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  1. Permanent Camp: Rugel's Ragwort

    Permanent Camp: Rugel's Ragwort Story by George Ellison with image by Elizabeth Ellison This is the story of Rugel's ragwort (Rugelia nudicaulis)—one of the most rare and interesting plants in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park—and its eccentric namesake, the German-born plant collector Ferdinand Ignatius Xavier Rugel. In 1840, Rugel (1806-1879) came to the Read more...
  2. Permanent Camp: Bracken

    Permanent Camp: Bracken By George Ellison, lllustration by Elizabeth Ellison  “Here and elsewhere, bracken is such an aggressive plant that one wonders why it has not taken over the world.”~ R. C. Moran, A Natural History of Ferns  I am a fern aficionado, not a fern authority. Nevertheless, ferns are my favorite plants. And bracken is one of my Read more...

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