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  1. The African American Experiences Project is Making the Invisible Visible

    The African American Experiences Project is Making the Invisible Visible By Atalaya Dorfield A year and a half ago, if you would have told me that today I would be working with the National Park Service, my response would have been, “What is the National Park Service?” I never would have imagined that I would be writing this column for Black History Month or that, in June of 2021, I would be hiking up Read more...
  2. Don’t Forget to Look Up

    Don’t Forget to Look Up Photos by Sue Wasserman The more I wander along trails in the Smokies, the more I notice how much time I spend looking down. It’s not just that I love to see what just-blossomed flowers Mother Nature is offering up for my enjoyment, but it feels important to be on the lookout for slithery creatures who might be trying to enjoy them Read more...
  3. Word from the Smokies: Meet the Wild Creatures Native to Appalachia’s ‘Sky Islands’

    Word from the Smokies: Meet the Wild Creatures Native to Appalachia’s ‘Sky Islands’ by Aaron Searcy, Publications Associate A new study is taking a closer look at the startling forms of life that exist only on some of Appalachia’s highest mountaintops—some of which are in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On these ancient peaks, dubbed ‘sky islands,’ are the last living remnants of the region’ Read more...
  4. Trailside Talk: Summer Days

    Trailside Talk: Summer Days By Mike Hembree The calendar will claim that summer starts June 20. School children everywhere will claim that is wrong. And there is evidence—however anecdotal—to support their claim. Summer starts the day—no, the very hour—that the school session is over. Summer comes early to the Smokies, too, and that might be Read more...
  5. Mountain Time: Harvey Broome

    Mountain Time: Harvey Broome By Arthur “Butch” McDade In his Out Under the Sky of the Great Smokies—A Personal Journal, Harvey Broome wrote: “I have never wanted to leave the top of a mountain.” That sentiment permeated his productive life as a lawyer, hiker, conservationist, and co-founder of The Wilderness Society. A guiding principle in Read more...
  6. Foods of the Smokies: Pork Chops with Cherry Glaze

    Cherry Preserves

    By Latria Graham

    2019 Kemp Writer in Residence

    When I heard about the Cub Report’s cooking column, I knew I wanted to spend part of my writer’s residency focusing on that. Food is such a powerful medium: it can conjure up memories, soothe a grief-stricken heart, and communicate a hundred years of history, all in one meal. Food is also an interesting way to get better acquainted with an area and culture that might be unfamiliar. I only live a couple of hours from the Smokies, but the terrain and flora are different, and I enjoyed my time “cooking through the land.”

  7. GSMA Wins APPL Awards

    Great Smoky Mountains Association earned two first-place awards and four honorable mentions in the Media and Partnership Awards competition held by the Association of Partners for Public Lands in Albuquerque, N.Mex., last month.

    First-place honors were awarded in the Informational Publications category to Smokies Guide, the official Great Smoky Mountains National Park quarterly newspaper, and in the Electronic Media category to “An Island in the Sky: Clingmans Dome and the Spruce -Fir Forest,” the first in GSMA’s Smoky Mountain Explorer video series.

    Contest judges said of the newspaper: “The Smokies Guide consistently delivers well-written content in an engaging style and design. It is a model of an effective publication that stands the test of time. (It consists of) positive, up-beat, lively text, (which is) easy to read and comprehend. Makes me want to clip and save articles.”


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