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GSMNP: cemeteries of the smokies

From solitary, unmarked burials atop hills to church graveyards crowded with over a hundred monuments, the cemeteries of the Great Smoky Mountains are enduring historic treasures...
The more than 150 cemeteries distributed throughout Great Smoky Mountains
National Park reveal the cultural history of the area from a special perspective. Each of the thousands of diverse monuments located within the cemeteries offers insights into the hardships, attitudes, economies, and beliefs of the people who called the Smokies home. Cemeteries of the Smokies is a long-awaited, landmark work, featuring directions to all known cemeteries, in-depth histories of each site, deeds and ownership information, maintenance policies, and, of course, a list of all known burials with dates, kinship links, and epitaphs. No other source offers such complete information in one place, attractively displayed with color photographs, detailed lists and charts, and an index of family names. All purchases support Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


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