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  1. Fun Ways to Visit The Smokies From Home

    Fun Ways to Visit The Smokies From Home By Hayley Benton While you may not be able to visit us at Great Smoky Mountains National Park right now, your kids can have their favorite park characters and critters delivered for a Smokies adventure in compliance with all shelter-in-place rules. Powered by all-terrain imagination, this U.S. Park Ranger truck races to save the day, Read more...
  2. Things get wild at EYS

    On a foggy morning just off U.S. 441/Newfound Gap Road, a park ranger’s truck was spotted hauling an olive green culvert to the back of Chimney Tops picnic area. A few folks had gathered to eat an early lunch and take photos of the river. Two rangers approached the group and pose the following question: “Would you like to see a bear today?”

    The thrilled visitors surrounded the culvert at the rangers’ request. To their delight, the rangers opened the culvert door and a young male black bear bolted up the mountain, heading deep into the woods.


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