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  1. Video Feature: An Early Spring Hike

    Video Feature: An Early Spring Hike By Valerie Polk, GSMA Videographer and Publications Associate We're happy to see that many of you have been enjoying our videos! Today I thought I would share a video from a hike I took two years ago with my husband and daughter. It was a cool day, and early spring wildflowers were just beginning to poke their way into the world. Birds were Read more...
  2. Explore Big Creek on a Scavenger Hike

    Big Creek - Valerie Polk

    By Valerie Polk

    Guided by the Scavenger Hike Adventures book, my family and I set out for Big Creek eager for the challenge. Arriving at the parking area, we immediately recognized the old logging mill foundation and tried to imagine what it might have been like back in the day when the Big Creek basin was abuzz with lumber operations. Other scavenger hike items within the parking area were easy enough to find, teaching us about the importance of using bear-proof garbage cans and introducing us to the flora of the area.


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