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  1. Wildflowers 101: Berry Blooms

    Wildflowers 101: Berry Blooms Please remember that picking plants is prohibited in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but some fruits, berries, nuts, and certain mushrooms may be gathered for personal use within limits. Take care not to disturb the rest of the plant, and only eat what you can identify as safe. Story by Tom Harrington What is your favorite jam or jelly Read more...
  2. Why are the American Mountain-ash Berries So Spectacular this year?

    American Mountain-ash Berries

    Anyone who has been in the vicinity of Clingmans Dome recently can tell you that the bright red American mountain-ash berries are out of this world right now. There are so many clumps of berries that the trees’ branches can barely support them.

    Such an abundance of berries is a great opportunity for photographers, as well as an important food source for bear, ruffed grouse, squirrels, deer, cedar waxwing, and other types of native wildlife.


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