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  1. Marvelously Manic Over Milkweed

    Marvelously Manic Over Milkweed Images by Sue Wasserman One of the things I appreciate most about nature is how there’s always something new to experience if I’m open to the possibilities. All that is required of me is a little attention and some well-timed serendipity. I had both in spades the day I noticed a patch of milkweed with seed pods that were Read more...
  2. The monarchs are coming!

    The monarchs are coming! By Will Kuhn, Director of Science and Research with Discover Life in America  Monarch butterflies have begun their yearly northward migration and are due to arrive in the Smokies any day now. This time of year, you may start to see Danaus plexippus flying around the region. These attractive orange and black butterflies have made the long Read more...

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