When Mama Was the Doctor - Medicine Women of the Smokies DVD

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Author(s) Dr. Gail Palmer
Short Description Stories about women of the Smokies who served their families and communities as midwives and healers during the mid-1800s into the 1920s, skilled and dedicated women who left their homes in the dark of night, in cold, rain or snow on missions of mercy in the hills and hollows of Great Smoky Mountains.
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  1. Anne Davis: Mother of the Park Anne Davis: Mother of the Park Anyone who has studied the history surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park likely knows the monumental effort it took to establish the park, and the many individuals whose voices and actions made it all possible. Perhaps one of the most important—and oft overlooked—founders of GSMNP is Anne Davis, who has been credited as the first to suggest establishing a national park in the Smokies.