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  1. The Old ‘Crack-of-the-Bat’ Vintage Base Ball in Cades Cove by Craig Mortimore

    Abraham Lincoln stands ready 45 feet away, intently staring at his battery mate. His black suit and stovepipe hat are uncomfortable garments for this activity, conducted in the heat of a summer afternoon. He receives a nod from his catcher and stands straight, reverses his arm in the direction of second base, and then swings it forward in an elegant underhand pitch. The ball arcs through the air descending into the welcoming hands of his battery mate.

  2. Are the Smokies the true 'Land of Lincoln?'

    President Abraham Lincoln

    Both Groundhog Day and Presidents’ Day occur in February. The former can be celebrated in the Smokies by a trip to the Oconaluftee Mountain Farm Museum to check on the activity level of the robust population of groundhogs (aka woodchucks) living in the vicinity. The latter can also be marked at Oconaluftee by stirring the ashes of the old Enloe-Lincoln legend.

    First off, it is important to note that the topic of President Abraham Lincoln’s paternity has been a favorite subject for amateur historians to debate around the campfire or barroom since Abe was nominated for president in 1860. Over a dozen different authors have posited their very different theories. And those who are aware of the debate over our current president’s place of birth can understand that interviews and documents don’t always get in the way of a good story.

    There are a couple of reasons for the persistence of the idea that Abram (Abraham according to some sources) Enloe of Oconaluftee is the father of Abraham Lincoln. For one, records of births (which almost always occurred at home) in the early 19th century were sketchy. For another, according to some Enloe family photos, Abram and Abraham did bear a certain resemblance.


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