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  1. Why the Great American Outdoors Act Will Be Game Changer Part 2

    Why the Great American Outdoors Act Will Be Game Changer Part 2 By Frances Figart, Creative Services Director On June 17, the Senate voted overwhelmingly (73-25) to pass the Great American Outdoors Act, and on July 23 it passed the House of Representatives (310-107). It now heads to the White House, where President Trump is expected to sign the bill into law. Part of the reason the Great American Outdoors Read more...
  2. Friends of the Smokies, Great Smoky Mountains Association to Fund Weekend Visitor Center Openings Through Presidents’ Day

    Visitor Center Opening

    UPDATE: With the end of the partial government shutdown announced on Friday, January 25, Great Smoky Mountains National Park has reopened its visitor center facilities to the public. However, due to more than a month's absence, park rangers and other NPS employees will require time to get fully up to speed with programs and services. 

  3. Voice your Support for the Smokies

    Thank you for making the effort to reach out to our country’s elected officials with your thoughts on how the partial government shutdown is impacting Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Great Smoky Mountains Association.

  4. Things to consider when planning a visit to the Smokies

    Cades Cove Visitor Center

    When planning a visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the government shutdown, here are some things to keep in mind:

  5. Great Smoky Mountains Association commits to funding national park visitor centers during federal government shutdown

    During the extended government shutdown in October 2013, the public’s access to Great Smoky Mountains National Park was nearly non-existent. This time, however, if a government shutdown goes into effect at midnight on December 21, Great Smoky Mountains Association is committed to creating a different reality for park visitors during the upcoming holiday week.


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