from my family and friends.”

The family-friendly event will last approximately an hour and take place via zoom. Participants should register on Eventbrite.com, and a link to access the event will be sent via email.

Singing Creek is available for $12.95 in the park’s visitor center bookstores and in GSMA’s online store.

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