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  1. Wise Women: Traditions of Gathering Wild Foods

    Wise Women: Traditions of Gathering Wild Foods By Vesna Plakanis  Being quarantined is making everyone a little stir crazy as the lovely, delicate watercolors of spring unfurl. Like in a Monet painting, the rich greens of the grasses, the pastels of wildflowers, and the tiny buds of trees and shrubs create ever changing visual delight outside our windows.  We long to Read more...
  2. Foods of the Smokies: Pork Chops with Cherry Glaze

    Cherry Preserves

    By Latria Graham

    2019 Kemp Writer in Residence

    When I heard about the Cub Report’s cooking column, I knew I wanted to spend part of my writer’s residency focusing on that. Food is such a powerful medium: it can conjure up memories, soothe a grief-stricken heart, and communicate a hundred years of history, all in one meal. Food is also an interesting way to get better acquainted with an area and culture that might be unfamiliar. I only live a couple of hours from the Smokies, but the terrain and flora are different, and I enjoyed my time “cooking through the land.”


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