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  1. Little Beetle Makes a Big Difference

    Little Beetle Makes a Big Difference By Frances Figart, Creative Services Director Maggie Mamantov loves... dung beetles! She’s getting her PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology and studying the impact of climate change on non-native species, particularly dung beetles in the genus Onthophagus. After getting her B.A from Iowa’s Grinnell College, Mamantov has come back Read more...
  2. DLIA Brings Beetle Mania to the Smokies: An interview with Claire Winfrey

    Beetle Study

    Did you know… about one in every four animals on the planet is a beetle! Of the  roughly 400,000 species of beetles known, some are pollinators, others recyclers –some even help to offset the effects of climate change.

    “Insects are an instant connection to the wild and an extreme example of Earth’s biodiversity,” says Claire Winfrey, a beetle expert and second-year Ph.D. student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. “Especially in warmer months, take some time to look in almost any type of habitat and you can find them.”


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