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  1. Plan Like a Ranger When You Visit National Parks

    Plan Like a Ranger When You Visit National Parks By Frances Figart, Creative Services Director Visitation at national parks is increasing and expected to continue to grow throughout the summer. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is experiencing high monthly visitor numbers, suggesting we may top 2019’s record-breaking 12.5 million visitors by the end of 2021. Even during Read more...
  2. Winter hiking tips

    Hiking in Winter at Appalachian Trail

    A Little Sluice of Heaven originated when Dana Murphy and I – on separate days, as it turns out – did the same hike only in different directions right around New Year’s Eve. She prefers uphill climbs, so she started at Kephart Prong just off U.S. 441 and climbed to the shelter. From there she took Grassy Branch to Dry Sluice, and that’s where things started to get icy. From the Dry Sluice intersection, it’s a rather gruelling 1.3-mile climb to the Appalachian Trail, which she followed past Charlies Bunion, ending up at Newfound Gap. The next day, I did the same, only in the opposite direction.


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