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  1. Team BUSAR Assists GSMNP with Search and Rescue Operations

    Team BUSAR Assists GSMNP with Search and Rescue Operations By Sarah Shiver Photos courtesy of Team BUSAR When exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it is not uncommon for visitors to find themselves momentarily disoriented. Usually this confusion is resolved by quickly glancing at a map or asking a fellow hiker for directions. But for backcountry explorers who stray from the trail, face Read more...
  2. Author of Smokies rescues book experiences one first-hand

    Great Smoky Mountains National Park Rescue 2018

    If you’ve ever come face-to-face with a group of your heroes, then you understand one of the many emotions author David Brill experienced while hiking recently in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    As the author of Into the Mist: Tales of Death and Disaster, Mishaps and Misdeeds, Misfortune and Mayhem in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Brill spent months researching how the national park’s search and rescue personnel respond to emergencies. Published by Great Smoky Mountains Association, Into the Mist has become one of the nonprofit’s most popular books of all time. What Brill himself experienced late last month could be told in Volume 2 of the Into the Mist series.

    While researching an upcoming article on the park’s Old Settlers Trail for GSMA’s Smokies Life magazine, Brill and national park archivist Michael Aday found themselves hiking in light rain when the unthinkable happened. With just over a mile to go before reaching their campsite for the night, Aday slipped on a slick rock and suffered a compound fracture of his tibia at the last stream crossing of the day.


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