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Wildflower Reports by Tom Harrington, Volunteer, Hiker, Park Naturalist Extraordinaire, as well as a few other lucky folks on the trails.


* At Peak JSB Just Starting to Bloom
+ Many Blooms APB Approaching Peak Bloom
- Few Blooms BP Beyond Peak
B-E Beginning to End of trail AG Almost Gone

Wildflower Reports for 2021


CHESTNUT BRANCH TRAIL (B-E): SOME—Mountain Gentian*.  FEW—Curtis Aster (BP), White Top Aster (AG).




RABBIT CREEK TRAIL (B TO HANNAH MOUNTAIN TRAIL): SOME—Southern Harebell (BP), White Top Aster (AG).  FEW—Curtis Aster*, Curtiss Milkwort (BP), Erect Goldenrod (BP), Great Goldenrod*, Star Grass*. 

HANNAH MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM RABBIT CREEK TRAIL TO CAMPSITE #14): FEW—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Mountain Gentian*, White Top Aster (BP). 


SUGARLAND MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B TO HUSKEY GAP TRAIL): SOME BLOOMS—White Snake Root (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (BP), White Top Aster (BP).

HUSKEY GAP (FROM LITTLE RIVER TRAIL TO HUSKEY GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Mountain Gentian (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Hearts-a-busting (BP), White Snake Root (various stages), White Top Aster (BP).

SUGARLAND MOUNTAIN (B TO HUSKEY GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Mountain Gentian (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (BP), False Fox Glove*, White Snake Root (BP), White Top Aster (BP).



CURRY MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Mountain Gentian*, White Snake Root (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Curtis Milkwort*, Erect Goldenrod (AG), White Top Aster (AG).


TURKEY PEN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Great Lobelia*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), White Snake Root*, White Top Aster (various stages), Whitewood Aster (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—White Goldenrod.  FEW BLOOMS—Hearts-a-busting (BP), Indian Plantain (BP), Pilewort, Southern Harebell (BP), Star Grass.

SCHOOL HOUSE GAP TRAIL (B TO TURKEY PEN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Great Goldenrod*.  SOME BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Whitewood Aster*.  FEW BLOOMS—Heal All (BP), White Top Aster*, White Turtlehead (JSB). 

BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B TO FINELY CANE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Great Lobelia*.  SOME BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Great Goldenrod*, White Top Aster (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Grass-Leaf Golden Aster*, Hearts-a-busting (BP). 

FINELY CANE (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (BP), White Top Aster (BP), White Snake Root (APB).


LUMBER RIDGE TRAIL (B–E): MANY BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Curtiss Milkwort*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Great Lobelia (various stages), Narrow Leaf White Top Aster*, Whitewood Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS—Grass-leaf Golden Aster*, Great Goldenrod*, Indian Pipe (BP), Southern Harebell (BP), White Snake Root*.  FEW BLOOMS—False Fox Glove, Hearts-a-busting (BP), Indian Plantain (BP), Mountain Gentian (JSB), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (BP), White Golden Rod.


CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Curtis Milkwort (BP), Erect Goldenrod – Many (BP), False Fox Glove*, White Top Aster*, Whitewood Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS—Indian Pipe (BP), Pale Jewelweed*, White Goldenrod.  FEW BLOOMS—Giant Goldenrod (BP), Great Lobelia (BP), Hearts-a-busting (BP), Indian Plantain (BP), Pokeweed*, White Snakeroot (JSB).


RICH MOUNTAIN LOOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), White Top Aster*, Wingstem (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Great Lobelia (various stages), Whitewood Aster*.  FEW BLOOMS—False Fox Glove, Heal All (BP), Southern Harebell (BP).

CROOKED ARM TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Curtis Aster*, Erect Goldenrod (BP), Great Lobelia*, Southern Harebell (BP), White Top Aster*, Whitewood Aster*.  FEW BLOOMS—False Fox Glove, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (BP). NOTES—Do not recall seeing this many Great Lobelia on a trail before.




TRILLIUM GAP TRAIL (FROM ROARING FORKS MOTOR TRAIL TO TRILLIUM GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod (BP), Pale Jewelweed*, White Snake Root (ABP), White Top Aster*, Whitewood Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Pink Turtlehead*.  FEW BLOOMS—Heal All (BP), Joe Pye Weed (AG). NOTES—Some of the Witch Hobble are changing to their fall wardrobe and are becoming very beautiful.


WEST PRONG TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—White Snake Root (JSB), White Top Aster (APB), Whitewood Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS—Early Goldenrod (BP), Great Lobelia*, Southern Harebell (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Curtis Aster (JSB), Hearts–A–busting*, Pale Jewelweed*, Tick Trefoil (AG).  NOTES—Some of the foliage of the blueberry bushes and sourwood trees are changing to their autumn colors.


ACE GAP TRAIL (B TO OLD CAMPSITE #7): MANY BLOOMS—False Fox Glove (APB), Golden Rod (BP), Southern Harebell (various stages), Tick Trefoil (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Curtis Aster (JSB), Hog Peanut*, White Top Aster (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Curtiss Milkwort (AG), Indian Plantain (BP).  NOTES—Some of the Blueberry plants’ foliage is changing to their fall wardrobe.


LOW GAP TRAIL (B to Low Gap): MANY BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Filmy Angelica*, Pale Jewelweed*, White Snake Root (various stages), White Top Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS— Erect Goldenrod (JSB), Wild Golden Glow (BP), Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Doll Eyes, Heal All*, Indian Plantain (AG), Southern Harebell (BP).

APPALACHIAN TRAIL (From Low Gap to Mt. Cammerer Trail): MANY BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Erect Goldenrod*, Filmy Angelica*, Pale Jewelweed*, White Top Aster*.  SOME BLOOMS—Whitewood Aster*,Wood Nettle*.  FEW BLOOMS—Crimson Bee Balm (AG), Pink Turtlehead*, Southern Harebell (BP).

Mount Cammerer Trail (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Filmy Angelica*, Pale Jewelweed*, White Snake Root*. SOME BLOOMS—Erect Goldenrod*, Whitewood Aster (APB).  NOTES—A good number of honey bees were on the flowers especially at Low Gap. The status of the blooms varies with the significant elevation differences.



METCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Southern Harebell (AG).  FEW BLOOMS—Flowering Spurge*, Iron Weed (JSB), Joe Pye Weed (BP).

WALKER SISTERS CABIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Heal All (BP), Ragweed*, Spotted Jewelweed (BP), Tick Trefoil (BP), Wild Golden Glow*.  SOME BLOOMS—Blue Phlox*, Cardinal Flower (APB), Flat Top Aster (APB), Flowering Spurge*, Golden Rod (BP), Great Lobelia (JSB), Joe Pye Weed (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron*, Southern Harebell (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Field Thistle*, Thimbleweed (BP).  NOTES—Many of the flowers mentioned above were around the Walker Sisters Cabin.

LITTLE BRIER TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Wild Golden Glow*.  FEW BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower (APB), Heal All (BP).


OLD SUGARLANDS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Cardinal Flower*, Coreopsis*, Erect Goldenrod*, False Fox (APB), Heal All*, Phlox, Southern Harebell (BP), Tick Trefoil (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP), Indian Plantain (BP), Joe Pye Weed (BP), Red Clover*. NOTES—The Cardinal Flower is right at peak bloom—brilliant red—and really stands out in the sunlight. For those that prefer not to walk far we suggest coming in from Cherokee Orchard Road.


RAINBOW FALLS TRAIL TO THE FALLS: MANY BLOOMS—Coreopsis (BP), Erect Goldenrod (JSB), False Fox Glove (various stages), Pale Jewelweed (APB),  Southern Harebell*, White top Aster (JSB), Wild Golden Glow, Wood Nettle (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Indian Plantain (BP), Pink Trefoil (BP), Whitewood Aster (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohost (BP), Daisy Fleabane (BP), Filmy Angelica (APB), Goldenrod, Indian Pipe (BP), Joe Pye Weed (JSB), Pink Turtlehead*, Tall Bellflower (BP).



ABRAMS FALLS TRAIL (B TO THE FALLS): MANY BLOOMS— Flowering Spurge*, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (BP).  SOME BLOOMS— Coreopsis*, False Fox Glove, Southern Hare Bell*.  FEW BLOOMS—Curtis Aster (JSB), Indian Plantain (JSB), Tick Trefoil (BP), Valerian (AG), White Top Aster (AG), Wild Sensitive Plant. NOTE—Yellow jackets near the first foot log bridge.


PORTER CREEK TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Heal All*.  SOME BLOOMS— Rosebay Rhododendron (AG), Wood Nettle (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Crimson Bee Balm (BP), Erect Goldenrod (JSB), Horse Nettle (BP), Indian Plantain (BP), Pale Jewelweed (JSB), Pokeweed (JSB), Rattlesnake Plantain*, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (AG), Tall Bell Flower (BP).



MEIGS MOUNTAIN TRAIL (BETWEEN JAKES CREEK & CURRY MT. TRAILS): SOME BLOOMS—Heal All*, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross*, Rosebay Rhododendron (BP), Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Coreopsis*, Doll Eyes, Golden Rod (JSB), Indian Plantain (JSB), Indian Pipe*, Mountain St. John’s Wort, Rattlesnake Plantain*.  NOTE—The trail between campsite 20 and the Curry Mountain Trail has sections overgrown with vegetation and briers.


Lower Mount Cammerer Trail to Campsite #35: MANY BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis*, Heal All*, Narrow Leaf White Top Aster*, Turk Cap Lily*, Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Crimson Bee Balm (BP), Indian Pipe*, Rattlesnake Plantain*, Saint John’s Wort (JSB), Star Grass*, Summer Sweet (BP), Thimbleweed (BP), Tick Trefoil (BP), Wood Mint (BP).


RICH MOUNTAIN RD. FROM BOUNDARY TO INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL: MANY BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Coreopsis (BP),  Flowering*, Mountain Angelica (APB), Phlox (APB), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages),  Tick Trefoil*.  SOME BLOOMS— Black Eye Susan*, Daisy Fleabane (BP), Mountain Mint*, Spotted Jewelweed (JSB), Narrow Leaf White Top Aster (APB),  Tall Bellflower (BP), Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP), Canadian Violet*, Hairy Ruellia*, Heal All*,  Mountain St. John’s Wort (BP), Ox-Eye Daisy (BP), Queen Ann’s Lace*, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (APB), Red Clover*, Spiderwort (BP), Wild Hydrangea*.

INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (FROM RICH MT. RD. TO RICH MT. TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross*.  SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balms (BP),Coreopsis*, Flowering Spurge (APB), Indian Pipe*, Narrow Leaf White Top Aster (APB), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), Spiderwort (BP), Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (AG), Daisy Fleabane (BP), Heal All*, Mountain St. John’s Wort (BP), Red Clover*, Valerian (BP),Yellow Wood Sorrell (BP).

RICH MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Narrow Leaf White Top Aster*, Phlox (APB), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP), Coreopsis (BP), False Fox Glove (JSB), Sourwood (APB), Tick Trefoil*.  FEW BLOOMS—Early Goldenrod (JSB), Star Grass*, Tall Bellflower (BP), Wood Nettle (BP).


LEAD COVE TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), Wood Nettle (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Queen Ann’s Lace*, Rattlesnake Plantain (JSB), Reclining St. Andrews Cross (APB), Valerian (AG).

BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM LEAD COVE TRAIL TO FINELY CANE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Coreopsis (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP), Mountain Saint John’s Wort (APB), Narrow Leaf White Top Aster (JSB), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages). FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP), Heal All*, Horse Nettle (BP), Rattlesnake Plantain (JSB), Reclining St. Andrews Cross*, Star Grass*, Tick Trefoil (JSB), White Clover (BP).

FINELY CANE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (JSB).


 LUMBER RIDGE TRAIL TO THE TOP OF LUMBER RIDGE: SOME BLOOMS—Narrow Leaf White Top Aster (APB), Rosebay Rhododendron (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (BP), Black Eyed Susan*, Coreopsis*, Heal All (BP), Indian Pipe*, Star Grass*, Tick Trefoil, White Clover (BP).


WEST PRONG TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), White Top Aster–Narrow leaf (JSB), Wood Nettle*.  NOTES—No rhododendron blooms for the first mile, and then they were scattered here and there.


MIDDLE PRING TRAIL: MANY BLOOMS—Heal All*.  SOME BLOOMS—Crimson Bee Balm (various stages), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), Wild Hydrangea (BP), Wood Nettle*.  FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP).


COOPER ROAD TRAIL (B to HATCHER MOUNTAIN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Wild Hydrangea (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis (JSB), Leather Base Vine (BP), Red Clover (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages), Spiderwort (BP), White Clover (BP), White Top Aster (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (AG), Heal All (JSB), Horse Nettle (BP), Japanese Honeysuckle (BP), Ox-Eye Daisy (BP), Star Grass*, Trumpet Creeper (BP), Valerian (BP).  NOTES—Leather Base Vine was only along the road between the Abrams Creek Ranger Station and the campground, but the blooms are top quality.  They are on the left of the road when headed toward the campground—about eye height. There are only a few Rosebay Rhododendron blooms; however, about 6/10 of a mile up the trail there are a number of blooms on both sides of the trail.

HATCHER MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM COOPER ROAD TRAIL TO LITTLE BOTTOMS TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—New Jersey Tea (various stages), Star Grass*, White Top Aster–narrow leaf Many (JSB), Wild Hydrangea (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis (JSB), Flame Azalea (APB).  FEW BLOOMS—Hawkweed (BP), Reclining St. Andrews Cross (JSB), Rosebay Rhododendron (JSB), Saint John’s Wort (JSB), Valerian (BP), White Top Clover (BP).

LITTLE BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—New Jersey Tea*, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (JSB), White Top Aster–narrow leaf (JSB), Wild Hydrangea (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Coreopsis (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Butterfly Weed*, Hawkweed (BP), Rosebay Rhododendron (various stages).



LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Wild Hydrangea (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Rosebay Rhododendron, Wood Nettle*.  FEW BLOOMS—Black Cohosh (AG), Crimson Bee Balm, Loosestrife (BP).

CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): SOME BLOOMS—Crimson Bee Balm (JSB), Wild Hydrangea (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Wood Nettle*. NOTE—A few Rosebay Rhododendron buds here and there.

JAKES CREEK TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): SOME BLOOMS—Wild Hydrangea (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Crimson Bee Balm (APB), Daisy Fleabane (BP).



FIRST HALF OF THE ROUNDTOP TRAIL: MANY BLOOMS—Valerian (BP), Wild Hydrangea*.  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea*, Spiderwort (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Coreopsis (JSB), Daisy Fleabane (BP), Goats Beard (AG), Indian Pipe (BP),New Jersey Tea*, Ox Eyed Daisy (BP), Red *, Star Grass*.  NOTES—On the first half-mile of the trail there are two plants loaded with pink blooms that look like rose pinks. Smoky Mountains Wildflowers say rose pinks don’t bloom until August and September, but if these aren’t rose pinks I don’t know what they are.


APPALACHIAN TRAIL (FROM NEWFOUND GAP TO ICE WATER SPRINGS): MANY BLOOMS—Yellow Beaded Lily*.  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry*, Prostate Bluet.  FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP), Wood Anemone (various stages).  NOTE—I did not see one single Catawba Rhododendron bloom and only five buds—normally they should be blooming at this time of year on that trail. The mid to late summer wildflowers are not blooming at this time.



LEAD COVE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violets (BP), Galax (BP), Mountain Laurel (various stages), Partridge Berry*, Valerian*, Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea*, Goats Beard*, Hawkweed (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Indian Pipe (BP), Rue Anemone.

BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM LEAD COVE TRAIL TO ANTHONY CREEK TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet*, Galax (various stages), Mountain Laurel (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Hawkweed (BP), Valerian*.  FEW BLOOMS—Golden Ragwort (BP), Star Grass*.

ANTHONY CREEK TRAIL (FROM BOTE MT. TRAIL TO CRIB GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (various stages), Galax (BP), Mountain Laurel (BP), Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (BP), Partridge Berry*, Valerian*, White Clover*.  FEW BLOOMS—Foam Flower (AG), Prostate Bluet (AG), Starry Campion (BP).

CRIB GAP TRAIL (FROM ANTHONY CREEK TRAIL TO TURKEY PEN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Mountain Laurel (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Goats Beard*, White Clover*, Wild Hydrangea (JSB).  FEW BLOOMS—Basil Bee Balm (JSB), Galax (BP), Hawkweed (BP), Valerian*.  NOTE—There was a non-aggressive bear beside the trail near the end of Crib Gap.



CHESTNUT TOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Galax (BP), Mountain Laurel (BP), Partridge*, Valerian*, Wild Hydrangea*.  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea (APB), Hawkweed*, Star Grass*. FEW BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP), Loosestrife*, Pipsissewa (APB), Purple Flowering Raspberry (AG), Rosebay Rhododendron.

MAY 31

CURRY MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Galax*. Mountain Laurel (various stages), Partridge Berry*.  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (BP), Indian Pipe*.  FEW BLOOMS—Blackberry (AG), Daisy Fleabane (BP), Flame Azalea (BP), Four Leaf Milkweed*, Red Clover*, Solomon’s Seal, Sweet Shrub (various stages),White Clover.  NOTES—The display of Mountain Laurel blooms is well beyond outstanding especially with a bright blue sky in the background.  A real treat to see.

MAY 26

JAKES CREEK TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (various stages), Blackberry (various stages), Blue Eye Grass, Canadian Violet (various stages), Common Cinquefoil *, Foam Flower (various stages), Wood Sorrel*.  SOME BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane (BP) Dog Hobble (BP), Indian Cucumber Root (BP), Mountain Angelica*, Partridge Berry*, Prostate Bluets (BP), Sweet White Violet (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Alternate Leaf Dogwood,  Brook Lettuce (BP), Golden Ragwort (AG), Lyre Leaf Sage (AG),Meadow Parsnip (BP), Mountain Laurel (various stages), Mountain Leaf Viburnum (BP), Squaw Root (AG), Sweet Shrub (BP), Tassel Rue (BP), Valerian*, Wild Phlox (BP).


MAY 24

CHESTNUT BRANCH TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Mountain Laurel*, Daisy Fleabane (BP), Partridge Berry*.  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (BP), Blackberry (BP), Common Cinquefoil*, Galax (JSB), Hawkweed Slightly (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP), Valerian*, Wild Geranium (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Indian Cucumber Root (BP), Spiderwort*, Star Chickweed (BP), Star Grass*, Sweet White Violet (BP).

APPALACHIAN TRAIL (FROM CHESTNUT BRANCH TRAIL TO DAVENPORT GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Mountain Laurel*.  SOME BLOOMS—False Solomon’s Seal*, Flame*, Indian Cucumber Root (BP), Partridge Berry*.  FEW BLOOMS—Blue Eye Grass *, Canadian Violet (BP), Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris, Galax (various stages), Maple Leaf Viburnum*, Meadow Parsnip (AG), Nodding Trillium, Rue Anemone (BP), Solomon’s Seal*, Squaw Root (AG), Sweet Cicely (BP), Sweet White Violet (AG), Tassel Rue (AG), Wild Geranium (BP), Yellow Trillium.

STATE ROUTE 32 (FROM DAVENPORT GAP TO BIG CREEK): MANY BLOOMS—Daisy Fleabane*, Hawkweed (various stages), Hispid Buttercup*, Mountain Laurel*.  SOME BLOOMS—Golden Ragwort*, Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Red Clover*, White Clover*.  FEW BLOOMS—Blackberry (BP), Blue Eye Grass*, Galax*.


MAY 21

METHCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (BP), Blackberry (BP), Mountain Laurel*.  SOME BLOOMS—Hawkweed*, Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Sweet Shrub (BP), Valerian *.  FEW BLOOMS—Blue Eye Grass, Common Cinquefoil*, Dog Hobble (AG), Galax (JSB), Sweet White Violet (BP), White Clover*, Wild Geranium (BP), Yellow Trillium (BP). 

WALKER SISTERS CABIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Blackberry (BP), Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Hawkweed*, Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Mountain Laurel*.  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber Most (BP), Canadian Violet (BP), Robins Plantain (AG), Sweet Shrub (BP), Valerian*,  White Clover*, Wild Geranium (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Bowman’s Root (BP), Flame Azalea (BP), Golden Ragwort*, Hispid Buttercup*, Multi-flora Rose (BP), Red Clover*, Wood Vetch (BP), Yellow Trillium (BP).

NOTES: No buds were found on rhododendron on these trails, some were sprouting new leaves.


MAY 20

LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO HUSKEY GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Blackberry*, Canadian Violet Slight (BP), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (BP), Common Cinquefoil*, Daisy Fleabane (BP), Dog Hobble (BP), Meadow Parsnip (BP), Stone Crop*, Sweet Shrub (BP).    FEW BLOOMS—Alternate Leaf Dogwood (JSB), Brook Lettuce (BP), Golden Ragwort (AG), Mountain Laurel (various stages), Sweet Cicely (BP), Trillium Erect, Umbrella Leaf (AG), Yellow Trillium (AG).

HUSKEY GAP TRAIL (FROM LITTLE RIVER TRAIL TO HUSKEY GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber (various stages), Blackberry*, Meadow Parsnip*, Mountain Laurel (various stages), Star Grass*, Sweet Shrub (BP), Vasey Trillium (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Common Cinquefoil*, Dog Hobble (BP), Hawkweed *, Valerian (JSB), Wild Geranium (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Doll Eyes, Galax (JSB), Hispid Butter Cup (BP), Indian Cucumber Root (various stages), Lousewort (AG), Robins Plantain (AG), Stone Crop*, Yellow Trillium (AG).

 SUGARLAND MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B TO HUSKEY GAP): MANY BLOOMS—Blackberry*, Hawkweed *, Mountain Laurel (various stages), Star Grass*, Wild Geranium (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Flame Azalea (various stages), Galax (JSB), Maple Leaf Viburnum*, Sweet Shrub (BP), Sweet White Violet*.  FEW BLOOMS—Star Chickweed, Valerian (JSB).

MAY 17

TURKEY PEN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS— Hawkweed*, Mountain Laurel* (amazing display on the mid sections of this trail), Partridge Berry*, Sweet Shrub.  SOME BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber, Blackberry, Dog Hobble, Foam Flower (AG), Galax (JSB), Hispid Buttercup*, Star Grass*, Sweet White Violet, Valerian, Meadow Parsnip, Maple Leaf Viburnum*.  FEW BLOOMS—Catesby Trillium, Common Cinquefoil, Crested Dwarf Iris (AG), Four Leaf Milkweed, Indian Cucumber Root, Little Brown Jugs, Long Spurred Violet (AG), Lyre Leaf Sage (AG), Miami Mist*, Red Clover*, Robins Plantain (AG), Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Vasey Trillium, Wild Geranium (AG), Yellow Trillium (AG).

SCHOOL HOUSE GAP TRAIL (B TO TURKEY PEN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet, Mountain Laurel*, Star Grass*.  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (APB), Common Cinquefoil*, Daisy Fleabane, Lyre Leaf Sage, Sweet White Violet, Valerian.  FEW BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber, Foam Flower (AG), Hooked Buttercup, Red Clover*, Yellow Wood Anemone*.

BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B TO FINELY CANE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Blue Eye Grass* (I have never seen so many at any one location), Hawkweed*, Mountain Laurel*, Partridge Berry*.  SOME BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Golden Ragwort, Lyre Leaf Sage, Star Grass*, Valerian.  FEW BLOOMS—Crested Dwarf Iris (AG), Daisy Fleabane, Dog Hobble (AG), Galax, Lousewort (AG), Maple Leaf Viburnum*, Pennywort (AG), Red Clover*, White Clover *.

FINELY CANE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet, Mountain Laurel*, Partridge Berry*, Sweet Shrub.  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (APB), Sweet White Violet.  FEW BLOOMS—Blue Eye Grass*,Daisy Fleabane (AG), Dog Hobble (AG), Foam Flower (AG), Galax (JSB), Lyre Leaf Sage, Rue Anemone, Yellow Trillium (AG). 

NOTE: The Mountain Laurel are mostly at peak bloom and are breathtakingly beautiful on all four trails checked May 17. However, for a real treat take the turkey pen trail and starting a little over a half-mile out the blooms are spectacular. It has been years since I have seen a comparable display of the Mountain Laurel. With the warm weather predicted later in the week the soon a person gets on the trail the better.

May 13

PORTER CREEK TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #31): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Foam Flower (various stages), Meadow Parsnip*, Robins Plantain (AG), Sweet White Violet*, Wild Geranium (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry, Daisy Fleabane (BP), Dog Hobble (BP), Golden Ragwort (BP), Stone Crop (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber, Bishop Caps (AG), Common Cinquefoil (BP), Indian Cucumber Root (various stages), Prostate Bluets (BP), Rue Anemone (BP), Squaw Root (AG), Valerian (JSB), Wild Phlox (BP), Yellow Trillium (BP).

May 10

ACE GAP TRAIL (B T0 OLD CAMPSITE #70): MANY BLOOMS—Blueberry (JSB), Catesby Trillium (BP), Flame Azalea*, False Solomon’s Seal (APB), Galax (JSB), Maple Leaf Viburnum*, Meadow Parsnip*, Mountain Laurel (abundant, various stages), Solomon’s Seal (BP), Star Grass*.  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (JSB), Robins Plantain (BP), Yellow Trillium (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber, Beard Tongue  (various stages), Common Cinquefoil (BP), Fire Pink (BP), Four Leaf Milkweed (JSB), Golden Ragwort (BP), Hawkweed (BP), Hispid Buttercup (BP), Indian Cucumber Root, 

Little Brown Jug (BP), Meadow Rue (BP), Partridgeberry (JSB), Rue Anemone (BP), Spiderwort (JSB), Stonecrop (BP), Sweet Shrub (BP), Valerian (JSB), Wild Geranium  (BP), Wood Vetch (BP), Yellow Mandarin (AG).


WEST PRONG (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Blackberry (JSB), Canadian Violet (BP), Crested Dwarf Iris (various stages), Dog Hobble (BP), Hawkweed (BP). Mountain Laurel (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Yellow Trillium (AG). Sweet White Violet *.  SOME BLOOMS—Cancer Root (BP), Foam Flower (AG), Galax (JSB), Maple Leaf Viburnum (very attractive), Star Chickweed*, Stone Crop*, Vasey Trillium (various stages), Wild Oats (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Bar Cucumber*, Common Cinquefoil (BP), Hooked Buttercup (APB), Little Brown Jugs (AG), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Long Spurred Violet (AG), Robins Plantain (BP), Star Grass*, Yellow Mandarin (AG).


RICH MOUNTAIN ROAD (Park Boundary to Indian Grave Trail): MANY BLOOMS— Wild Geranium  (exceptional quality), Canadian Violet (BP), Catesby Trillium (various stages), Daisy Fleabane*, Dwarf Crested Iris (BP), False Solomon’s Seal*, Hispid Buttercup*, Large Flowered Trillium (BP), Meadow Parsnip*, Rue Anemone*, Solomon’s Seal (BP), Star Grass, Stone Crop*, Sweet Shrub (BP).  SOME BLOOMS— Blackberry (JSB), Fire Pinks*, Robins Plantain (BP), Squaw Root (APB), Trillium Erect (BP), Wild Oats (BP). Wood Vetch (BP), Yellow Trillium*.  FEW BLOOMS—Bowman’s Root (BP), Common Blue Violet*, Dogwood*, Flame Azalea*, Golden Ragwort, Lousewort (AG), Lyre Leaf Sage (AG), Mountain Laurel, Red Clover*, Sweet Cicely (AG), Umbrella Magnolia, White Clover*, Wild Comfrey (various stages), Wild Strawberry*, Yellow Buckeye.  NOTE—Sow with three cubs seen in the woods above the road. No problem with them. 

INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (FROM RICH MOUNTAIN ROAD TO RICH MOUNTAIN TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Hispid Buttercup*, Large Flowered Trillium  (BP), May Apple*, Meadow Parsnip*, Rue Anemone*, Squaw Root (APB), Star Grass*, Trillium Erect (BP), Wild Geranium (various stages).  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry  (JSB), Catesby Trillium (various stages), Common Cinquefoil*, False Solomons Seal  (APB), Flame Azalea* (brilliant), Solomons Seal (BP), Star Chickweed*, Sweet Shrub  (BP), Wood Vetch  (BP), Yellow Trillium*.  FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violet*, Halberd Leaf Violet, Hooked Buttercup, Lousewort (BP), Low Hop Trefoil (JSB), Wild Strawberry (APB), Yellow Mandarin (BP).

RICH MOUNTAIN TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Catesby Trillium (various stages), Hispid Buttercup*, May Apple*, Meadow Parsnip*, Rue Anemone*, Squaw Root*, Star Grass* (colorful), Sweet White Shrub (BP), Trillium Erect (BP), White Flowered Trillium (BP), Wild Geranium (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Flame Azalea*, Hawkweed, Solomon’s Seal (BP), Star Chickweed*, Stone Crop*, Sweet White Violet*.  FEW BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil (BP), Fire Pink (BP), Four Leaf Milkwort (JSB), Hooked Buttercup (APB), Wood Vetch (AG).


LUMBER RIDGE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Cancer Root (BP), Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Daisy Fleabane*, Dog Hobble*, Flame Azalea Hawkweed*(brilliant yellow), Meadow Parsnip*, Mountain Laurel (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Squaw Root Most (BP), although some are (JSB), Star Chickweed (BP), Star Grass* (very colorful).  SOME BLOOMS—Black Berry (JSB), Blue Berry (JSB), Common Blue Violet*, False Solomon’s Seal (APB), Long Spurred Violet (BP), Solomon’s Seal (BP), Sweet White Violet*, Wild Oats (BP), Yellow Mandarin (BP), Yellow Trillium*.  FEW BLOOMS—Foam Flower (BP), Galax (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (BP), Hooked Buttercup, Lousewort (BP), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Pennywort, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (AG), Toothwort Well (BP), Umbrella Magnolia, White Clover*.



RICH MOUNTAIN LOOP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Dogwood*, Hispid Buttercup*, Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Stone Crop (BP), Violet Wood Sorrel*, Wild Comfrey (JSB), Wild Oats (BP).  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (JSB), Catesby Trillium (BP), Common Blue Violet, Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Hooked Butter Cups (APB), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Squaw Root, Wild Geranium (APB), Wood Violet (APB), Yellow Trillium*, Yellow Wood Sorrel.  FEW BLOOMS—Cancer Root (BP), Meadow Parsnip (APB), Purple Phacelia, Wood Anemone*, Yellow Mandarin.

INDIAN GRAVE TRAIL (FROM RICH MOUNTAIN LOOP TRAIL TO CROOKED ARM TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Rue Anemone*, Service Berry (BP), Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Wood Violet (APB).  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violets, Wild Oats (BP).  FEW BLOOMS—Plantain Leaf Pussytoe Well (BP), Toothwort (BP), Trailing Arbutus (AG).

CROOKED ARM TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil*, Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Dogwood (BP), Rue Anemone*, Stone Crop (BP), Star Chickweed*, Star Grass*, Violet Wood Sorrel (APB), Wild Oats Slightly (BP), Wood Vetch (BP), Wood Violet*.  SOME BLOOMS—Blackberry (JSB), Common Blue Violet, Daisy Fleabane (various stages), Meadow Parsnip (APB), Service Berry (BP), Squaw Root (various stages).  FEW BLOOMS—Cancer Root (BP), Catesby Trillium (BP), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP), Sweet White Violets, Wild Comfrey (JSB), Wood Anemone*, Yellow Trillium (BP), Wild Geranium (APB).



WILDFLOWER REPORT LOWER MOUNT CAMMERER TRAIL (B TO CAMPSITE #32): MANY BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (various stages), Canadian Violet*, Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Dogwood*, Foam Flower*, Large Flowering Bellwort (APB), Meadow Parsnip*, Nodding Trillium (various stages), Rue Anemone*, Sweet White Violet*, Wild Geranium (JSB), Wild Phlox Slightly (BP), Yellow Mandarin*, Yellow Trillium*.  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Common Cinquefoil, Dwarf Ginseng*, Hispid Buttercup*, Hooked Buttercup*, Solomon’s Seal (APB), Spotted Mandarin*, Stone Crop*, Toothwort (various stages), Trailing Arbutus (BP), Trillium Erect*, Wild Oats*. FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violets (APB), Halberd Leaf Violet (BP), Vasey Trillium, Vernal Iris*, Wood Violet (APB).


LAKE TRAIL (B TO DARK HOLLOW TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS— Crested Dwarf Iris*, Daisy Fleabane (various stages) Prostate Bluet (BP), Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Wild Phlox*  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil,  Dogwood (BP), Hawkweed, Pinxter Flower (various stages)  FEW BLOOMS—Blue Berry (JSB), Hispid Buttercup, Little Brown Jugs, Wild Oats, Wood Vetch, Yellow Trillium*

DARK HOLLOW TRAIL (FROM LAKE TRAIL TO BIG VALLEY TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS— Crested Dwarf Iris*, Golden Ragwort*, Prostate Bluet (BP), Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Wild Phlox*  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet,  Dogwood (BP), Pinxter Flower (various stages), Robin’s Plantain (BP), Wild Geranium*  FEW BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil, Foam Flower*, Little Brown Jugs, Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Spring Beauty*, Star Grass*, Violet Wood Sorrel (JSB), Wood Vetch*, Wood Violet*

BIG VALLEY TRAIL (B TO DARK HOLLOW TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Prostate Bluet (BP)  SOME BLOOMS—Dogwood (BP), Crested Dwarf Iris*, Pinxter Flower (BP), Rue Anemone*, Stone Crop*, Wild Geranium*  FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Foam Flower*, Star Grass*,  Violet Wood Sorrel (JSB), Wild Oats, Wood Vetch*, Yellow Trillium*  

NOTES: The Pinxter Flowers are absolutely beautiful-some light pink, some bright pink. I do not recall seeing them but at three location in the Smokies. If you get a chance to get out to Big Ridge I believe you will be very pleased. 

April 15

LEAD COVE TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—, Catesby Trillium*, Crested Dwarf Iris (various stages), Foam Flower*, Rue Anemone*, Squaw Root (APB), Sweet White Trillium (APB), Sweet White Violet*, Yellow Trillium*  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Dog Hobble (JSB), Meadow Rue (BP), Purple Cohosh (BP), Yellow Mandarin (APB)  FEW BLOOMS—Canadian Violet (BP), Common Cinquefoil (BP), Halberd Leaf Violet (BP), Little Brown Jugs, Silver Bells (BP), Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Wild Oats*, Trout Lily (BP), Wood Violet

BOTE MOUNTAIN TRAIL (FROM LEAD COVE TRAIL TO FINELY CANE TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Rue Anemone*, Squaw Root (APB) SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Dogwood*, Solitary Plantain (AG), Sweet Shrub*, Trailing Arbutus (BP), Yellow Trillium*  FEW BLOOMS—Common Cinquefoil (AG), Hooked Buttercup, Silver Bells (BP), Star Grass*, Wood Violet

FINELY CANE (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (BP), Catesby Trillium*, Crested Dwarf Iris (various stages), Foam Flower* (massive displays), Long Spurred Violet (BP), Purple Cohosh (BP), Rue Anemone* (massive display), Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Trillium (APB), Sweet White Violets*, Toothwort (BP), Trillium Erect*  SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Dogwood (BP), Large Flowered Bellwort*, Sweet Cicely, Sweet Shrub*, Vernal Iris*, Yellow Mandarin*, Yellow Trillium*  FEW BLOOMS—Cancer Root, Common Cinquefoil (AG), Dog Hobble (JSB), Doll Eyes, Halberd Leaf Violet (AG), Hooked Buttercup, Little Brown Jugs*, Silver Bells*, Solomon’s Seals (JSB), Wood Anemone*

NOTES: Three trillium had dark burgundy/purple blooms shaped like the yellow trillium blooms. The blooms appear much like a Sweet Betsy in one wildflower book.

April 12

OLD SUGARLAND’S TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Common Blue Violets*, Common Cinquefoil* (like a ground cover in some areas), Crested Dwarf Iris*, Dogwood*, Long Spurred Violets (slightly past peak bloom, at peak at higher elevation), Robins Plantain*, Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Violet*, Yellow Trillium*. SOME BLOOMS—Large Flowered Trillium*, Meadow Parsnip (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Sweet Shrub (PB), Toothwort (BP, at higher elevation some are at peak bloom), Wild Geraniums (APB), Wild Phlox, Wild Strawberry*. FEW BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (BP), Brook Lettuce*, Daisy Fleabane (JSB), Dog Hobble (JSB), Foam Flower, Hispid Buttercup (APB), Hooked Buttercup (APB), Little Brown Jugs, Pennywort (various stages), Seersucker Sedge (BP), Solitary Plantain (AG), Stonecrop (JSB), Vernal Iris*

April 8

LITTLE RIVER TRAIL (B TO CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL): MANY BLOOMS—Bishop Caps*, Celandine Poppy (BP), Common Blue Violet*, Frazer Sedge (BP), Large Flowered Trillium (APB), Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Trillium (APB), Sweet White Violets*, Wild Ginger*, Yellow Trillium*. SOME BLOOMS—Brook Lettuce (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Hepatica, Spring Beauty (BP), Toothwort (BP). FEW BLOOMS—Foam Flower (JSB), Hooked Buttercup (JSB), Large Flowered Bellwort, Seersucker Sedge (BP), Toothwort (BP), Trout Lily (BP), White Fringed Phacelia*, Wild Phlox (JSB), Wood Anemone (APB). 

CUCUMBER GAP TRAIL (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Frazier Sedge (slightly past peak bloom), Halberd Leaf Violet*, Long Spurred Violet (BP), Rue Anemone*, Spring Beauty (BP), Star Chickweed*, Sweet William Trillium (APB), Trout Lily*, Wood Anemone*, Yellow Trillium (various stages). SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet*, Foam Flower (various stages in blooming process), Hepatica*, Large Flowered Trillium (APB), Sweet White Violets*, Toothwort (BP). FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violet*, Seersucker Sedge (BP), Wild Phlox (JSB), Yellow Mandarin (JSB). 

NOTES: Excellent display on first mile and a half of Little River Trail and about midway across Cucumber Gap Trail. The display of the Sweet William Trillium and Large Flowered Trillium on the hillsides both below and above the trail on Little River Trail are very well worth the walk. Outstanding display of Wood Anemone about half way up trail—hillsides covered with these flowers at peak bloom.  Much of the mid-section of Cucumber Gap trail has outstanding displays of the White Trillium, Trout Lily, Wood Anemone and Rue Anemone both above and below the trail—best display of Trout Lily that I have seen in the national park in years. With Porter Creek Trail not accessible at this time the Little River/Cucumber Gap/Jakes Creek loop should be a treat for the wildflower lovers.

April 5

Bull Head Trail up to the Pulpit: MANY BLOOMS—Dutchmen’s Breeches*, Halberd Leaf Violet (APB), Large Flowered Trillium (APB),  S, Rue Anemone*, Seersucker Sedge (BP), Spring Beauty (APB), Squirrel Corn*, Star Chickweed*, Trailing Arbutus (BP). SOME BLOOMS—Bishop Caps (APB), Common Blue Violet. FEW BLOOMS—Hepatica*, Lousewort (JSB), Tassel Rue (APB), Solitary Pussy Toe (BP), Sweet White Violets, Toothwort-, Wood Violet-, Yellow Trillium (various stages in blooming cycle). 

NOTES: Because of the elevation gain the status of the blooms varied according to the elevation. It is truly amazing and very encouraging to see how the Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel, and Pine Trees are coming back after the 2016 wildfire. Also, some of the views after the fire about two miles up the trail are absolutely breath taking. Very scenic—well work the steep hike up there.

April 2

Huskey Gap Trail from US 441 to Huskey Gap: MANY BLOOMS— Dutchmen’s Breeches (APB), Large Flowered Bellwort (APB appear to be effected by the cold snap); Large Flowered Trillium (APB cold weather appears to be doing a number on them), Rue Anemone*, Squirrel Corn*, Yellow Trillium (various stages in blooming process). SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violets, Halberd Leaf Violets, Hepatica, Meadow Rue, Star Chickweed, Trillium Erect, Trailing Arbutus (last tenth of a mile), Wood Anemone (drooping badly-cold weather). FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violets, Sweet White Violets, Toothwort. 

NOTES: A large number of the Trillium were drooping because of the cold temperatures.  My estimate is that the peak bloom for this section of trail will be about a week from now depending on the weather; however it is still rewarding to observe the flowers on this trail.Spring beauties budded (believe that they would have been blooming if the temps had been higher.  Purple Cohosh budded – probably a week to 10 days from blooming depending on the weather.

March 29

METCALF BOTTOMS TRAIL (B-E): Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Star Chickweed*, Sweet White Violet (JSB), Wood Anemone (JSB), Wood Vetch (various stages in blooming cycle), Yellow Trillium-.

WALKER SISTERS CABIN TRAIL (B-E):Common Blue Violet (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Robins Plantain (JSB), Rue Anemone*, Solitary Pussytoe, Wood Anemone-, Wood Vetch (various stages in blooming cycle), Yellow Trillium-.

LITTLE BRIER TRAIL (B-E): Common Blue Violet (JSB), Halberd Leaf Violet (JSB), Lousewort (JSB), Star Chickweed*, Trailing Arbutus*, Wild Geranium (JSB).

LITTLE GREENBRIER TRAIL (B TO LITTLE BRIER TRAIL): Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (BP), Trailing Arbutus (various stages in blooming cycle).

March 26

Chestnut Top Trail (B-E): MANY BLOOMS—Bishop Caps*, Blood Root (BP), Halberd Leaf Violet (starting about one and a half miles up the trail – approaching peak bloom), Hepatica*, Long Spurred Violet*, Rue Anemone*, Solitary Pussytoe (various stages depending on elevation), Spring Beauty*, Star Chickweed*, Trailing Arbutus*. SOME BLOOMS—Stonecrop (JSB), Toothwort (varying stages). FEW BLOOMS—Bowman’s Root (one patch), Common Blue Violet, Meadow Parsnip (JSB), Purple Phacelia (appears that will be a massive display in the next week or so), Sweet White Trillium (JSB), Trillium Erect (JSB), Wood Vetch, Yellow Trillium (will be many blooms in the next week or two).

March 22

BIG CREEK TRAIL – B TO CAMPSITE #37: MANY BLOOMS—Blood Root*, Halberd Leaf Violet, Rue Anemone*, Spring Beauty (APB), Star Chickweed, Yellow Trillium (not at peak yet). SOME BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Golden Ragwort, Long Spurred Violet, Seersucker Sedge (PB), Sweet White Violet, Toothwort, Wild Geranium. FEW BLOOMS—Creamy Yellow Violet, White Fringed Phacelia (JSB). ONE BLOOM—Fire Pink (over embankment on the left about .4 tens of a mile up trail), Hispid Buttercup, Wood Anemone.

March 19

Abrams Falls Trail – From Cades Cove to the falls: MANY BLOOMS—Plantain Leaf Pussytoes (various stages), Solitary Pussytoes, Trailing Arbutus* (some of the pink blooms are outstanding). SOME BLOOMS—Halberd Leaf Violet, Star Chickweed. FEW BLOOMS—Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Sweet White Violet. ONE BLOOM—Little Brown Jug.

March 16

River Bluff Trail – Norris Dam: MANY BLOOMS—Spring Beauty*, Toothwort*, Bloodroot* and Harbinger of Spring. SOME BLOOMS—Hepatica* ONE BLOOM—Seersucker Sedge and Golden Ragwort (JSB).

March 15

West Prong Trail (B-E): PEAK BLOOM—Hepatica+, Seersucker Sedge+, Spring Beauty+, Halberd Leaf Violet+, Star Chickweed-, Trailing Arbutus-, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe -, Rue Anemone-. FEW BLOOMS—Long Spurred Violet. ONE BLOOM—Bloodroot. Best display of blooms on first half of mile of tail from Treemont.

March 12

Laurel Falls Trail to Little Greenbrier Trail: A few Plantain Leaf Pussytoes were in bloom and one Long Spurred Violet.

March 10

Chestnut Top Trail: Spring Beauty, Frazer Sedge, Star Chickweed and Hepatica. There are a few Long Spurred Violets and Plantain Leaf Pussytoes in bloom. Please note that there are two large blowdowns on this section of the trail that might be a challenge to some.

March 4

Lumber Ridge Trail: Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (JSB)

Wildflower Reports for 2019

October 14

Lead Cove: White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod and Curtis Aster.

Bote Mountain: Erect Goldenrod, Curtis Aster, White Top Aster and White Snakeroot.

Anthony Creek: Erect Goldenrod and White Top Aster.

Crib Gap: Erect Goldenrod, White Snakeroot and White Top Aster.

October 10

Mt. Sterling: Mountain Gentian, Curtis Aster, White Top Aster. Southern Harebell, Erect Goldenrod and White Snake Root.

Baxter Creek: Erect Goldenrod and White Top Aster (Note: Undergrowth along the trail has been cut along much of the trail).

October 4

Meigs Creek: White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Teaberry, White Snakeroot (few), Cardinal Flower (2), Curtis Aster and Whitewood Aster.

September 30

Rich Mountain Road, from park boundary to Indian Grave Trail - Pale Jewelweed, White Top Aster (many nice blooms), Mountain Mint (about gone), Flowering Spurge (2), Great Lobelia (past peak but still some nice blooms), White Snakeroot (past peak but still a few blooms), Curtis Aster, False Fox Glove (few), Black Eyed Susan (few), Red Clover, Erect Goldenrod and Smooth Creeping Bush Clover.

Indian Grave Trail, from Rich Mt. Rd. to Rich Mt. Trail - Coreopsis (few), Hawkweed (few), Curtis Aster (peak bloom), White Top Aster (many at peak bloom), Great Lobelia (past peak - few blooming), Erect Goldenrod and Mountain Gentian (few at peak bloom).

Rich Mountain Trail (B-E) - White Top Aster Erect Goldenrod, Curtis Aster and Curtiss Milkwort (1).

September 23

Little River Trail - White Top Aster, White Snake Root, Hearts-a-bustin, Pale Jewelweed, Black Cohosh, Erect Goldenrod, Heal All and Great Lobelia; Huskey Gap Trail - Golden Rod Erect, White Top Aster, Hearts-a-bustin, Mountain Gentian (Peak Bloom - many - nice), Coreopsis (one spot has a good showing at peak bloom about a half-mile from the Little River Trail) and False Fox Glove; Sugarland Mountain Trail - Mountain Gentian (some really nice blooms at peak bloom), White Top Aster (some nice blooms), Erect Goldenrod and White Snakeroot.

September 9

Turkey Pen Trail (B to E) - Cardinal Flower (past peak but still nice blooms - not a lot of them), Great Lobelia (many at peak bloom), Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root (most just starting to bloom), Coreopsis (some), Hearts-a-bustin (few), Daisy Fleabane (one cluster of them), White Top Aster (many - most at peak bloom), Southern Harebell (past peak but still nice), False Fox Glove (few but nice blooms), Red Clover (1), Pink Turtle Head (few at peak bloom) and Hog Peanut.

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) - Cardinal Flower (really nice blooms - good selection), White Top Aster (at peak bloom), White Snake Root (Just starting to bloom), Great Lobelia (good numbers - at peak bloom), Joe Pye Weed (few - past peak bloom), Hog Peanut, Black eyed Susan (past peak), Coreopsis (few), White Clover (1) and Erect Goldenrod.

Bote Mountain (B to Finley Cane Trail) - White Top Aster, Hearts-a-Bustin, Red Clover (few), White Top Aster, Heal All (5 or 6 together), Great Lobelia (Many at full bloom), Tick Trefoil (1) (Past peak), Hairy Milk Pea, Smooth Creeping Bush Clover and Hawkweed (few - at peak bloom).

Finley Cane (B to E) - White Snake Root (just starting to bloom), White Top Aster (at peak bloom), Pale Jewelweed (few) and Erect Goldenrod.

September 2

Rabbit Creek (B to Hannah Mt. Trail) - Wildflowers: Spotted Jewelweed, Black Eyed Susan, Cardinal Flower (really brightly colored), Flowering Spurge. Hog Peanut, Indian Pipe, White Top Aster, Great Lobelia (nice - close to peak bloom), Curtiss Milkwort (past peak), False Fox Glove (nice), Tick Trefoil (about gone), Hawkweed, Southern Harebell (still some nice blooms) and Star Grass (2).

Hannah Mountain (From Rabbit Creek to Campsite #14) - Wildflowers: False Fox Glove, Flowering Spurge, White Top Aster, Starry Campion (about gone), Southern Harebell (few), Great Lobelia (nice - close to peak bloom) and Pinesap (One location had the best display of these that I have seen).

August 30

Round Top (B-E) Cardinal Flower (some really nice blooms), Coreopsis, Great Lobelia (at peak bloom), Joe Pyeweed (at Little River), Wild Golden Glow (at Little River), Star Grass (1), Black Eyed Susan (at Trailhead), various kinds of Goldenrod, Flowering Spurge, False Fox Glove (nice - good numbers), White Top Aster (past peak, Curtiss Milkwort (few - past peak) Tick Trefoil (few - past peak), Wood Nettle (past peak) and Mountain Mint (past peak - few).

August 12

Little River (B to Huskey Gap Trail): White Top Aster, Asiatic Dayflower, Doll Eyes (berries), Wood Nettle, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed, Spotted Jewelweed, White Snakeroot (1 Just starting to bloom) and Larkspur (about gone).

Huskey Gap (B-E): Doll Eyes (berries), Asiatic Dayflower, Coreopsis (really nice - appear to be at peak bloom at two locations), Southern Harebell (past peak), Early Goldenrod,Yellow Fringed Orchid (past peak), False Fox Glove (still a lot of buds), Canadian Violet (many - still beautiful blooms), Pale Jewelweed, Wood Nettle, White Top Aster and Tick Trefoil (past peak - few left).

August 9

West Prong (B-E) - Pale Jewelweed, Tick Trefoil, Doll Eyes (berries), Wood Nettle and Southern Harebells. Note: Very few blooms.

August 2

Cooper Road Trail - (From hiker parking lot at Ranger Station to Hatcher Mountain Trail - Butterfly Peas (few), Blackeyed Susans (many - slightly past peak), Flowering Spurge (at peak bloom), Cardinal Flower (1) (beautiful), Coreopsis, Heal All (Many - some of the blooms are very attractive), Yellow Fringed Orchid, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (many - past peak), Curtiss Milkwort (good number), Doll Eyes (berries), Star Grass (1), Wild Potato Vine, Tick Trefoil (many - past peak), Spotted Jewelweed, Red clover and Queen Ann's Lace (1).

Hatcher Mountain Trail - (From Cooper Road Trail to Little Bottoms Trail) - Star Grass (many), Curtiss Milkwort, Reclining Saint Andrew's Cross, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Heal All, Coreopsis, Rattlesnake Plantain (few - past peak) and Tick Trefoil (past peak).

Little Bottoms Trail (B-E) -Reclining Saint Andrew's Cross, Coreopsis, Star Grass, Tick Trefoil, Curtiss Milkwort, Hawkweed, Wild Potato Vine, Flowering Spurge (nice), Joe Pyeweed, Blackeyed Susan (many - at peak bloom - beautiful), Pencil Flower (few - small but nice - do not see often), Hairy Milk Pea and Rattlesnake Plantain (few - past peak).

August 2

Abrams Falls (B to end- junction with Hatcher Mt. and Hannah Mt. Trails) - Winged Sumac, Flowering Spurge (many - peak bloom), Southern Harebell, Star Grass (3), Mountain Angelica, Tick Trefoil (past peak), Wild Potato Vine (some - nice), Coreopsis, Joe Pye Weed, Saint Andrews Cross (many - past peak but nice), Rattlesnake Plantain (one group nice - rest past peak) and Hawkweed. Some purple asters starting to bloom but not sure of which one that they were.

July 24

Laurel Falls - (B to Little Greenbrier Trail) - Mountain Angelica, Heal All, White Top Aster (about gone), Southern Harebell (just starting to bloom), Winged Sumac, Wood Nettle, Canadian Violet (about gone), Rattlesnake Plantain, Erect Goldenrod, Basil Bee Balm (past peak), Tick Trefoil (Past peak), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (past peak), Coreopsis, False Fox Glove, Rosebay Rhododendron (about gone), Black Cohosh (about gone), Crimson Bee Balm (past peak) and Starry Campion.

Little Greenbrier (B-E) - Rattlesnake Plantain, Yellow Fringed Orchid (1 blooming - around 10 budded), Indian Pipe, Smooth Phlox, Wood Nettle, Curtiss Milkwort (at peak bloom), Reclining Saint Andrew's Cross (past peak), Coreopsis, Larkspur (about gone), Star Grass, Basil Bee Balm (well past peak bloom), Black Cohosh (past peak bloom), Tick Treefoil (past peak), Starry Campion, White Top Aster (past peak bloom), Starry Campion and Pale Jewelweed.

July 12

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) - Rosebay Rhododendron, Thimbleweed, Rattlesnake Plantain, Basil Bee Balm, Tick Trefoil, Daisy Fleabane, Star Grass, Flowering Spurge, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, White Top Aster, Coreopsis, and Mountain Angelica

Chestnut Top (B-E) - White Top Aster, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Curtiss Milkwort, Coreopsis, Rattlesnake Plantain, Tick Trefoil, Basil Bee Balm (Many - slightly past peak) Lark Spur (about gone), Horse Nettle (past peak) Thimbleweed (1), Saint John's Wort, Pale Jewelweed and Wood Nettle.

July 8

Appalachian Trail (from Newfound Gap to Sweat Heifer Creek Trail) - Rudgel's Indian Plantain, Wild Hydrangea, Wood Sorrel and Love Vine (just starting to bloom).

Sweat Heifer Creek Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (many blooms - very beautiful, Love Vine, Indian Pipe, Purple Fringed Orchid (3), Crimson Bee Balm (many - most at peak bloom - very beautiful), Wood Nettle, White Top Aster, Basil Bee Balm,Turk Cap Lily, Pipsissewa, Spotted Jewelweed, Rudgel's Indian Plantain, Mountain Saint John's Wort, Partridge Berry and Ramps.

Kephart Prong Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron, Rattlesnake Plaintain, Black Cohosh (1), Tick Trefoil (just starting to bloom), Daisy Fleabane, Heal All, Wood Nettle, Wild Golden Glow (1) and Crimson Bee Balm (Many - most a full bloom - very beautiful).

NOTE: Along Newfound Gap Road the Black Eyed Susans, Rosebay Rhododendron, Turk Cap Lily and Wild Golden Glows are very nice.

July 5

Jakes Creek (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron, White Clover, Pale Jewelweed, Heal All, Common Elderberry (about gone), Black Cohosh, Wood Nettle, Rattlesnake Plantain (few -- just starting to bloom) and Crimson Bee Balm (In spots at peak bloom - very beautiful).

Panther Creek (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron and Rattlesnake Plantain (few).

Middle Prong (B to Panther Creek Trail) - Rosebay Rhododendron, Heal All and Wood Nettle.

July 1

Little River Trail (B to Cucumber Gap Trail) - Rosebay Rhododendron (many - some at peak bloom, some just starting to bloom, some budded and some about gone), Wood Nettle and Turk Camp Lilly (6 plus some buds).

Cucumber Gap Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (many - various stages of blooming), Wood Nettle and Crimson Bee Balm (peak bloom - very pretty).

June 24

Grapeyard Ridge Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (Many - most at full peak bloom) - Tall Phlox (just starting to bloom), Coreopsis, Crimson Bee Balm (At peak bloom - beautiful - very colorful), Daisy Fleabane (about gone), Heal All (1), Basil Bee Balm (past peak) and Indian Pipe (few - just started blooming).

June 21

Wildflower Report - Lumber Ridge Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (still nice - slightly beyond peak), Wild Hydrangea (about gone), Basil Bee Balm (past peak bloom), Flame Azalea (few - past peak), Black Cohosh (3 - past peak bloom), Star Grass (few), Coreopsis (right at peak bloom), White Top Aster (just starting to bloom) and as best as I can determine Spring Ladies' Tresses (2 stalks of them).

Special Note: Met bear coming down the trail which reversed directions and ran the other way when it saw me.

June 17

Gregory Ridge Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (at peak bloom -lower elevation), Wild Hydrangea, Pipsissewa (many at peak bloom), Loosestrife, White Top Aster (just starting to bloom), Coreopsis (Just starting to bloom), Star Grass (1), Galax (about gone), Starry Campion, Common Cinquefoil, Prostate Bluet (about gone) and Flame Azalea.

Gregory Bald - Flame Azaleas are right at peak bloom on the bald (some past peak - some budded).

Note: With high temps predicted this week, the quality of the blooms will likely fade quickly. Secondly, it appears that the blackberry plants are making significant inroads among the Azaleas and Blueberry bushes.

June 10

Lead Cove - Rosebay Rhododendron (Peak bloom), Pipsissewa, Basil Bee Balm (Just Starting to bloom), Daisy Fleabane, Loosestrife, Valerian, Indian Cucumber Root (about gone) and Wild Hydrangea (Peak bloom).

Bote Mountain (From Lead Cove Trail to Finely Cane Trail) - Rosebay Rhododendron (Mostly at peak bloom), White Clover, Red Clover, Galax (1), Flame Azalea (few - very beautiful), Daisy Fleabane, Star Grass, Pipsissewa, Wild Hydrangea (Peak boom), and Valerian.

Finely Cane - Rosebay Rhododendron (mostly at peak bloom), Pipsissewa, Wild Hydrangea (peak bloom) and Valerian. Other than Rosebay Rhododendron not many blooms on this trail at this time.

May 27

Low Gap (B to Low Gap) - Galax (many) , Indian Cucumber Root (past peak), Meadow Parsnip (few), Blackberry, False Solomon's Seal, Solomon's Seal (few), Sweet White Violet (few), Canadian Violet (few) , Partridge Berry (Many - peak bloom), Mountain Laurel (few in bloom), Wild Hydrangea and Dutchmen's Pipe 

Appalachian Trail (From Low Gap Mt. Cammerer Trail) - Blackberry, Indian Cucumber Root, Mountain Laurel, Prostate Bluet, False Solomon's Seal (Many but in various stages of blooming), Catawba Rhododendron (some at peak bloom - some past peak bloom), Dwarf Rhododendron, White Clover (few at gap), Common Cinquefoil (few - past peak), Squaw Root (few - past peak), Canadian Mayflower (many - some at peak bloom - some past peak bloom), Sweet White Violet (few - past peak) and Meadow Rue (appear at peak bloom) 

Mount Cammerer (B-E) - Canadian Mayflower (many - at peak bloom), Yellow Bead Lily (few - about gone - well past peak), Blackberry, Catawba Rhododendron (some at peak - some beyond peak), Dwarf Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel (It appears that many of the buds are turning brown before blooming; hot weather may be a factor)

Cosby Entrance Road (B-E) - Mountain Laurel (Few), Catawba Rhododendron (at beginning of the road - few) and Wild Hydrangea

Special note: Saturday, I (Tom Harrington) found three Deptford Pinks in bloom on the right side of the small road that goes to the Cades Cove stables about 20 feet from Campground Road. They are exceptionally beautiful and are very small. I am not sure how long that they will last with this hot weather, but if you are in the area you might see if you can locate them. This is the first time that I have found them.

May 20

Jakes Creek (B-E) - Mountain Angelica, Bar Cucumber,White Clover,Daisy Fleabane, Multi-Floral Rose, Japanese Honeysuckle, Common Cinquefoil, Red Clover,Blackberry,Mountain Laurel,Partridge Berry,Canadian Violet,Foam Flower (about gone), Dog Hobble (about gone), Sweet White Violet (higher elevation),Meadow Parsnip (mostly higher elevation),Prostate Bluet (higher elevation),Wild Phlox (just about gone - higher elevation), Tassel Rue (higher elevation), False Solomon's Seal (ones in full bloom at higher elevation), Indian Cucumber Root (higher elevation), Brook Lettuce (about gone).

April 28

Ace Gap

MANY BLOOMS: Wild Geranium, PB; Meadow Parsnip, PB;Yellow Trillium, BP; Sweet Shrub, PB; Catesby Trillium, V; Crested Dwarf Iris, V; Star Grass, PB;Robins Plantain, BP;Common Cinquefoil, PB (very bright & beautiful); Rue Anemone, PB (Blooms on this trail are smaller than what have seen on other trails); Little Brown Jugs, PB 

SOME BLOOMS: Hispid Buttercup, PB; Solomon's Seal, BP; Fire Pinks, PB; Flame Azalea, V; Blackberry, PB; Dogwood, BP; Sweet Yellow Violet, PB 

FEW BLOOMS: May Apple (1); Common Blue Violet, PB; Stone Crop, BP;Wild Oats;Star Chickweed, BP; Hawkweed, JS; False Solomon's Seal, JS; Squaw Root, JS; Yellow Mandarin, BP; Maple Leaf Viburnum, JS; Birdfoot Violet, PB; Clinton Lily, JS; (2 plants with blooms just starting to bloom);Umbrella Magnolia, BP; Indian Cucumber Root, JS; Wood Vetch, PB; Vernal Iris

BUDDED: Fairwand (1 plant with 2 buds)and Mountain Laurel

Notes: It appears that there may not be as many Mountain Laurel and Rosebay Rhododendron blooms on this trail this year. Only one Vernal Iris bloom found on this trail this year so far.

April 22

Middle Prong Trail (B-E)

MANY BLOOMS: Sweet White Violets – V, Toothwort – V, Foam Flower – V, Trillium Erect – V, Canadian Violet – BP, Wild Ginger – V, Hispid Buttercup – AP, Showy Orchis – AP, Miami Mist – BP, White Fringed Phacelia - BP

SOME BLOOMS: Common Blue Violets – AP, Sweet Shrub – AP, Star Chickweed – V, Wild Strawberry – AP, Meadow Parsnip – JS, Brook Lettuce – BP, Common Cinquefoil - AP

FEW BLOOMS: Doghobble – JS, False Solomon's Seal – JS,Bishop Caps – BP, Rue Anemone – AP, Doll Eyes (2) – JS, Jack-n-pulpit (6) – AP, Creamy Yellow Violet – AP, Frazier Sedge – BP, Prostate Bluet – AP, Blue Cohosh – AP, Dwarf Crested Iris – AP, Bed Straw JS,Quaker Lady – AP, Trillium Erect - AP

Lynn Camp Prong (from Middle Prong Trail to Campsite 28)

MANY BLOOMS: Sweet White Violets – AP, Miami Mist

SOME BLOOMS: Toothwort – V, White Fringed Phacelia – AP, Solomon's Seal – AP, Foam Flower – V, Creamy Yellow Violet – V, Brook Lettuce – BP, Silver Bells – AP, Dogwood – AP, Umbrella Magnolia - JS 

FEW BLOOMS: Meadow Parsnip – JS, Common Blue Violet – AP, Spring Beauty – BP, Star Chickweed – AP, Yellow Mandarin - AP

NOTE: On the Lynn Camp Prong Trail about a half-mile from Middle Prong Trail the Miami Mist are putting on a spectacular show. The ground is almost totally covered in spots with these small lavender/purple blooms. It is especially beautiful where they go down embankments to the edge of streams. It is well worth the 4.6-mile trek from the parking lot at the end of Tremont Road to see them.

April 17

Lower Mount Cammerer Trail (B-E)

MANY BLOOMS: Foam Flower,Trillium Erect, Sweet White Violet, Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Bishop Caps, Yellow Trillium, Blue Cohosh,Wild Phlox,Canadian Violet, Wild, Geranium, Hispid Buttercups, Large Flowered Bellwort, Wood Anemone,Nodding Trillium (many blooming - many buds), Silver Bells, Yellow Mandarin, Dwarf Crested Iris (The colors of some of the blooms are breathtaking - very beautiful), Dogwood, Dutchmen's Breeches, Spotted Mandarin (This is the only trail that I have seen this in bloom)

SOME BLOOMS: Golden Ragwort, Stone Crop, Solomon's Seal, Showy Orchis (plants seem smaller than usual), Wild Oats, Common Cinquefoil, Vernal Iris, Spring Beauty, Summer Sweet

FEW BLOOMS: Common Blue Violet,Creamy Yellow Violet, Squaw Root (just starting to come up), Purple Wake Robin (4 Blooms - Some budded),Long Spurred Violet, Birdfoot Violet, Dwarf Ginseng, Trout Lily (4) (About gone), Seersucker Sedge (about gone), Smooth Yellow Violet, Wood Violet

Note:  Some of the flowers on the Cosby end of the trail are past peak while on the far end some of the same flowers are just starting to bloom. In the midsection of the trail many of the flowers are at peak bloom. There is approximately 1,200 feet elevation gain from the beginning of the trail to the highest point on the trail. Some of the hillsides are spectacular with a thick covering of Trillium Erect and Rue Anemone with a number of the other flowers sprinkled in to delight the hiker. The Vasey Trillium are budded but not in blood yet.

April 13

First mile of Cucumber Gap, starting at junction with Jakes Creek Trail.

AG: Trout Lily, +White Erect Trillium, -Seersucker Sedge, Fraser Sedge, Cut-leaf Toothwort, +Yellow Trillium, -Large Flowered Bellwort, Rue Anemone, Wood Anemone, Star chickweed

AG: Spring beauty, - Squirrel Corn, -White Baneberry

JS: Blue Cohosh, Foam Flower, Creeping Phlox

JS: Bishop's Cap, Dogwood, May Apple, Serviceberry, -Purple Wake Robin

JS: Solomon Seal

JS: False Solomon Seal; Violets, Canada, Common Blue, Smooth Yellow; - Wild Geranium

Wild Ginger and Crested Dwarf iris in leaf, not yet blooming.

Along River Road between Townsend Wye and Meigs Falls, we were seeing Fire Pink, Columbine, Dogwood, Redbud, White and Purple Phacelia and Stonecrop from the car.

April 12

Porter Creek (B-E)

Legend:  At peak bloom (PB), Beyond Peak (BP), Just starting to bloom (JS), Varying stages of blooming (V)


Yellow Trillium – PB, Large Flowered Trillium – PB, Star Chickweed – PB, Sweet White Violet – PB, Bishop Caps – PB, Robin's Plantain – V, Trillium Erect – PB, White Fringed Phacelia - BP (slightly), Wild Phlox – PB, Wood Anemone – PB, Long Spurred Violet – PB, Dwarf Ginseng - PB (Upper end of trail), Trout Lily - V (Upper end of trail)


Blue Cohosh – BP, Foam Flower – V, Rue Anemone – PB, Dogwood – JS, Common Blue Violet – PB, Canadian Violet – PB, Toothwort – BP, Meadow Parsnip – JS, Brook Lettuce – PB, Halberd Leaf Violet – PB, Hispid Buttercup – PB, Wild Ginger – PB, Squirrel Corn – PB, Witch Hobble - PB - (Upper end of trail), Yellow Mandarin – JS, Frazier Sedge – BP, Seersucker Sedge - BP (about gone), Wild Geranium – JS, Golden Ragwort – PB, Vernal Iris – PB, Crested Dwarf Iris - PB


Spring Beauty – PB, Lousewort – JS, Meadow Rue - 1 plant covered with blooms, Squirrel Corn – JS, Wild Oats – PB, Daisy Fleabane – PB, Common Cinquefoil – JS,SolomensSeal – JS, Creamy Yellow Violet – PB, Stone Crop – V, Little Brown Jugs – PB, Showy Orchis – BP, Dutchmen's Breeches - BP

SPECIAL NOTES:  After crossing the two-sectioned foot log bridge about a mile and a half up the trail, there is an amazing displayofLargeFloweredTrillium, Trillium Erect, Yellow Trillium, Bishop CapsandWhite Fringed Phacelia.  The flowers cover much of the ground above and below the trail for a substantial distance.

For all who are able and have the time, not far after FernFallsthe hillsides above the trail are covered with Large Flowered Trillium for about 100 yards, and below the trail the ground is covered for about 50 to 60 yards with these flowers in full bloom. AdditionallyinthisareatheWild Phlox are putting on a great display as well.

On the first mile of the trail, many of the Large Flowered Trillium are well past their peak time of blooming. Heavy rain and or high temperatures could shorten the time that these blooms will be at their current stage of blooming.

April 8

Turkey Pen Trail (B-E) -Long Spurred Violet, Wood Anemone, Common Blue Violet, Sweet White Violet, Spring Beauty (few), Catesby Trillium, Rue Anemone, Foam Flower, Star Chickweed, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Robins Plantain, Yellow Trillium, Crested Dwarf Iris, Common Cinquefoil (Just starting to bloom), Squaw Root (Just starting to bloom), Wild Oats, Halberd Leaf Violet, Hairy Buttercup, Wood Violet and Trailing Arbutus.

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) - Toothwort, Golden Ragwort (Just starting to bloom), Catesby Trillium, Trillium Erect, Rue Anemone, Bishop Caps (few), Sweet White Violets, Long Spurred Violets, Common Blue Violet, Star Chickweed, Yellow Trillium and Wild Phlox (few).

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) - Long Spurred Violet, Sweet White Violet, Catesby Trillium, Halberd Leaf Violet, Pennywort, Toothwort, Golden Ragwort (Just starting to bloom), Common Cinquefoil and Common Blue Violet.

Finely Cane (B-E) - Trailing Arbutus, Halberd Leaf Violet, Sweet White Violet, Long Spurred Violet, Rue Anemone, Yellow Trillium, Creamy Yellow Violet, Toothwort, Blood Root, Catesby Trillium, Star Chickweed, Trillium Erect (few), Blue Cohosh (Many - just started blooming), Foam Flower (Just started blooming), Shuttleworth's, Ginger, Large Flowered Bellwort (very beautiful - at peak bloom), Bishop Caps (Few), Hepatica (few), Squaw Root and Wood Anemone.

Star Chickweed
Star Chickweed
Squaw Root

March 29

Gabes Mountain Trail (B-E)

Many Blooms - close to peak bloom: Hepatica, Spring Beauty, Halberd Leaf Violet, Frazier Sedge

Some Blooms: Rue Anemone

Flew Blooms: Trout Lily, Common Blue Violet, Blood Root, Trailing Arbutus 

Special Note:  This trail has 100blowdownsofwhich some are challenging to cross over, crawl under, go through or go around.



March 15

Toothwort flower photo by Gary Wilson

West Prong (B to Campsite #18) 

Many blooms, which appear to be at peak bloom: Rue Anemone, Spring Beauty, Toothwort, Hepatica (Some of the pink blooms are outstanding), and Halberd Leaf Violet

Some blooms: Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Long Spurred Violet

Few Blooms: Blood Root (3), Sweet White Violet, Common Blue Violet, Trailing Arbutus, Seersucker Sedge (well past peak)

Note: Bestdisplayofblooms first half mile up the trail.




March 7

-Porter Creek Trail (B-E):

Many Blooms:  Hepatica (also lot of buds) (most of them drooping - Probably because of freeze) Seersucker Sedge (past peak and/or freeze effected)

Few Blooms:    White Fringed Phacelia (3)

Budded:  Spring Beauty, Yellow Trillium (few), Blood Root (3)

-Budding on Gatlinburg Trail: Yellow Trillium

March 5

Footnote from Tom: I checked out Chestnut Top again today to see what the cold weather did to the wildflowers shown on last weeks report.  The Seersucker Sedge appears well past the peak bloom.  The other flowers appeared a little wilted.   Additionally the following flowers are budded which were not last week:  Blood Root, Toothwort and Yellow Trillium.  A couple of warm days would probably open the buds on the Blood Root and Toothwort.

March 2

Hepatica, Spring Beauty, Seersucker Sedge in bloom on Cucumber Gap Trail about 3/4 mile in from Jakes Creek junction; Trout Lily leaf emerging

February 28

Spring Beauty flowers photo by Gary Wilson
Spring Beauty

Chestnut Top Trail (B-E) (Firsthalfmileexcept for the Trailing Arbutus).

Many Blooms:  Seersucker Sedge (Full bloom), Spring Beauty, Star Chickweed and about a mile and a half up the trail Trailing Arbutus.

Decent number of blooms:  Hepatica, Long Spurred Violet and Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe.








February 26 

Old Sugarlands (B-E) - Hepatica (36 in bloom at the same spot), Trailing Arbutus (one clump of blooms), Long Spurred Violet (close to a dozen of them in bloom) and Plantain Leaf Pussy toe (many budded - far endoftrailhassome in bloom).

Trailing Arbutus photo by Gary Wilson
Trailing Arbutus













February 14

On the Lead CoveTrailthere were two Hepatica in full bloom, and one bud was ready to burst open.  On the FinelyCaneTrailtheDwarf Crested Iris were sprouting.

Purple Hepatica Flower
Purple Hepatica
Crested Dwarf Iris
Crested Dwarf Iris

Wildflower Reports for 2018

December 4

Chestnut Top - Some Heart Leaf Asters and 2 Erect Goldenrod in bloom.

November 5

Rich Mountain Loop Trail (B-E)

Curtis Aster, Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod and Southern Harebell.  Few blooms

Indian Grave (From Rich Mountain Loop Trail to Crooked Arm Trail

No report - No blooms seen

Crooked Arm (B-E)

No Report - One bloom seen.

October 9

Ace Gap (B-E) - Wildflowers

Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod, False Fox Glove (1), Curtis Aster and Mountain Gentian.  Most are past peak; however, there are some really nice Mountain Gentian blooms.

September 25

Middle Prong (B-E) – Pale Jewelweed (Many/nice), White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster, White Snake Root (appears at peak bloom – many), Erect Goldenrod and Goats Beard (about gone/few).

Lynn Camp Prong (from Middle Prong Trail to Campsite #28) – White Top Aster (few), Whitewood Aster (few), Love Vine (about gone), Erect Goldenrod and White Snake Root (appears to be at peak bloom).  Note:  Not many blooms on this trail.

September 19

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Pink Turtleheads, Great Lobelia, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster, Hearts-a-bustin, Southern Harebell, Curtis Aster, White Snakeroot, Erect Goldenrod, Star Grass (1) and Heal All (1).

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – White Top Aster, Great Lobelia, Cardinal Flower (about gone) and Golden Rod (several different species).

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) – Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Heal All, Great Lobelia, White Top Aster, Mountain Gentian (1) (just started blooming), Curtis Aster and Hawkweed.

Finely Cane (B-E) – White Top Aster, Several species of Golden Rod, Hearts-a-bustin, White Snakeroot (appears to be at peak bloom), Whitewood Aster and Curtis Aster.


September 3 

Rabbit Creek – (B to Hannah Mountain Trail) – Wild Golden Glow, Joe Pye Weed, Rose Pinks, Spotted Jewelweed, White top Aster, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort, Hawkweed, Hog Peanut, Whitewood Aster, Tick Trefoil, Great Lobelia (nice) Black Eyed Susan, Hearts-a-bustin, Curtis Aster and Southern Harebell.   

Hannah Mountain (from Rabbit Creek Trail to Campsite #14) – Curtiss Milkwort, Great Lobelia, Southern Harebell and False Fox Glove (1).

August 25

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) – Heal All, Southern Harebell, Spotted Jewelweed, Whitewood Aster, Coreopsis, Fox Glove, Cardinal Flower (very beautiful), Ironweed, Joe Pye Weed, Tick Trefoil, Great Lobelia (nice), Flowering Spurge, Pinesap (not many but great to see – peak bloom), Curtiss Milkwort and Rosebay Rhododendron (1 bloom about 3/10 mile up trail on right – had just started blooming).

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Curtiss Milkwort, Southern Harebell, Tall Bell Flower (about gone), Horse Nettle (about gone), Pale Jewelweed, Star Grass (1) and False Fox Glove.  Also the following snakes were seen on this trail:  Copperhead, Garter and Black Racer.

August 20

Little Greenbrier (B-E) – Starry Campion (few – past peak), Tick Trefoil, Erect Golden Rod, Southern Harebells, Smooth Phlox (past peak), Love Vine, Curtiss Milkwort (many – at peak bloom), Flowering Spurge, Pale Jewelweed, False Fox Glove (at peak bloom – many – the quality of the blooms is one of the best that I have seen for this flower), Wood Nettle (about gone), Hog Peanut, Coreopsis, Yellow Fringed Orchid (2) (last mile – will probably be gone in a week to 10 days), Basil Bee Balm (2), Pencil Flower and Great Lobelia.

Metcalf Bottoms (B-E) – Wild Sensitive Plant, Southern Harebell, Heal All, Black Eyed Susan and Spotted Jewelweed.

Walker Sisters Cabin (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Heal All, Wild Golden Glow, Great Lobelia, Flowering Spurge, Coreopsis, Spotted Jewelweed, Field Thistle (1), False Fox Glove (nice), Cardinal Flower (brilliant – at peak bloom), Whitewood Aster (just started blooming), Thimbleweed (2), Ironweed and Smooth Phlox (about gone).

Little Brier Gap (B-E) – Coreopsis, Tick Trefoil, Star Grass (2) and Curtiss Milkwort.

Wear Gap Road (Wear Gap to Metcalf Bottoms) – Spotted Jewelweed, Wild Potato Vine, Joe Pye Weed, Ironweed, Black Eyed Susan, Brown Eyed Susan, Great Goldenrod, Early Goldenrod, Flowering Spurge, Mountain Mint, Heal All, Field Thistle, Horse Nettle (1), Red Clover, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Asiatic Dayflower, Smooth Phlox (brilliant in full sun), Wild Golden Glow, Partridge Pea, Pencil Flower and Cardinal Flower.

Note: There were some flowers which I did not know the identity for them and was unable to locate them in my wildflower books.

July 9

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Daisy Fleabane, Tall Bellflower (about gone), Horse Nettle, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Mountain Angelica, Star Grass, Tick Trefoil, Purple Flowering Raspberry, White Top Aster, Coreopsis, Rattlesnake Plantain, Indian Pipe (about gone) and Wood Nettle.

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) – White Top Aster, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Rosebay Rhododendron, Coreopsis, Mountain Angelica (many – at peak bloom – one of best displays of this that I have seen), Tick Trefoil, Basil Bee Balm, Heal All, Thimbleweed (about gone), Daisy Fleabane, Loosestrife (2), Summer Sweet and Wood Nettle.

Bote Mountain (B to West Prong Trail) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Heal All (many), Thimbleweed (about gone), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Red Clover, Tick Trefoil and Daisy Fleabane.

West Prong (B-E) – Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Rosebay Rhododendron, White Top Aster, Black Cohosh (1 – about gone), Tick Trefoil, Wood Nettle and Pale Jewelweed (2 – just starting to bloom).

Tremont Road (B to Institute) – Heal All, White Clove, Asiatic Dayflower (very beautiful at one spot), Red Clover, Horse Nettle, Mountain Mint, Summer Sweet, Tick Trefoil, Spotted Jewelweed, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Thimbleweed (about gone) and Purple Flowering Raspberry.

June 11

Anthony Creek Trail (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron (2 blooms at beginning of the trail), Wild Hydrangea (at peak bloom – many), Daisy Fleabane, Ox Eye Daisy, White Clover, Galax, Partridge Berry, Mountain Laurel (Nice at higher elevations of the trail) and Pipsissewa.

Bote Mountain (From Anthony Creek Trail to the A T)- Galax, Mountain Laurel, Partridge Berry, Prostate Bluet (about gone), Blackberry, Wood Sorrel (1) and Starry Campion (Many – peak bloom).

Appalachian Trail (From Spence Field to Russell Field) – Blackberry, Mountain Laurel (very beautiful – little past peak bloom), Common Cinquefoil (about gone), Flame Azalea (Close to peak bloom), Wild Hydrangea (just starting to bloom at this elevation), Partridge Berry, Starry Campion (nice – many at peak bloom and Galax (at or just beyond peak bloom at this elevation. Special Note: This display of the Flame Azalea blooms, the Mountain Laurel and Galax was far beyond outstanding. Probably the best description would be “paradise on earth”. Much of the trail was covered in rain; however, the flower display was totally cheerful.

Russell Field Trail (B-E) – Mountain Laurel (nice in higher elevations, Partridge Berry, Galax, Flame Azalea (nice blooms – good numbers), Star Grass (few), Wild Hydrangea (nice), Wood Sorrel (few), Wood Nettle, Rue Anemone (2 very small blooms), Starry Campion and Canadian Violet (few). On this trail the Galax blooms rising above the undergrowth resembled candles – a real treat to see in upper elevations.

Special Notice: Based on the Azaleas along the A T I suspect the Azaleas on Gregory Bald may be blooming or starting to bloom by now. I am unable to schedule getting up there until the 22nd of this month.

June 4

Old Sugarlands Trail (B-E) - Rosebay Rhododendron (2 shrubs with blooms) (just starting to bloom), Mountain Laurel, Bar Cucumber, Partridge Berry, Galax (about gone), Loosestrife, Ox Eyed Daisy, Daisy Fleabane, Golden Ragwort, White Clover, Red Clover, Wild Hydrangea (just starting to bloom), Hispid Buttercup, Yellow Wood Sorrel and Sweet Shrub. Note: Not many blooms on this trail.

May 28

Indian Grave (B to Rich Mountain Trail) – Star Grass, Galax (Peak bloom), Mountain Laurel (Full bloom – nice – many), Sweet Shrub (few), Blackberry (few), White Milkweed, Spiderwort (very nice), Hawkweed, Red Clover, Ox Eyed Daisy, Flame Azalea (few), Canadian Violet, Loosestrife (about gone), Bowman’s Root, Solomon’s Seal, Goats Beard and False Solomon’s Seal.

Rich Mountain (B-E) – Goats Beard, Star Grass, Hawkweed, Galax, Mountain Laurel (massive numbers in full bloom – excellent display), Flame Azalea (many nice blooms), Spiderwort (very beautiful), Beard Tongue and Indian Pink (Many –at peak bloom).

Rich Mountain Road (from Park Boundary to Indian Grave Trail) – Indian Pink, Wild Hydrangea (just starting to bloom), Goats Beard, White Milkweed, Galax, Mountain Laurel, Solomon’s Seal, Hawkweed, Ox Eyed Daisy, Star Grass, False Solomon’s Seal, Red Clover, Partridgeberry, Bowman’s Root, Sweet Shrub and Flame Azalea (1 shrub in bloom).

May 25

Low Gap (From Cosby Campground to Low Gap) – Mountain Laurel (Right at peak bloom on lower part of trail), Partridge Berry, Bar Cucumber, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Sweet Cicely, Wood Anemone, Canadian Violet, Foam Flower, Sweet White Violet, Indian Cucumber Root, Clinton Lily, Meadow Parsnip, Galax (Just starting to bloom), Vasey’s Trillium (2), Golden Ragwort, Stone Crop, Dog Hobble, False Solomon’s Seal, Common Blue Violet (few), Prostate Bluet, Solomon’s Seal, Hispid Buttercup, Squaw Root and Waterleaf.

Appalachian Trail (Low Gap to Mt. Cammerer Trail) – Common Cinquefoil, White Clover, Blackberry, Indian Cucumber Root, Sweet White Violet, Prostate Bluet, Umbrella Leaf, Catawba Rhododendron, Canadian Mayflower, Yellow Bead Lily (at peak bloom – outstanding display), Foam Flower (few), Squaw Root, Hispid Buttercup and Clinton Lily (few).

Mount Cammerer (B-E) – Yellow Bead Lily (really nice – peak bloom), Prostate Bluet, Fire Cherry, Dwarf Rhododendron, Sweet White Violet, Canadian May Flower and Hispid Buttercup.

May 14

Little River – (B to Huskey Gap Trail) – Lyre Leaf Sage, Dog Hobble (nice fragrance along trail), Common Cinquefoil, Sweet White Violet, Doll Eyes, Foam Flower, Robins Plantain, Blackberry, False Solomon’s Seal, Hooked Buttercup, Clinton Lily, Bar Cucumber, Solomon Seal , Stone Crops, Canadian Violet, Wild Geranium, Golden Ragwort, Vasey Trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit (1), Meadow Parsnip, Brook Lettuce, Umbrella Leaf, Wild Phlox, Wild Ginger, Wild Strawberry and Sweet Cicely.

Huskey Gap – (From Little River Trail to Huskey Gap) – Bar Cucumber, Stone Crop, Sweet Cicely, Sweet White Violet, Dog Hobble, False Solomon’s Seal, Bowman Indian Cucumber, Yellow Trillium (few), Meadow Parsnip, Common Blue Violet, Clinton Lily, Mountain Laurel (just starting to bloom – many buds), Star Grass, Wild Geranium, Blackberry, Vasey Trillium (12 blooming – 2 budded), Bishop Caps, Robins Plantain, Solomon’s Seal, Doll Eyes, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Canadian Violet and Toothwort (few).

Sugarlands Mountain – (B to Huskey Gap) – False Solomon’s Seal, Star Grass, Carolina Vetch (one plant), Sweet White Violet, Rue Anemone, Clinton Lily, Wild Geranium, Vasey Trillium, Hawkweed, Mountain Laurel (just starting to bloom), Flame Azalea (few – just starting to bloom), Solomon’s Seal, Star Chickweed, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Toothwort (few), Blackberry and Trillium Erect (1).

May 11

Lower Mount Cammerer (B-E) – Foam Flower, Meadow Parsnip, Stone Crop (many), False Solomon’s Seal, Solomon’s Seal (few), Canadian Violet (many), Yellow Trillium, Clinton Lily, Bishop Caps (few), Sweet White Violet (many), Nodding Trillium (past peak), Squaw Root, Wild Geranium, Vasey Trillium (at peak bloom – great), Wood Anemone (few), Sweet Cicely, Crested Dwarf Iris (past peak), Toothwort (few), Rue Anemone (past peak), Star Grass, Brook Lettuce (at peak bloom), Hooked Buttercup (few), Trillium Erect (past peak – in high elevation of the trail), Bed Straw, Common Blue Violet, Star Chickweed (few), Halberd Leaf Violet (few – past peak), Vernal Iris (past peak), Silver Bells, Umbrella Magnolia (few), Painted Trillium (2), Hispid Buttercup (few), Yellow Wood Sorrel, Creamy Yellow Violet (few), Golden Ragwort (past peak) and Wild Phlox (few – past peak).

April 30

Cooper Road (Abrams Creek Ranger Station to Hatcher Mountain Trail) – Hispid Butter Cup, Low Hop Trefoil, White Clover, Stone Crop, Robins Plantain, Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Foam Flower +, Meadow Parsnip, Carolina Vetch, Fire Pinks + (slightly beyond peak bloom), Lyre Leaf Sage, Crested Dwarf Iris, False Solomon’s Seal (JS), Solomon’s Seal, Wild Geranium + PB, Yellow Trillium, May Apple -, Prostate Bluets, Purple Phacelia, Dog Hobble (JS), Little Brown Jugs, Sweet White Violet +, Catesby Trillium + BP, Common Cinquefoil, Wild Phlox (BP), Doll Eyes (JS), Vasey Trillium (2 ) PB, BlackBerry + JS, Star Grass + PB, Wild Oats, Shuttleworth’s Ginger, Halberd Leaf Violet, Long Spurred Violet – BP, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Violet Wood Sorrel, Birdfoot Violet, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe BP, Gay Wings and Trailing Arbutus AG.

Hatcher Mountain (From Cooper Road Trail to Little Bottoms Trail) – Star Grass + PB, Trailing Arbutus AG, Halberd Leaf Violet BP, Common Cinquefoil, BlackBerry + JS, Common Blue Violet, Wild Oats, Catesby Trillium + BP, Dogwood PB, Solomon’s Seal, Gay Wings PB, Sweet White Violet + PB, Crested Dwarf Iris + BP, Dog Hobble JS, Vernal Iris (BP), Robins Indian Plantain, Little Brown Jugs, Rue Anemone PB, Pinxter Flower (2) BP, Flame Azalea -, Fire Pink + BP, Star Chickweed, Golden Ragwort BP, Umbrella Magnolia – and Sweet Shrub -.

Little Bottoms (B-E) – Star Grass + PB, Common Cinquefoil + PB, Solomon’s Seal, Catesby Trillium + BP, Golden Ragwort BP, Common Blue Violet, Sweet Shrub PB, Crested Dwarf Iris + BP, Gay Wings + PB, Robin’s Indian Plantain BP, Star Chickweed, Dog Hobble JS, False Solomon’s Seal JS, Hawkweed – JS, Bleeding Heart BP, Alum Root, Shuttleworth Ginger, Prostate Bluets, Sweet White Violets + PB, Hispid Butter Cups PB, Meadow Parsnip JS, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Violet Wood Sorrel, Stone Crop – BP, Lyre Leaf Sage, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe BP and Carolina Vetch BP.

Indian Pipes on the Appalachian Trail
A superbloom of white and yellow trillium grows in the Chimney 2 burn zone. - GSMA Photo

April 16

Turkey Pen (B-E) - Catesby Trillium +, Little Brown Jugs, Wild Geranium -, Long Spurred Violets +, Foam Flower +, Common Cinquefoil, Dogwood, Sweet White Violets +, Wild Phlox -, Robins Plantain +, Yellow Trillium (one area hillside both below and above the trail are covered with Yellow Trillium – a sight to see), Wood Anemone, Rue Anemone +, Dog Hobble (Just starting to bloom), Star Chickweed, Wild Oats, Star Grass, Dwarf Crested Iris, Cancer Root (2), Frazer Sedge (one clump), Toothwort (about gone), Large Flowered Trillium -, Halberd Leaf Violet -, Trailing Arbutus -, Trillium Erect, Bird foot Violet, Wood Violet, Hooked Buttercup, Hispid Buttercup, Common Blue Violet and Carolina Vetch +.

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – Sweet White Violet +, Common Blue Violet, Long Spurred Violet, Star Grass -, Dogwood, Toothwort (about gone) -, Dog Hobble (just starting to bloom), Star Chickweed, Bishop Caps -, Wild Phlox -, Catesby Trillium +, Common Blue Violet, Rue Anemone, Robins Plantain +, Little Brown Jugs, Golden Ragwort, Solomon’s Seal (just starting to bloom), Trillium Erect -, Foam Flower, Wood Anemone -, Hooked Buttercup, Yellow Trillium and Lousewort (most beautiful display of these that I have seen).

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane) – Sweet White Violet +, Long Spurred Violet +, Yellow Trillium, Golden Ragwort -, Dog Hobble (just starting to bloom), Dogwood, Wild Oats -, Common Cinquefoil, Star Grass -, Wild Strawberry -, Trillium Erect, Robins Plantain, Lousewort (very nice display) + and Pennywort -.

Finely Cane (B-E) – Dog Hobble (Just starting to bloom), Sweet White Violet +, Yellow Trillium ++ (a number of hillsides covered with Yellow Trillium – outstanding to see), Foam Flower +, Showy Orchis, Toothwort (about gone) -, Frazer Sedge -, Halberd Leaf Violet, Crested Dwarf Iris +, Rue Anemone ++, Long Spurred Violet +, Blue Cohosh +, Trillium Erect, Dogwood, Canadian Violet, Little Brown Jugs ++, Catesby Trillium +, Star Chickweed, Bishop Caps, Yellow Mandarin, Cancer Root -, Wood Anemone -, Wild Oats -,
Doll Eyes (2), Squaw Root – Hooked Buttercup, Large Flowered Bellwort (just starting to bloom) and Bird foot Violet.

Note: A number of blooms seem to be adversely affected by the cold weather (Crested Dwarf Iris, Common Cinquefoil, Wild Phlox, Wild Geranium, Trillium Erect, Golden Ragwort, Wood Anemone and Halberd Leaf Violet. The Dogwood blooms on the trails today are the most beautiful that I have seen on the trails – clear bright white blooms – could see no signs of the blight. Many of them. Sections of both Turkey Pen and Finely Cane Trails have amazing displays of Yellow Trillium covering the hillsides. I may have missed some plants with the snow, sleet and rain falling off and on today.

April 2

Rich Mountain Loop Trail (B-E) – Common Blue Violet, Wood Violet, Bird Foot Violet, Plantain Leaf Pussy toe, Common Cinquefoil, Rue Anemone (at peak bloom – many – very beautiful), Star Chickweed, Trailing Arbutus, Wild Oats (few), Blood Root, Halberd Leaf Violet, Yellow Trillium (budded – no blooms found), Serviceberry and Hispid Buttercup.

Indian Grave (From Rich Mountain Loop Trail to Crooked Arm Trail) - Trailing Arbutus, Common Blue Violet, Wood Violet, Bird foot Violet, Spring Beauties (some of the blooms appeared almost totally maroon with their large maroon veins), Plantain Leaf Pussy toe, Blood Root, Toothwort (many) and Rue Anemone (many at full bloom).

Crooked Arm (B-E) - Plantain Leaf Pussy toe, Bird Foot Violet, Wood Violet, Common Blue Violet, Star Chickweed, Halberd Leaf Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Carolina Vetch, Rue Anemone, Yellow Trillium (1), Hispid Buttercup and Serviceberry.

March 13

Crib Gap (From Anthony Creek Trail to Turkey Pen Trail) – Sweet White Violets, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Rue Anemone, Common Blue Violets and Long Spurred Violets. Note: Not many blooming plants on this trail.

Finely Cane (B-E) – Sweet White Violets, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toes, Long Spurred Violets, Rue Anemone (many), Hepatica (many), Common Blue Violets, Creamy Yellow Violets, Spring Beauties, Wood Anemone and Toothwort.

West Prong (B-E) –Trailing Arbutus, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toes, Halberd Leaf Violets (many budded), Rue Anemone, Common Blue Violet, Hepatica, Long Spurred Violet, Toothwort, Bird Foot Violets and Seersucker Sedge.

February 27

Chestnut Top Trail (B-E) - Star Chickweed (full bloom +), Blood Root, Spring Beauty, Hepatica (many blooms +), Rue Anemone, Toothwort (1), Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Trailing Arbutus, Long Spurred Violet and Seersucker Sedge (past peak bloom).

Bote Mountain (B to West Prong Trail) – Few Plantain Leaf Pussy Toes (either budded or blooming).

West Prong (B-E) – Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Star Chickweed, Common Blue Violet (3), Creamy Yellow Violet (1), Halberd Leaf Violet (many – full bloom), Blood Root (1), Hepatica, Seersucker Sedge (many blooming), Spring Beauty (few), Trailing Arbutus (few blooming – many budded), Rue Anemone and Toothwort (1).

Wildflower Reports for 2017

October 30

Wildflower Reports – Suspended until next year.  Much of the trails checked today were covered with wet snow.

October 25

White Top Aster, Curtis Aster, White Snakeroot and Mountain Gentian.  Most of the blooms are about gone and well past their peak; however, some of the Mountain Gentian are still very pretty.

August 14

Lead Cove (B-E) – White Top Aster, Wood Nettle, Pale Jewelweed, Coreopsis and Southern Harebell.

Bote Mountain (From Lead Cove Tr. To Finely Cane Tr.) – Coreopsis, Yellow Fringed Orchid (3), Golden Rod, Black-Eyed Susan, Horse Nettle (1), Heal All, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Great Lobelia (1), Curtiss Milkwort, Mountain Angelica, False Fox Glove, Southern Harebell, Star Grass and Tick Trefoil.

Finely Cane (B-E) – Heal All, Wood Nettle, Coreopsis and Tick Trefoil.

Many of the blooms are about gone.

FALL FOLIAGE REPORT:   On Bote Mountain near Lead Cove Trail junction a number of the Blue Berry bushes and Sourwood trees are changing to their autumn wardrobe.

August 11

Little River Trail (B to Cucumber Gap Trail) – Wild Golden Glow, Heal All, Wood Nettle and Pale Jewelweed.

Cucumber Gap (B-E) – Pink Turtleheads, Pale Jewelweed, Wood Nettle and Heal All.

July 31

Porter Creek (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Wild Golden Glow (1), Wood Nettle, Pale Jewelweed, Rattlesnake Plantain, Rosebay Rhododendron (about gone),  Heal All, Common Blue Violet (1) (real surprise at this time of year), White Snake Root (just starting to bloom at campsite #31), Starry Campion (1), Pokeweed, Erect Goldenrod, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (behind the barn), Asiatic Day Flower (between barn and hiking club house) and Tall Bell Flower.

Indian Pipes on the Appalachian Trail
Indian Pipes (Monotropa uniflora), a parasitic plant that grows from the roots of trees, grows along the Appalachian Trail and various other places in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. - GSMA Photo

July 24

Ramsey Cascade (B-E) – Tick Trefoil (many), Daisy Fleabane (about gone), Heal All (nice), Rosebay Rhododendron, White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed, Wood Nettle, White Snakeroot (just starting to bloom), Crimson Bee Balm (past peak but still some nice blooms), Black Cohosh, Wild Golden Glows (Peak bloom – 100s of them), Love Vine (many), Indian Pipe, Southern Harebell, Erect Goldenrod (just starting to bloom) and Rattlesnake Plantain.

July 17

Jakes Creek Trail (B-E) – Heal All (many – at peak bloom), Thimbleweed, Daisy Fleabane, Doll Eyes (berries), Wood Nettle, Rosebay Rhododendron, Crimson Bee Balm (slightly past peak but still very beautiful), Black Cohosh, Pale Jewelweed, Rattlesnake Plantain, Love Vine and False Fox Glove (1).

July 10

Porter Creek (B to Brushy Mountain Trail) – Pokeweed, Tick Trefoil, Summer Sweet, Rosebay Rhododendron, Black Cohosh, Wild Golden Glow (1), heal All, Asiatic Dayflower (1) and Red Clover.

Brushy Mountain (B to Brushy Mountain) –Rattlesnake Plantain, Rosebay Rhododendron (at peak higher eleva.), False Fox Glove (1), Wood Nettle, Wild Hydrangea (at peak higher eleva.), Crimson Bee Balm (slightly past peak), Black Cohosh, Turk Cap Lily (nice), Teaberry, Indian Pipe, Wood Sorrell (about gone), Galax (on Brushy Mt.), Rudgel’s Indian Plantain  (just starting to bloom – found only in the GSMNP), White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed (1) and Star Grass (1).

July 3

Little River Trail (B to Huskey Gap Trail) Heal All, Daisy Fleabane, Rosebay Rhododendron, Black Cohosh, Wild Hydrangea, Red Clover, Tick Trefoil, Asiatic Dayflower (nice), Pale Jewelweed, Crimson Bee Balm (few), Mountain Saint Johns Wort and Horse Nettle (1).
Huskey Gap Trail (From Little River Trail to Huskey Gap) – Tick Trefoil, Rosebay Rhododendron, Star Grass, Valerian, Mountain Saint Johns wort, False Fox Glove (1), Crimson Bee Balm (few), Coreopsis (peak bloom), White Top Aster, Galax (1) and Mountain Laurel (3 small blooms).
Sugarlands Mountain Trail (From Huskey Gap to Fighting Creek  Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Coreopsis, Star Grass, Wild Hydrangea, Indian Pipe (nice – few), White Top Aster, Flame Azalea (few but nice), Black Cohosh and Wood Nettle.
Special Note:  Blue Berries are coming in nicely. 

June 26

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron (massive – past peak but still great display), Basil Bee Balm (at peak or slightly pass peak), Black Cohosh, Star Grass, Coreopsis (nice), Red Clover, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (1, Valerian) and White Top Aster.
School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Sweet Cicely (1), Tick Trefoil (at peak), Common Elderberry, Thimbleweed (past peak), Red Clover, False Fox Glove, Wood Nettle, Tea Berry, Valerian,  Smooth Hedge Nettle (1) (Very pretty)  and Daisy Fleabane.
Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Heal All, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Coreopsis (little over mile up trail – very nice), White Top Aster, Red Clover, Thimbleweed (past peak), Daisy Fleabane, Tick Trefoil (at peak/colorful), Star Grass, White Top Aster, White Clover, Tea Berry, Valerian,  and Rattlesnake Plantain (2 – just started blooming).
Finely Cane (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Black Cohosh, Wood Nettle, Tick Trefoil, Canadian Violet (about gone – few), Thimbleweed (about gone – few), Pokeweed (just starting to bloom), Basil Bee Balm, Valerian and Teaberry.

Gregory Bald
A hybrid swarm of Flame Azaeleas in a variety of color on Gregory Bald. These displays are usually at peak in mid-June. Getting to Gregory Bald requires a good day hike, up a steep mountain grade.  - GSMA Photo

June 21

Low Gap (Cosby to Low Gap) – Crimson Bee Balm, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wood Nettle, Pale Jewelweed, Canadian Violet, Pipsissewa, Common Elderberry, Loosestrife, Galax, Basil Bee Balm, White Clover, Wild Hydrangea and Blackberry.

Appalachian Trail (From Low Gap to Mt. Cammerer Trail) – Blackberry, White Clover, Mountain St. John’s Wort, Loosestrife, Galax, Wood Nettle, Wild Hydrangea, Flame Azalea, Partridge Berry and Mountain Laurel. (past peak).

Mount Cammerer (B-E) – Galax (nice), Rosebay Rhododendron (just starting to bloom), Mountain Laurel (almost gone), Wild Hydrangea and Blackberry.

June 12
Gregory Ridge (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Large Flower Valerian, White Clover, Wild Hydrangea (Many – full bloom), Galax, Loosestrife, Blueberry, Mountain Laurel (about gone), Star Grass, Teaberry, Flame Azalea, White Milkweed, Canadian Violet, Prostate Bluet, Pipsissewa and Tassel Rue.
Gregory Bald (From Gregory Ridge Trail to Parson’s Branch Road) – Large Flower Valerian, Common Cinquefoil, Prostate Bluet, Blackberry, Tassel Rue, Galax (about halfway between the bald and Parsons Branch Road the display is one of the best of Galax that I have seen even though they are past peak), Mountain Angelica, Mountain Laurel (about gone), Star Grass, White Milkweed (beyond peak), Hawkweed, Wild Hydrangea, Canadian Violet, Pipsissewa, Dwarf Rhododendron, Rosebay Rhododendron, Goats Beard, Spiderwort (very beautiful) and Coreopsis.

May 26

Abrams Falls (From the Cades Cove Trailhead to the falls):  Mountain Laurel (Absolutely beautiful especially those hanging slightly above the creek), Partridge Berry, Galax, Loosestrife, Hawkweed (past peak), Bleeding Heart (past peak), Star Grass, White Milkweed, False Solomon’s Seal, Rosebay Rhododendron (just starting to bloom – especially beautiful), Blueberry (some have berries already formed), Blackberry (some have green berries) and Sweet Shrub (real nice).

Note:   Some of the Mountain Laurel and some of the Galax are right at peak bloom and some are beyond peak bloom.

Wide-leaved Sunflowers
Wide-leaved Sunflower blooms along Laurel Falls in early summer. - GSMA Photo

May 19

Rich Mountain Loop Trail (B-E) – Valerian, Early Buttercup, Star Grass, White Clover, Loosestrife, Red Clover, Beard Tongue (at peak – very nice), Blackberry, Golden Ragwort, Hawkweed, Galax, Flame Azalea, Rue Anemone, Common Cinquefoil,  Spiderwort (nice), White Milkweed,  Wild Hydrangea  and Japanese Honeysuckle.  
Crooked Arm (B-E) – Valerian, Early Buttercup, Teaberry, Mountain Laurel (very nice higher up), Hawkweed, Star Grass, Bar Cucumber, Galax, Common Cinquefoil, Daisy Fleabane, Goats Beard, Blackberry, False Solomon’s Seal, Beard Tongue (nice), Solomon’s Seal, Meadow Parsnip, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Flame Azalea, Wild Hydrangea, Spiderwort, Loosestrife, False Solomon’s Seal, White Milkweed and Wood Sorrell.
Indian Grave (From Crooked Arm Trail to Rich Mountain Loop Trail) – Star Grass, Valerian, Galax, Mountain Laurel (outstanding display – at peak), Blueberry, Common Cinquefoil, Golden Ragwort, Flame Azalea, Blackberry, Solomon’s Seal, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Wild Geranium (1), Rue Anemone, Spiderwort, Fire Pinks (3) and False Solomon’s Seal.

May 8

Rich Mountain Road (From Park Boundary to Indian Grave Trail) – Yellow Trillium, Meadow Parsnip, Wild Geranium, Daisy Fleabane, Yellow Mandarin (about gone), Blackberry, False Solomen’s Seal, Solomon’s Seal, Fire Pinks, Lyre Leaf Sage (past peak), Hawkweed, Red Clover, Galax, Mountain Laurel (Just starting to bloom), Rue Anemone, Star Grass, Crested Dwarf Iris (about gone), Teaberry, Beard Tongue (few), Common Cinquefoil (about gone), Catesby Trillium (past peak), Canadian Violet, Trillium Erect (Few – past peak), Wood Nettle (past peak – few),Maple-leaf Viburnum, Valerian, Puttyroot, Early Buttercup and Wild Comfrey (few).
Indian Grave Trail (From Rich Mountain Road to Rich Mountain Trail) –Hawkweed, False Solomen’s Seal, Galax, Star Grass, Mountain Laurel (just starting), Blue Berry, Sweet Shrub (really nice),. Flame Azalea (few), Common Blue Violet (few), Blackberry, Rue Anemone, Canadian Violet, Wild Geranium (really nice higher up), Valerian, Large Flowered Trillium (past peak), Yellow Trillium, Solomen’s Seal, May Apple (some nice large blooms), Trillium Erect (past peak), Wild Comfrey, Bird foot Violet and Spotted Mandarin (one).
Rich Mountain Trail (B-E) – Catesby Trillium (past peak but some nice blooms), Common Blue Violet, Solomen’s Seal, Wild Geranium, Blueberry, May Apple, Trillium Erect (past peak – few), False Solomon’s Seal, Sweet White Trillium (few – past peak), Umbrella Magnolia, Fire Pink, Four- Leaf Milkweed, Flame Azalea (beautiful), Puttyroot, Maple-Leaf Viburnum, Valerian,  Beard Tongue (2) and Indian Pike (First time that I have located these on a trail that I can recall – very beautiful).

April 23
Ace Gap (B-E) – Stone Crop, Wild Geranium, Yellow Trillium, Meadow Parsnip, Solomon’s Seal, False Solomon’s Seal (just started blooming), Wood Vetch, Catesby Trillium (many – at peak or just beyond peak), Star Chickweed, Fire Pinks, Flame Azalea (at peak bloom), Alum Root (just started blooming), Galax (a few just starting to bloom – most budded), Daisy Fleabane (about gone), Rue Anemone (at peak bloom – many), Wild Oats, Bristly Locust (1 – very beautiful), Common Cinquefoil (past peak), Silver Bells, Little Brown Jugs (few), Meadow Rue (about gone), Crested Iris (about gone), Vernal Iris (about gone),  Clinton Lilly (budded), Wood Violet (2) and Sweet Shrub (just starting to bloom).
Note:  It appears that the heavy rain over the weekend greatly diminished the quality of the blooms on some plants.  The number of species blooming and the quality of the blooms is not as good this year as it has been the last two years at this time of April.

April 17

Metcalf Bottoms (B-E) – Dogwood, Long Spurred Violet, Yellow Trillium, Crested Dwarf Iris, Vernal Iris, Rue Anemone, Daisy Fleabane (past peak), Sweet White Violet, Dog Hobble (Just starting to bloom), Wild Geranium, Common Cinquefoil (appears past peak), Wood Anemone, Wood Vetch, Stone Crop and Foam Flower.

Walker Sisters (B-E) – Daisy Fleabane (past peak), Sweet White Violet, Common Blue Violet, Crested Dwarf Iris (just past peak but very nice), Dogwood (nice), Wild Geranium, Star Chickweed, Large Flowered Trillium (at peak), Yellow Trillium (at peak), Wood Vetch (past peak), Robin’s Plantain, Vernal Iris, Rue Anemone, Dog Hobble (just starting to bloom), Wood Anemone, Miami Mist and Lyre Leaf Sage (1). 

Little Greenbrier Gap (B-E) – Lousewort (past peak),  Star Chickweed,  Daisy Fleabane (past peak), Common Blue Violet, Dogwood, Star Grass (at peak), Crested Dwarf Iris, Yellow Trillium (really nice – at peak), Wood Anemone and Common Cinquefoil (past peak).

Little Greenbrier (B-E) – Wild Oats, Star Grass (at peak – many), Flame Azalea (few), Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Dogwood (outstanding), Service Berry, Star Chickweed (beautiful – at peak – many), Yellow Trillium (one spot has the whole hillside covered with them – at peak – great display), Crested Dwarf Iris (at peak – many nice blooms), Rue Anemone (fantastic display – at peak – many), Wild Geranium (many at full bloom – breathtaking viewing – many – below and above trail), Stone Crop (at peak bloom – one area has many – superb display), Wood Vetch, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (past peak), Umbrella Magnolia (1), Trailing Arbutus (past peak), Squaw Root (just starting), Purple Phacelia (just starting to bloom), Wild Strawberry (few), Large Flowered Bellwort (just starting to bloom), Meadow Rue (past peak – few), Blue Cohosh (past peak – few), Large Flowered Trillium (at peak in one area – large display – very nice), Trillium Erect (at peak), Sweet White Violet, Solomon’s Seal, Meadow Parsnip (just starting to bloom – one spot), Seersucker Sedge (about gone), Halbred Leaf Violet (few), Toothwort (about gone – few), Lousewort (about gone) and Birdfoot Violet (1).

Wear Gap Road (Gap to Metcalf Bottoms) – Star Chickweed, Rue Anemone, Wild Geranium (fantastic viewing), Lousewort (down embankment on left side going in), Robins Plantain (just starting), Daisy Fleabane (past peak), Common Blue Violet, Fire Pink (nice –at peak bloom), Crested Dwarf Iris, Miami Mist (not as many as usual – past peak), Solomon’s Seal (not nearly as many as usual), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (past peak), Dogwood (nice), Common Cinquefoil (about gone), Lyre Leaf Sage (2), Canadian Violet (great – many blooms), Toothwort (2 – about gone), Yellow Trillium (at peak) and Golden Ragwort (few).

Little River Road (From Metcalf Bottoms to Wye) – Trillium Erect, Purple Phacelia and Fire Pinks are at peak bloom (many- top-notch displays), Yellow Trillium and Wild Columbine are at peak bloom – wonderful displays), Nice Dogwood blooms and Daisy Fleabane (past peak).  Probably many other blooms that I did not see.

Coneflower on Mt LeConte
Fringed Phacelia (Phacelia fimbriata) blooms along Porters Creek Trail. Large swaths of the forest floor are covered by this small white flowering plant from mid-March to early April. - GSMA Photo

April 10

School House Gap (B-E) – Rue Anemone, Yellow Trillium, Toothwort (some nice ones), Pennywort, Foam Flower, Wood Anemone, Golden Ragwort, Long Spurred Violet, Catesby Trillium, Sweet White Violet, Star Chickweed, Daisy Fleabane, Seersucker Sedge, Hooked Buttercup, Dog Hobble (just starting to bloom), Wild Strawberry, Carolina Vetch, Halberd Leaf Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Bird’s-foot Violet, Wild Oats, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (about gone), Vernal Crested Iris, Bent Trillium and Star Grass.
White Oak Sinks (including pathway to and from) – Wild Oats, Squaw Root, Catesby Trillium, Halberd Leaf Violet, Wild Geranium, Foam Flower, Common Blue Violet, Sweet White Violet, Crown Vetch, Redbud, Rue Anemone, Bishop Caps, Dog Hobble (just starting to bloom), Wild Phlox (abundant – at peak bloom), Blue Cohosh, Meadow Parsnip, Stone Crop, Golden
Ragwort, Large Flowered Trillium, Star Chickweed, Hepatica, Canadian Violet, Hispid Buttercup, Spring Beauty, Creamy Yellow Violet, Trillium Erect, Cream Violet, Wood Violet and Bent Trillium.
Chestnut Top (B-E) – Wild Oats, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (about gone), Bird’s-foot Violet, Star Grass, Trailing Arbutus, Halberd Leaf Violet, Dogwood, Rue Anemone, Lousewort, Catesby Trillium, Common Cinquefoil, Crested Dwarf Iris, Long Spurred Violet, Squaw Root, Trillium Erect, Bishop Caps, Star Chickweed, Foam Flower, Toothwort, Bed Straw, Cancer Root, Sweet White Violet, Hepatica, Yellow Trillium, Purple Phacelia (almost peak bloom – very beautiful), Hooked Buttercup, Stonecrop (very nice), Meadow Parsnip and Bent Trillium.

April 5

Little River (B to Huskey Gap) -  Yellow Trillium, Common Blue Violet, Sweet White Violet, Bent Trillium, Celandine Poppy, Frazer Sedge, Brook Lettuce, Toothwort, Star Chickweed, Rue Anemone, White Fringed Phacelia, Creamy Yellow Violet, Wild Phlox, Solomons Seal, Bishop Caps, Wild Ginger, Blue Cohosh, Hooked Buttercup, Showy Orchus (just starting to bloom), Hepatica, Large Flowered Trillium, Yellow Mandarin, Squirrel Corn, Dutchmens Breeches, Foam Flower, Large Flowered Bellwort, Squaw Root and Plantain Leaf Pussytoe.
Huskey Gap (B-E) – Rue Anemone, Yellow Trillium, Large Flowered Trillium, Seersucker Sedge, Common Blue Violet, Halberd Leaf Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Long Spurred Violet, Sweet White Violet, Trailing Arbutus, Star Chickweed, Hispid Buttercup, Wild Geranium, Meadow Rue, Squaw Root, Daisy Fleabane, Blood Root, Wood Anemone, Trout Lily, Squirrel Corn, Dutchmens Breeches, Bishop Caps, Creamy Yellow Violet, Large Flowered Bellwort, Dwarf Ginseng, Crested Dwarf Iris and Dogwood.

March 27

Porter Creek (B-E) – Many blooms:  Star Chickweed, Rue Anemone, Long Spurred Violet, Hepatica (outstanding), White Fringed Phacelia (right at peak bloom between bridge and falls), Large Flowered Trillium and Spring Beauty; Some blooms:  Common Blue Violet, Blood Root, Seersucker Sedge, Daisy Fleabane, Trillium Erect, Sweet White Violet, Creamy Yellow Violet, Trout Lily,  Wild Phlox,  Common Cinquefoil, Wild Phlox, Halberd Leaf Violet, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Frazer Sedge, Wood Anemone and Dwarf Ginseng; Just starting to bloom (or few blooms):  Yellow Trillium, Meadow Parsnip, Wild Geranium, Brook Lettuce, Hispid Buttercup,  and Toothwort (2).
Note:  The White Fringed Phacelia is well worth the walk to the area across the long narrow footbridge.  They are right at peak bloom.  Also, the park service has added handrails to the other side of this long narrow footbridge meaning there are excellent handrails on both sides of the bridge (much safer now).
Overall there are not as many blooms as there was at this time last year; however, it is well worth the trek up the trail, especially between the long narrow footbridge and Fern Falls.

March 20

Lumber Ridge Trail (B-E) – Many Plantain Leaf Pussytoe.  Some Long Spurred Violet and Squaw Root.  Few:  Star Chickweed, Trailing Arbutus and Common Cinquefoil.

March 13
Lead Cove (B-E) – About five dozen Hepatica either budded or in bloom, a few Halberd Leaf Violets in Bloom and some Spring Beauties budded.
Bote Mountain (From Lead Cove Trail to Finely Cane Trail) – Some Trailing Arbutus blooming, a couple of Common Blue Violets in bloom and some Plantain Leaf Pussytoe budded.
Finely Cane (B-E) – Many blooming:  Hepatica and Long Spurred Violet, Some blooming:  Rue Anemone and Squaw Root (up inch to two inches), Budded:  Halberd Leaf Violet, Spring Beauty, and Yellow Trillium – A few blooming:  Toothwort (3 plants either budded or in bloom), Sweet White Violet (5), Seersucker Sedge and Creamy Yellow Violet.
Note:  A few warm days would probably open many of the buds.

March 8
Laurel Falls Trail – (B-E) – Few Trailing Arbutus and Spring Beauty in bloom.  One Common Blue Violet in bloom.  Some Plantain Leaf Pussytoe budded.

Cove Mountain Trail – (B to Laurel Falls Trail) – Few Trailing Arbutus in bloom.  Two Common Blue Violets and one Sweet White Violet in bloom.  Plantain Leaf Pussytoes budded.

March 2

Chestnut Top (B-E) -  Many blooms – Spring Beauties, Star Chickweed and Seersucker Sedge.  Good showing of blooms – Blood Root, Hepatica, and Trailing Arbutus.  Few Blooms -
Toothwort and Long Spurred Violet.  Budded – Yellow Trillium and Plantain Leaf Pussytoes.  1 Bloom – Sweet White Violet.  All but the Trailing Arbutus are on the first 4/10 of a mile from the trailhead.  Trailing Arbutus start about a half-mile up the trail.

Wildflower Reports for 2016

November 13

Meigs Creek Trail (B-E): Crested dwarf iris blooming

October 31 - Happy Halloween

Ace Gap (B-E):  Mountain Gentian.

October 18

Fork Ridge (B-E) – Whitewood Aster, White Snake Root, Mountain Gentian, Pale Jewelweed, Erect Goldenrod, White Top Aster, Stiff Leaf Aster and Curtis Aster.

Deep Creek (US 441 to Campsite #53) – White Top Aster, White Snakeroot, Mountain Gentian, Stiff Leaf Aster and Erect Goldenrod.

October 7

Gabes Mountain (B-E) – Mountain Gentian, Whitewood Aster, Stiff Leaf Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Black Cohosh, White Snakeroot, Pale Jewelweed, Pink Turtlehead, White Top Aster and Curtis Aster.

Maddron Bald (B to Gabes Mountain Trail)- White Top Aster, Great Lobelia and Whitewood Aster.

Coneflower on Mt LeConte
Cone Flower (Rudbeckia laciniata) blooms alongside the Le Conte Lodge in mid-July. - GSMA Photo

September 29

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Great  Lobelia, Cardinal Flower (about gone), White Top Aster, Partridge Berry, Erect Goldenrod (about gone), Curtis Aster, False Fox Glove (about gone), Flowering Spurge, Southern Harebell (about gone), White Snakeroot, Coreopsis, Pink Turtlehead (really nice ones), Hearts-a-busting and Mountain Gentian.

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – Erect Goldenrod, Curtis Aster, Great Lobelia, White Top Aster, Cardinal Flower (about gone), Great Goldenrod and Southern Harebell (about gone).

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) – White Top Aster, Flowering Spurge, Curtis Aster and Hearts-a-busting (many at the junction with West Prong Trail).

Finely Cane (B-E) -  Goldenrod Erect, White Top Aster, White Snakeroot, Tick Trefoil (1) and Hearts-a-busting.

Acorn Report - Acorns were scattered all along four trails covered today – first trails this many seen this year – In some locations quiet a few.

September 12

Wildflowers on Roundtop Trail (B-E) – Black Eyed Susan, Ironweed, Flowering Spurge, False Fox Glove (many), Erect Goldenrod, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort, White Top Aster, White Turtlehead (1), Cardinal Flower (past peak but still nice), Dog Fennel, Great Lobelia, Hawkweed, Joe Pye Weed and Wild Golden Glow.

Foliage on Roundtop Trail (B-E) – Sourwood, Red Maple, Sassafras, Blueberry and Dogwood foliage changing to fall wardrobe.

August 29

Old Sugarlands Trail – (B to Bullhead Trail) – Wild Golden Glow, Cardinal Flower (outstanding blooms – many – right at peak), Heal All, Asiatic Dayflower, Tick Trefoil (about gone), Red Clover (1), False Fox Glove (1), Flattop Aster and Coreopsis.

August 22

Bullhead Trail (B-E) – False Fox Glove, Erect Goldenrod, Pale Jewelweed, Wood Nettle, White Top Aster, Summer Sweet, Whitewood Aster, Coreopsis, Filmy Angelica, White Snakeroot, Pink Turtlehead, Indian Pipe, Grass of Parnassus (outstanding – at peak bloom – near the top of LeConte), Wild Golden Glow, Love Vine and Rudgel’s Indian Plantain. 

Rainbow Falls Trail (B to Bullhead Trail junction) – White Snakeroot, Pink Turtlehead, Filmy Angelica, White Top Aster, Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Starry Campion, Black Cohosh, Pale Jewelweed, Coreopsis, Southern Harebell, Love Vine and Wild Golden Glows. 

August 15

Meigs Creek (B-E) – Cardinal Flower (very beautiful and almost at peak bloom), Wood Nettle, Mountain Angelica (1), False Fox Glove (few), Coreopsis (2), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross (few) and Curtiss Milkwort (few).  Note:  At one stream crossing there are 8 Cardinal Flowers, at another stream crossing there are 7 Cardinal Flowers and at a third crossing there are 14 Cardinal Flowers – very vivid (one very large) – well worth the trek to them.

August 8

Rabbit Creek (B to Hannah Mountain Trail) – Black Eye Susan, Heal All, Joe Pye Weed, Asiatic Dayflower, Mountain Mint, Spotted Jewelweed, Wild Golden Glow, Starry Campion, Doll Eyes (berries), Rattlesnake Plantain, Tick Trefoil, Flowering Spurge, Coreopsis, Star Grass, Southern Harebell, Curtiss Milkwort, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross and Mountain Angelica.

Hannah Mountain (From Rabbit Creek Trail to Campsite #14) – Flowering Spurge, Tick Trefoil, Rattlesnake Plantain, Coreopsis, Mountain Mint and Starry Campion.

July 25

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Basil Bee Balm, Wood Nettle, Pokeweed, Tick Trefoil, Yellow Fringed Orchid (1 budded), Rattlesnake Plantain, Reclining St. Andrews Cross, Curtiss Milkwort, Purple Flowering Rasberry, Wild Hydrangea, Coreopsis and Narrow Leaf White-top Aster.

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) – Coreopsis, Reclining St. Andrews Cross, Mountain Angelica (very pretty), Tick Trefoil, White Clover, Rattlesnake Plantain, Heal All, Wood Nettle, Basil Bee Balm, Rosebay Rhododendron, False Fox Glove (1 budded) and Spiderwort.

Bote Mountain (B to West Prong Trail) – Heal All, Basil Bee Balm, Rattlesnake Plantain, Coreopsis and Reclining St. Andrews Cross.

West Prong (B-E) -  Reclining St. Andrews Cross, Star Grass, Yellow Fringed Orchid (2 budded). Erect Golden Rod, Tick Trefoil, Wood Nettle, False Fox Glove (budded), Pokeweed and Pale Jewelweed.

Tremont Road (From Laurel Creek Road to Institute) – Wood Nettle, Tick Trefoil, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed, Spotted Jewelweed, Mountain Mint,  Mountain Angelica, Horse Nettle,  White Clover, Red Clover and Pokeweed.

July 20

Appalachian Trail (From Clingman’s Dome to Newfound Gap) – Bush Honeysuckle, Crimson Bee Balm (outstanding), Wild Hydrangea, White Snakeroot (just starting to bloom), Queen Anne’s Lace, White Clover, Red Clover, Wood Nettle, Filmy Angelica, Pink Turtlehead (few), Rudgels Indian Plantain (many), Wood Sorrel, Turk Cap Lily (just past peak), Love Vine, White Top Aster,
Rosebay Rhododendron (at or just past peak), Pale Jewelweed (few), Robin’s Plantain, Wild Golden Glow and American Germander.

July 11

Anthony Creek (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Tick Trefoil, Robins Plantain, Heal All, Crimson Bee Balm, Basil Bee Balm and Wood Nettle.
Bote Mountain (From Anthony Creek Trail to Spence Field) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Hydrangea, Crimson Bee Balm (outstanding display – at peak), Wild Golden Glow (just starting), White Clover and Love Vine (Just Starting).
A T – (From Spence Field to Russell Field ) – White Clover, Rosebay Rhododendron (appears at peak – some of the best blooms that I have seen this year),  Saint Johnswort, Starry Campion, Wild Hydrangea, Basil Bee Balm, Large Bluet and Flame Azalea (about gone). The bear was seen about 30 yards below Trail 3/4 mile from Russell Field Shelter.
Russell Field (B-E) – Crimson Bee Balm, Black Eyed Susan (2), Large Bluet, Rosebay Rhododendron, Saint Johnswort, Turk Cap Lily (2), Wild Hydrangea, Black Cohosh, Wood Nettle, White Clover and Horse Nettle.

July 4

Lead Cove (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Large Bluet (1), Wild Hydrangea (few), Basil Bee Balm, Crimson Bee Balm and Black Cohosh. 

Bote Mountain (From Lead Cove Trail to Finely Cane Trail) – Rosebay Rhododendron, White Clover, Coreopsis, Basil Bee Balm, Pokeweed (1), Narrow leaf White Top Aster, Robins Plantain, St. Johnswort, Star Grass and Tick Trefoil.

Finely Cane (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Black Cohosh, Basil Bee Balm and Tick Trefoil.

Note:  There is a decent display of Rosebay Rhododendron on the first third of the Lead Cove Trail.  Some blooms are past peak, some areas have few blooms and the first part of Lead Cove has a number of budded Rosebay Rhododendron.  The Rosebay bloom displays on Bote Mountain and Finely Cane trails are rather sparse. Great rosebay rhododendron along Laurel Creek Road, too.

June 27

Little River – (B to Huskey Gap Trail) - Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Hydrangea, Wood Nettle, Black Cohash, Robins Plantain and Basil Bee Balm.

Huskey Gap (From Little River Trail to Huskey Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Basil Bee Balm, Wild Hydrangea, Star Grass, Coreopsis, Narrow Leaf White Top Aster and Galax (1).

Sugarland Mountain (B to Huskey Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Flame Azalea, Star Grass, Summer Sweet, Pipsissewa, Coreopsis, Wild Hydrangea, Narrow Leaf White Top Aster and Thermopsis.

Special Notes:  At some locations, Rosebays are at peak bloom – other places past peak – still other places buds have not opened – Finally some locations plants do not appear to have buds or blooms.  I am not positive about the Thermopsis identification.  The blooms on the Thermopsis are exactly like those shown in the “Wildflowers of Tennessee” book – page 141; however, the leaves appear different. 

June 20

FLAME AZALEAS – GREGORY BALD –  Blooms are about 15 to 20% past peak – apparently hot weather over the weekend reduced the quality of the blooms.  There are still nice blooms and a good number of buds; however with the hot weather this week probably the blooms will largely be gone by the end of the week.  The blooms along the crest of the bald are more faded than the blooms down close to the woods (toward Fontana Lake).  
Gregory Ridge (B-E) – Pipsissewa, Sweet Shrub, Wild Hydrangea,  Large Bluet, Mountain Laurel, Star Grass, Galax, Flame Azalea and Tassel Rue.
Gregory Bald (B-E) – Flame Azalea, Large Bluet, Yarrow, Prostate Bluet, Tassel Rue, Wild Hydrangea, Galax, Loosestrife, Canadian Violet, Pipsissewa, Star Grass, Hawkweed and Coreopsis.

June 13

Appalachian Trail (Newfound Gap to Sweat Heifer Creek Trail) – White Flame Azalea (1 – right at the beginning), Blackberry, Prostate Bluet, Catawba Rhododendron (not many but at peak), Wood Sorrel, Sweet White Violet, Common Elderberry and Tassel Rue.

Sweat Heifer Creek (B-E) – Prostate Bluet, Catawba Rhododendron (At peak – very pretty), Tassel Rue (nice), Partridge Berry, Mountain Laurel, Wood Sorrel, Common Cinquefoil, Purple Fringed Orchid (most beautiful I have seen), Large Bluet, Basil Bee Balm and Smooth Phlox (nice).

Kephart Prong (US 441 to Sweat Heifer Creek Trail) – Partridge Berry, Blue Eye Grass (1), Purple Fringed Orchid (1), Large Bluet, Wild Hydrangea, Wood Sorrel, Basil Bee Balm, Foam Flower (1), Purple Flowering Rasberry and Robbins Plantain.

June 6

Rich Mountain Loop (B-E) – Pipsissewa, Star Grass, Loosestrife, Galax, Mountain Laurel (about gone), Large Bluet,  Wild Hydrangea, Hawkweed (about gone), Flame Azalea and Beard Tongue.

Crooked Arm (B-E) – Large Bluet, Galax, Wild Hydrangea, Indian Pipe, Robin’s Plantain, Solomon’s Seal (about gone), Star Grass, Pipsussewa and Mountain Laurel (about gone).

Indian Grave (From Crooked Arm Trail to Rich Mountain Loop Trail) – Mountain Laurel (about gone), Galax, Star Grass, Pipsissewa, Beard Tongue, Large Bluet,  Flame Azalea, Hawkweed (about gone), Wild Hydrangea, Spiderwort (nice), Loosestrife, Fire Pink and Indian Pipe.

May 30

Low Gap (From Hiker Parking Lot to Low Gap) – Wild Hydrangea, Sweet Cicely, Wood Sorrel, Partridge Berry, Canadian Violet, Galax, Sweet White Violet, Indian Cucumber Root, Blackberry, Meadow Parsnip, Clinton Lily, Doll Eyes, Mountain Laurel, Dog Hobble, False Solomon’s Seal, White Fringed Phacelia (about gone), Red Elderberry, Dutchmen’s Pipe, White Clover,  Maple Leaf Viburnum and Solomon’s Seal.

A T (From Low Gap to Mt. Cammerer Trail) – Blackberry, White Clover, False Solomon’s Seal (nice – many at peak bloom), Common Cinquefoil, White Fringed Phacelia (about gone), Red Elderberry, Mountain Laurel, Hooked Buttercup, Prostate Bluet,  EarlyMeadow Rue, Canada Mayflower, Squawroot, Clinton Lily, Indian Cucumber Root, Catawba Rhododendron (some at peak bloom – others have not started blooming) and Yellow Bead Lily.

Mount Cammerer (B-E) –Canada Mayflower, Yellow Bead Lily, Catawba Rhododendron, Dwarf Rhododendron, Early Buttercup, Sweet White Violet and Prostate Bluet.

Crested Dwarf Iris
Crested Dwarf Iris (Iris cristata) blooms along Big Creek.  - GSMA Photo

May 23

Jakes Creek Trail (B-E) – Lyre Leaf Sage, Multi-flora Rose, Honeysuckle, Common Cinquefoil, Blackberry, Bar Cucumber (lots), Partridge Berry, Foam Flower, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Canadian Violet, Doll Eyes, Sweet White Violet, Dog Hobble, Prostate Bluets, Indian Cucumber Root, Wood Sorrel, Mountain Laurel, Meadow Parsnip, Thimbleweed (1), Sweet Cicely,
False Solomon’s Seal and Brook Lettuce.

May 16

Metcalf Bottoms (B-E) – Galax, Hawkweed, Dog Hobble, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Common Cinquefoil, Bar Cucumber, Wild Geranium, Spiderwort, Meadow Parsnip, False Solomon’s Seal and Mountain Laurel.

Walker Sisters Cabin (B-E) – Mountain Laurel, Lyre Leaf Sage, Red Clover, White Clover, Galax (just starting to bloom), Dog Hobble, Sweet White Violet, Canadian Violet, Bar Cucumber, Robin’s Plantain, Solomon’s Seal, Bowman’s Root, Wild Geranium, Vasey Trillium (2 – very nice & large), False Solomon’s Seal, Hawkweed, Golden Ragwort and Multiflora Rose (very nice).

Little Brier (B-E) – Lyre Leaf Sage, Common Cinquefoil, Bar Cucumber, Galax, Mountain Laurel, Fire Pink and Partridgeberry.

Little Greenbrier (From Little Brier Gap to Wear Gap) – Star Grass, Mountain Laurel, Galax, Flame Azalea, Common Milkweed, Golden Ragwort, Lyre Leaf Sage, Goats Rue (1 plant),
White Clover, Hawkweed, Blue Berry, Bowman’s Root, Blackberry and False Solomon’s Seal

Wear Gap Road (From Park Boundary to Metcalf Bottoms) – Lyre Leaf Sage, Wild Geranium, Red Clover (very beautiful), Bowman’s Root, Meadow Parsnip, Golden Ragwort, Fire Pink, Common Milkweed, False Solomon’s Seal, Wood Vetch, Solomon’s Seal, Field Mustard, Star Chickweed, Dog Hobble, Early Buttercup, Robin’s Plantain and Yellow Trillium (1).

The Mountain Laurel are really nice and right at peak.

May 10

Cooper Road (From Abrams Creek Ranger Station to Hatcher Mountain Trail) –Low Hop Trefoil, Red Cover, Golden Ragwort, Lyre Leaf Sage, White Clover, Ox Eye Daisy, Meadow Parsnip, Blackberry, Fire Pinks, Robin’s Plantain, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Dog Hobble, Pink Wood Sorrel, Bar Cucumber, Partridge Berry, Early Buttercup, Hooked Buttercup, Solomon’s Seal, False Solomon’s Seal, Mountain Laurel, Wild Geranium, Wood Vetch, Doll Eyes (1), Beard Tongue, Sweet White Violet, American Holly, Common Cinquefoil, Bird’s Foot Violet, Star Chickweed, Catesby Trillium, Star Grass, Hawkweed and Flame Azalea.

Hatcher Mountain (From Cooper Rd. Trail to Little Bottoms Trail) – Star Grass, White Clover, Mountain Laurel, Hawkweed, Catesby Trillium, Flame Azalea, Bristling Locust (the best blooms and the most blooms of this plant that I have ever seen – well worth the distance), Galax, Blackberry, Bar Cucumber, Solomon’s Seal, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Low Hop Trefoil, Common Milkweed, Common Cinquefoil, American Holly, Crested Dwarf Iris, Dog Hobble, Shuttleworth’s  Ginger, False Solomon’s Seal, Partridge Berry, Clinton Lily (one plant with six blooms), Rue Anemone, Cancer Root (1), Sweet White Violet, Early Buttercup, Gaywings, Golden Ragwort, Sweet Shrub, Bird’s Foot Violet and Fire Pink.

Little Bottoms (B-E) – Sweet Shrub (Massive blooms – shrubs just covered – outstanding display), Hawkweed, Bar Cucumber, Maple Leaf Viburnum, Star Chickweed, Crested Dwarf Iris, Wild Potato Vine (1), Star Grass, Shuttleworth’s  Ginger, Sweet White Violet, Lyre Leaf Sage, Beard Tongue, Common Cinquefoil, Mountain Laurel, Blackberry, Fire Pink, Dog Hobble, Bleeding Heart (most of the blooms are badly faded, but on one plant about half of the blooms were decent), Prostate Bluet, Galax, Meadow Parsnip and Common Blue Violet.

May 2

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Squaw Root, Little Brown Jug, Catesby Trillium, Wild Geranium, Foam Flower, Sweet White Violet, Robin Plantain, Yellow Trillium, Hawkweed, Star Grass, Crested Dwarf Iris, False Solomon’s Seal, Solomon’s Seal, Rue Anemone (blooms very small), Blackberry, Galax (just starting), Flame Azalea, Sweet Shrub, Partridge Berry, Yellow Mandarin, Mountain Laurel (just starting), Common Blue Violet, Dog Hobble and Wood Vetch.

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – Robins Plantain, Lyre Leaf Sage, Sweet White Violet, Star Grass, Blackberry, Early Buttercup, Common Blue Violet, Golden Ragwort, Fairywand (outstanding), Canadian Violet, Yellow Trillium, Catesby Trillium, Wood Vetch, Common Cinquefoil, Wild Strawberry, Dog Hobble, Long Spurred Violet, Crested Dwarf Iris, Solomon’s Seal, Foam Flower  and Hooked Buttercup.

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) – Hooked Buttercup, Solomon’s Seal, Long Spurred Violet, Dog Hobble, Early Buttercup, Sweet White Violet, Lyre Leaf Sage, Common Cinquefoil,
Lousewort (very nice blooms), Star Grass, Hawkweed, Crested Dwarf Iris, White Clover, Mountain Laurel (Just starting to bloom), Blue Eye Grass (1), Doll Eyes and Canadian Violet.

Finely Cane (B-E) – Sweet White Violet, Crested Dwarf Iris, Sweet Shrub, Rue Anemone (very small), Vasey Trillium (few – blooms at peak bloom), Yellow Mandarin, False Solomon’s Seal, Foam Flower, Maple Leaf Viburnum,  Dog Hobble, Long Spurred Violet, Blue Cohosh, Sweet Cicely, Solomon’s Seal, Fairywand, Bishop Caps (about gone), Wild Confrey (few), Showy Orchis (1 – about gone), Halberd Leaf Violet and Squawroot.

Spring Beauties in a Beach Gap
Spring Beauties cover the understory of Beach Gap in the higher elevations of the Spruce-fir Forests. - GSMA Photo

April 25

Ace Gap (B-E) – Early Buttercup, Wild Geranium, Rue Anemone, Meadow Parsnip, Yellow Trillium, Sweet Shrub, Catesby Trillium, Crested Dwarf Iris, Star Chickweed, Bowman’s Root, Wild Oats, Solomon’s Seal, Robins Plantain, Stone Crop, Star Grass, Fire Pink, Little Brown Jug, Dogwood, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe, Common Blue Violet, Birdfoot Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Blackberry, Sweet White Violet, Halberd Leaf Violet, Spotted Mandarin, Yellow Mandarin, Flame Azalea, Vernal Dwarf Iris and Squaw Root.  The Vernal Dwarf Iris are at peak bloom.  Some of the blooms are almost as large as the palm of my hands and very beautiful.

April 16

Grapeyard Ridge from Greenbrier to Roaring Fork Motor Trail - Little brown jugs, Blue violet , White violet, Early Yellow Violet, Beaked Violet, Brook lettuce, Yellow Trillium, Wild oats, Crested Dwarf Iris, Whirled pogonia, Vetch, Blue phlox, Rue-anemone, Foam flower,  Star Chickweed, Buttercup, Spicebush, Wild strawberry, May apple, Pussy toes, Raspberry, Fiddleheads ferns (Christmas), Dogwood, Spring beauty, Wild geranium, Robin’s Plaintain, Dog hobble, White Trillium, False Soloman’s Seal, Toothwort, Umbrella magnolia, Bishop cap, Squawroot, Showy orchis, Star grass, Trout lily, Bloodroot, Jack in the pulpit, Lousewort

April 11

Little River (B to Huskey Gap Trail) – Yellow Trillium, Solomon’s Seal, Common Blue Violet, Celandine Poppy, Sweet White Violet, Frasier Sedge, Showy Orchis, Trillium Erect, Toothwort, Star
Chickweed, White Fringed Phacelia, Creamy Yellow Violet, Blue Cohosh, Stone Crop, Wild Phlox, Rue Anemone, Foam Flower, Spring Beauty, Sweet William Trillium, Wild Ginger, Hispid Buttercup, Prostate Bluet, Lousewort, Wood Anemone, Hepatica, Seersucker Sedge, Meadow Parsnip, Large Flowered Trillium, Yellow Mandarin, Squirrel Corn, Large Flowered Bellwort, Squaw Root, Trout Lily and Brook Lettuce.  Note:  Best display of blooms start about 3/4 of the way up the trail.
Huskey Gap (B-E) – Large Flowered Trillium, Yellow Trillium, Rue Anemone, Halberd Leaf Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Seersucker Sedge, Sweet White Violet, Wood Anemone, Trailing Arbutus, Star Chickweed, Wild Geranium, Robin’s Plantain, Trout Lily, Blood Root, Bishop Caps, Toothwort, Stonecrop, Brook Lettuce, Foam Flower, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Wild Oats, Spring Beauty, Creamy Yellow Violet, Blue Cohosh, Large Flowered Bellwort, Purple Phacelia, Silver Bell, Yellow Mandarin, Dutchmen’s Breeches, Squirrel Corn, Solomon’s Seal, Trillium Erect, Canadian Violet, Showy Orchis, Dogwood and Crested Dwarf Iris.  Approximately 3/4 of a mile up the trail from US 441 the display of Trillium on both sides of the trail is beyond description – in places approximately 100 feet up the side of the mountain above the trail and a 100 feet below the trail.  Massive blooms – well worth the trip.  Many of the flowers are at peak bloom.  
Note:  Little River Road has a wonderful display of Purple Phacelia, Large Flowered Trillium, Trillium Erect, Yellow Trillium and Columbine.  On Laurel Creek Road there is nice display of Wild Phlox, Trillium Erect, Yellow Trillium, Large Flowered Trillium, Rue Anemone and a few Bleeding Heart.
On the Cades Cove Loop Road a little over a tenth of a mile beyond the turnoff to the Primitive Baptist Church there are beautiful Virginia Blue Bells in bloom on an embankment on the left side of the road. 

April 3

Little River to Cucumber Gap (thanks to volunteers Dana Murphy and Becky Nichols)
Yellow and White Trilliums (Not certain which species of white); Yellow Violet (Again, there are a few species to choose from and I didn't look at leaves to determine); Purple/Blue Violet (Same as above); Beaked Violet (or Long-Spurred); Foam Flower; Large-Flowered Bellwort; Bishops Cap; Saxifrage; Wild Ginger; Blue Phlox; Solomon's Seal; False Solomon's Seal with buds; Starry Chickweed; Firepink; Rue Anemone; Early Meadowrue; Squawroot; Sharp-Lobed Hepatica; Dwarf Ginseng; Squirrel Corn; Blue Cohosh; Trout Lily; Wild strawberry

April 1

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Sweet White Violet (P –), Solomon’s Seal ( P), Foam Flower (BP –), Star Chickweed (P+), Purple Phacelia (BP-), Trillium Erect (BP-), Rue Anemone (P+), Yellow Trillium (BP-), Large Flowered Trillium (BP-), Spring Beauty (AP-), Stonecrop (BP-), Hepatica (AP-), Dogwood (BP-), Redbud (AP-), Long Spurred Violet (P+), Common Blue Violet (BP-), Bishop Caps (P-), Toothwort (AG-), Fire Pink (BP-), Seersucker Sedge (AG-), Squaw Root (BP-), Lousewort (1), Common Cinquefoil (BP-), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (AP), Trailing Arbutus ( P), Halberd Leaf Violet (after first half-mile P+), Wild Oats (2) and Service Berry (-). 

Bluets (Houstonia caerulea) are a common sight along many mid- to higher elevation trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. - GSMA Photo

March 21

Porters Creek - Seersucker Sedge (BPB +), Blood Root (B) Common Blue Violet (-), Star Chickweed (PB), Robbins Plantain (FB –), Sweet White Violet (FB), Wild Geranium (-), Rue Anemone (PB +), Long Spurred Violet (-), Halberd Leaf Violet (-), Hepatica (PB +), Creamy Yellow Violet (-), White Fringed Phacelia (+), Foam Flower (JS –), Wood Anemone (-), Wild Phlox (-), Large Flowered Trillium (JS & B –), Bishop Caps (-), Dutchmen’s Breeches (PB –), Dwarf Ginseng (-), Spring Beauty , Frazer Sedge (JS –), Brook Lettuce (JS –) and Wild Phlox (-).

Special Note:  At trailhead scattered patches of around a quarter-inch of snow.  Above Fern, Falls ground was covered with snow and eventually was two and a half inches to three inches deep by the time campsite #31 was reached.  Not possible to report on blooms above the falls (ground covered).  Below the falls many of the flowers were drooping or lying on the ground.  The Dutchmen’s Breeches and Rue Anemone looked great.

March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Laurel Falls (B to Little Greenbrier) – Halberd Leaf Violet (few), Trailing Arbutus, Common Blue Violet (2), Bed Straw (few), Squaw Root (just coming up at one spot), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (just starting to bloom),   Smooth Yellow Violet (2), Spring Beauty (a decent number) and Hepatica (many).

Little Greenbrier (B-E) – Common Cinquefoil, Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (budded), Trailing Arbutus and Common Blue Violet (1).  Very few blooms on this trail.

February 29
Lead Cove (B-E)  - Hepatica (10 budded soon be blooming – one in full bloom).
Finely Cane (B-E) – One hepatica and one Long Spurred Violet in bloom.

February 2
Meigs Mountain (from Jakes Creek Trail to Curry Mountain Trail) – 5 Hepatica in bloom within a mile of the Curry Mountain junction.

January 4
Porter Creek Trail (B-E) – 6 Hepatica budded (look very healthy and as if they would pop open with just a couple of days of warm weather, 1 White Fringed Phacelia in full bloom and 2 Sweet White Violets that appear as the cold weather has done them in.

Wildflower Reports for 2015

October 5

Lead Cove (B-E) Whitewood Aster, Erect Goldenrod and White Snake Root.  Note:  Few blooms and most blooms are about gone. Bote Mountain (From Lead Cove Tr. to Finely Cane Tr.) Curtis Aster, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort, Erect Goldenrod, Mountain Gentian (still good display) and Great Lobelia (few nice ones). Finely Cane (B-E) Whitewood Aster, White Snakeroot and Erect Goldenrod.  Not many blooming plants left.

September 21

Big Creek (B-E) -   White Snake Root, Great Lobelia (2 were about 4 and 1/2 feet tall), Goldenrod Erect, Whitewood Aster, Pale Jewelweed (one of the most massive displays that I have seen), Hearts-a-busting, Spotted Jewelweed, Pink Turtlehead (2), Coreopsis, Pokeweed, Daisy Fleabane, Giant Goldenrod, Wild Golden Glow, Crimson Bee Balm (3), Heal All, Filmy Angelica, Asiatic Dayflower, Red Clover and White Clover.  Note:  This variety at this time of year at a lower elevation came as a pleasant surprise.

September 14

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) – (Wildflowers) – Ironweed, Cardinal Flower, Erect Goldenrod, Giant Goldenrod, White Top Aster, Great Lobelia, Brown Eyed Susan, White Turtlehead, Southern Harebell, False Fox Glove, Curtiss Milkwort, Curtis Aster, Flowering Spurge, Hawkweed and Mountain Angelica.

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Curtiss Milkwort, False Fox Glove, Erect Goldenrod, Hawkweed, White Top Aster, White Snakeroot, Pokeweed, Wild Hydrangea and Pale Jewelweed.

September 7

Little River (B to Huskey Gap) – Whitewood Aster, Ironweed (1), Cardinal Flower, Pale Jewelweed, White Snake Root (Just starting to bloom), Asiatic Dayflower, Erect Goldenrod, Giant Goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, Pink Turtlehead (2), Wood Nettle, Spotted Jewelweed, Smooth Phlox and Great Lobelia (2). 

Cucumber Gap (B-E) – Whitewood Aster, White Snakeroot (Just beginning to bloom), Erect Goldenrod, and Pale Jewelweed.  Note:  Not many blooms on this trail.

August 24

Gabes Mountain (B-E) – Whitewood Aster, Wood Nettle, Erect Goldenrod, Spotted Jewelweed, Pale Jewelweed (nicest ones I have seen this year), Pink Turtlehead, Pokeweed and Great Lobelia (At peak bloom – about a half mile from Cosby Entry Road – very beautiful). 

August 17

Anthony Creek (B-E) – Southern Harebell, White Top Aster, Large Bluet, Wood Nettle, Love Vine, Pale Jewelweed, Coreopsis, Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root (Just starting to bloom), Pink Turtlehead, Crimson Bee Balm (1) and Tick Trefoil.   Note:  There are not many blooms and most blooms are well past their peak except for the White Snake Root.

Bote Mountain (From Anthony Creek to Spence Field) – Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root, White Top Aster, Wild Golden Glows (nice display), Pale Jewelweed, Filmy Angelica, Doll Eyes (Berries), Crimson Bee Balm, Love Vine and Spotted Jewelweed.  Most flowers beyond their peak except for the White Snake Root, Wild Golden Glows and White Top Asters.

Appalachian Trail (From Spence Field to Russell Field) – Large Bluet, Whitewood Aster, Southern Harebell (nice), Crimson Bee Balm, Heal All, Erect Goldenrod, Spotted Jewelweed, White Snakeroot and Pale Jewelweed.  Most blooms are well past their peak except for the Whitewood Asters (many) and the Erect Goldenrod (just starting to bloom).

Russell Field (B-E) – Whitewood Aster, White Snakeroot, White Clover, Crimson Bee Balms (nicest display that I have seen this year), Black Eyed Susan (1), Yellow Fringed Orchid (1) and Yellow Wood Sorrell.

Turks Cap Lily
Turks Cap Lillies (Lilium superbum) can have stems that reach up to 7 feet tall. These flowers tend to bloom in mid- to late summer. - GSMA Photo

August 10

Roundtop (B-E) – Wild Potato Vines, Flowering Spurge, Black Eyed Susan, Mountain Mint, Tick Trefoil, Coreopsis, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Mountain Angelica (2), Southern Harebell, Curtiss Milkwort, Star Grass, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Wood Nettle, Starry Campion (about gone), Spiderwort (about gone), False Fox Glove, Early Goldenrod and Goldenrod Erect.

August 3

Middle Prong (B-E) – Cardinal Flower (1), Tall Bellflower, Crimson Bee Balm, Pale Jewelweed, Heal All, Daisy Fleabane, Wood Nettle and Rattlesnake Plantain.

Lynn Camp Prong (From Middle Prong Trail to Campsite #28) – Wood Nettle, White Snake Root (Just Starting to bloom), Love Vine, Wild Golden Glow, Crimson Bee Balm (1), Heal All, Rattlesnake Plantain and White Top Aster.

Note:  Most of the flowers are well past their peak, and there are not a lot of plants blooming on these two trails.  There are a decent number of Wild Golden Glows blooming, and they appear to be at peak bloom.  Several flowers were seen which I have not found in the wildflower books as of now.

July 27

Rainbow Falls (B-E) – Crimson Bee Balm, Early Goldenrod, Pale Jewelweed, Wild Golden Glow, White Top Aster, Wood Nettle, Rosebay Rhododendron, Black Cohosh, Love Vine, Tea Berry, White Snake Root, Rugel’s Indian Plantain, Coreopsis, False Fox Glove, Turk Cap Lily, Summer Sweet, Filmy Angelica, Pink Turtle Heads and Indian Pipe (1).

Bull Head (B-E) – Pink Turtleheads, Filmy Angelica, Rugel’s Indian Plantain, Grass of Parnassus (1 – many buds), Michaux’s Saxifrage, White Top Aster, Turk Cap Lily (many), Mountain Saint Johns  Wort (just starting to bloom), Indian Pipe, Wild Hydrangea (1), Wild Golden Glow (many), Rosebay Rhododendron, Wood Nettle, Love Vine, White Snake Root (just starting to bloom), Crimson Bee Balm (many), Early Goldenrod, Black Cohosh, Joe Pye Weed, Pale Jewelweed, Monkshood (a little over halfway up – have never seen in blooming that low in elevation before), Yellow Fringed Orchid, Coreopsis, False Fox Glove, Rattlesnake Plantain, Canadian Violet (2), Sourwood (trees) and Tall Bell Flower (1).

Flowers blooming at LeConte Lodge - Wild Golden Glow (Great show – many blooms – at peak), Crimson Bee Balm (few), Monkshood (nice showing), White Snake Root (just starting to bloom), Turk Cap Lilies (past peak but still nice) and Filmy Angelica.

July 20

Porter Creek (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Daisy Fleabane, Red Clover, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Indian Pipe, Large Bluet, Turk Cap Lily (4), Early Goldenrod (1), Rosebay Rhododendron, Spotted Jewelweed, Pale Jewelweed, Rattlesnake Plantain, Black Cohosh, Mountain Saint Johns Wort, Doll Eyes (berries), Wood Nettle, Heal All, Crimson Bee Balm (3 locations), Tall Bellflower and White Snake Root (at campsite #31). 

July 17

Abrams Falls (B to falls) – Bleeding heart (few), Coreopsis, Tick Trefoil, False Fox Glove, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Potato Vine, Heal All, Butterfly Pea (2),  Rattlesnake Plantain, White Top Aster and Star Grass.

July 13

Lumber Ridge Trail (B-E) – Rattlesnake Plantain  (many – at peak), Tick Trefoil, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Starry Campion, Star Grass, Coreopsis, White Top Aster, Rosebay Rhododendron (about gone – but one tall shrub covered with blooms at peak bloom), Black Cohosh (about gone), Indian Pipe and Early Goldenrod (just starting to bloom).  Note:  Close to a dozen Yellow Fringed Orchid budded – appear that will be blooming within a week to 10 days.

Meigs Mountain Trail (From Lumber Ridge Trail to Curry Mountain Trail) – Rattlesnake Plantain (Many – at peak bloom), Wood Nettle, Starry Campion, Rosebay Rhododendron (about gone), Black Cohosh, Yellow Wood Sorrel and Indian Pipe.

Catawba Rhododendron
Catawba Rhododendron (Rhododendron catawbiense) are found throughout the higher elevations of the park and tend to bloom in late June through mid-July. - GSMA Photo

July 6

Little River (B to Huskey Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Turk Cap Lily, Daisy Fleabane, Heal All, Wood Nettle, Pale Jewelweed (1), Wild Golden Glow (2) and Black Cohosh.

Huskey Gap (From Little River Trail to Huskey Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Rattlesnake Plantain, Black Cohosh, Turk Cap Lily, Coreopsis, White Top Aster, Indian Pipe, Crimson Bee Balm (2) and Star Grass. 

Sugarland Mountain (From Huskey Gap to Fighting Creek Gap) – Rosebay Rhododendron, White Top Aster, Star Grass, Joe Pye Weed, Tick Trefoil (1), Indian Pipe, Rattlesnake Plantain, Coreopsis and Black Cohosh.

Note: Blackberries, blueberries and huckleberries are starting to ripen, so it should be nice for the bears soon.

June 29

Rich Mountain Loop (B-E) – Ox-Eyed Daisy, Red Clover, White Clover, Basil Bee Balm, Rosebay Rhododendron, Rattlesnake Plantain (1), Coreopsis, White Top Aster (Just Starting to bloom), Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Tick Trefoil, False Fox Glove (Just Starting), Black Cohosh and Spiderwort (2) (about gone).

 Indian Grave (From Rich Mountain Loop Trail to Crooked Arm Trail) – Pipsissewa, Rosebay Rhododendron, Coreopsis, False Fox Glove (Just Starting to bloom) and Basil Bee Balm.

 Crooked Arm (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Pipsissewa (few), Coreopsis, Basil Bee Balm, Black Cohosh, Star Grass (1), Daisy Fleabane (about gone), Tick Trefoil, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross and Yellow Wood Sorrel. 

 Note:   Not many varieties of flowers blooming at this time.  Some of the Rhododendron blooms are past peak, others are at peak and there are still some with a good number of buds on them. Most of the blooms are past peak on the other flowers.   For the fall foliage fans a number of bright red Sourwood leaves were seen today.

June 22

Baskins Creek (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron (at peak), Pipsissewa and Indian Pipe (few).

Grapeyard Ridge (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron (at peak), Pipsissewa, Flame Azalea (about gone), Daisy Fleabane, Coreopsis (few), Pale Jewelweed (1), Large Bluet, Smooth Phlox and Crimson Bee Balm (Wonderful display – mostly first two and a half miles from Greenbrier Road).

June 15

Gregory Ridge (B-E) – Pipsissewa, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wood Nettle, Large Bluet, Star Grass, Galax, Common Cinquefoil, Canadian Violet, Fairywand (2), Wild Hydrangea, Whorled Loosestrife, Flame Azalea and Meadow Parsnip.   Most of these are pass their peak except for the Rosebays and some of the Wild Hydrangea.

Gregory Bald (B to Long Hungry Ridge Trail) – Large Bluet,  Tassel Rue, Galax, Mountain Laurel, Star Grass, Pipsissewa, Prostate Bluets, Flame Azalea*,  Indian Cucumber Root, Wild Hydrangea, Spiderwort (3), Rosebay Rhododendron (few), Whorled Loosestrife and Yellow Wood Sorrell.


June 1

Metcalf Bottoms (B-E) – Galax (FB – BP), Large Bluet (MB – BP), Bur Cucumber (1 shrub – BP), Wild Hydrangea (MB – AP), Red Clover (AP), Mountain Laurel (MB – BP), Hip Hop Trefoil (FB) and

Hairy Skullcaps (FB – BP).

Walker Sisters Cabin (B-E) – Mountain Laurel (MB – BP), Large Bluet (MB – BP), Flame Azalea (FB – AP), Rosebay Rhododendron (One plant with blooms – JS), Galax (FB – BP), Daisy Fleabane (FB – BP), Red Clover (FB – BP), White Clover (FB – AP), Ox Eyed Daisy (1 – BP), LilyLeaf Twayblade (1) and White Milkweed (FB – AP).

Little Brier Gap (B-E) – Mountain Laurel (MB – BP), Wild Hydrangea (MB – AP), Galax (FB – BP), Flame Azalea (FB – AP), Large Bluet (MB – BP) and Fire Pinks (3 – BP).

Little Greenbrier (From Little Brier Gap to Wear Gap) – Mountain Laurel (MB – BP), Large Bluet (MB – BP), Flame Azalea (FB – AP), Star Grass (FB – BP), Goats Rue (FB – BP – a couple still nice), Wild Hydrangea (MB – AP) and Indian Pipe (3 – yellow in color? – have not seen that before).

Wear Cove Road (Gap to Little River) – Wild Hydrangea (MB – AP), Large Bluet (FB – BP), White Milkweed (AP), Beard Tongue (FB – BP but still beautiful), White Clover (FB – BP), Common Elderberry (MB – JS), Ox Eye Daisy (FB – BP), Meadow Parsnip (FB – BP), Flame Azalea (FB – AP), Red Clover (MB – BP), Japanese Honeysuckle (BP), Daisy Fleabane (FB – BP) and Ox Eye Daisy (FB – BP).

Crib Gap (From Turkey Pen Trail to Anthony Creek Trail) – Large Bluets (FB – BP), Flame Azalea (MB – BP), Wild Hydrangea (FB – AP), Goats Beard (2 – BP), Galax (FB – BP), Mountain Laurel (MB – BP), Partridge Berry (FB – BP) Hairy Skullcap (FB – BP) Pipsissewa (FB –JS) and Lousewort (FB – BP).

Catawba Rhododendron
Mountain Laurel blooms tend to bloom mid-May through June. They are prominent throughout the park and cluster in large heath balds on steep rocky slopes. - GSMA Photo

May 25

Rabbit Creek (Abrams Creek Ranger Station to Hannah Mountain Trail) –Partridge Berry (AP – MB), Large Bluet (AP – MB), Japanese Honeysuckle (AP – MB –First third of mile), White Cover (AP – FB), Galax (AP – MB), Bowman’s Root (BP), Loosestrife (BP), Mountain Laurel (BP – MB), Blueberry (AP – MB), Blue Eye Grass (AP), Sweet Cicely (!), Daisy Fleabane (BP – FB), Spiderwort (4) (Very beautiful), Flame Azalea (AP – FB), Red Clover (AP – FB) and Star Grass (AP – MB).

Hannah Mountain (From Rabbit Creek junction to Campsite #14) – Large Bluet (AP – MB), Partridge Berry (AP – MB), Galax (Both AP & BP – MB), Star Chickweed (BP – FB), Milkweed (AP – FB), Common Cinquefoil (BP – FB), Mountain Laurel (BP – MB), Blueberry (AP – MB), Star Grass (AP – MB), Hawkweed (AP – MB), False Solomon’s Seal (AP – FB), Loosestrife (BP – FB), Rue Anemone (3) and Daisy Fleabane (BP – FB).  Note: After first 3/4 mile not many blooms.

May 22

Snake Den (B to Maddron Bald) – Galax, Large Bluet, Partridge Berry, Bur Cucumber, Wild Phlox, Clinton Lily, Foam Flower, Wood Nettle, Blackberry, Sweet Cicely, Indian Cucumber Root, Jack-n-pulpit, Dutchmen’s Pipe, Star Chickweed, Canadian Violet, Sweet White Violet, Catawba Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel, Painted Trillium, Fire Cherry, False Solomon’s Seal, Yellow Beaded Lily, and Rosy Twisted Stalk.  Stages of blooms not listed because of such differences in elevation resulting in various stages of blooms.  The Catawba Rhododendron is extremely beautiful in the higher elevations.  Lots of Jack-n-pulpits and Yellow Beaded Lilies.

Maddron Bald (B-E) – Sweet Cicely, Yellow Beaded Lily, Trillium Erect (2), Rosy Twisted Stalk, Painted Trillium, Mountain Myrtle (very beautiful – at peak on bald), Catawba Rhododendron, Jack-n-pulpit (many), Clinton Lily, Meadow Parsnip, False Solomon’s Seal, Dutchmen’s Pipe, Doll Eyes (1), Foam Flower (many), Prostate Bluets, Tassel Rue, Star Chickweed, Silver Bells, Wood Sorrel (many), Canadian Violet, Brook Lettuce, Wild Strawberry (1), Partridge Berry, Mountain Laurel, Huckleberry, Blackberry and Solomon’s Seal.  Stage of blooms not shown because of differences in blooms at lower elevations from those in higher elevations.

Note:  It was the first time in years that I have found Rosy Twisted Stalk in bloom. - Tom

May 19


May 18

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Mountain Laurel (AP – MB*), Teaberry (AP – MB), Fairy-wand (AP – MB*), Galax (AP – MB*), Bur Cucumber (FB – BP), Hawkweed (MB – BP), Carolina Vetch (BP – 1 plant with a number of blooms), Blackberry (BP – FB), Solomon’s Seal (BP – FB), White Milkweed (AP), Flame Azalea (BP – FB), Maple Leaf Viburnum (BP – FB), Little Brown Jugs (FB), Yellow Wood Sorrel (FB) and Golden Ragwort (BP – FB).

School House Gap (B to Turkey Pen Trail) – Mountain Laurel (AP – MB), Teaberry (AP – MB), Fairy-wand (AP – MB*), Galax (JS – V), Daisy Fleabane (BP), Sweet White Violet (BP – FB), Carolina Vetch (BP – FB), Red Clover (JS – FB), Star Grass (BP – FB), Blackberry (BP – FB), Meadow Parsnip (BP – FB), Bur Cucumber (BP – FB), Lyre Leaf Sage (BP – FB), False Solomon’s Seal (FB – V), Sweet Cicely (BP – FB), Canadian Violet (BP), Beard Tongue (BP – 1 blooming plant) and Yellow Wood Sorrel (FB).

Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane) – Daisy Fleabane (BP – MB), Common Cinquefoil (BP – FB), Mountain Laurel (AP – MB), Teaberry (AP – MB), Galax –V-, Yellow Wood Sorrel (FB), Fairy-wand– MB)*, Star Grass (MB), Golden Ragwort (AG – MB), Red Clover (JS – MB), Bur Cucumber (BP – FB), White Clover (AP – FB), Maple Leaf Viburnum (BP – FB) and Hawkweed (BP – MB).

Finely Cane (B-E) – Teaberry (AP – MB), Mountain Laurel (AP – MB), Galax (AP – MB), Canadian Violet (BP – FB), Fairy-wand (AP),  Blackberry (BP – FB), Sweet Cicely (BP – FB),  Indian Cucumber Root (BP – FB) and Bur Cucumber (BP – FB).   Last half of this trail before Bote Mountain Trail does not have that many blooms.

May 12

Appalachian Trail at Newfound Gap to Sweat Heifer - Spring Beauty, Trout Lily, Bluets, False Solomon’s Seal, Star Chickweed, Painted Trillium, Common Blue Violets, White Fringed Phacelia, Dandelion, White Trillium, Wild Phlox, Witch Hobble, Bluebeard Lily.

May 11

New Legend - Many Blooms (MB), Few Blooms (FB), Blooms at Peak (AP), Blooms Beyond Peak (BP), Just Starting to Bloom (JS), Blooms Almost Gone – AG)

Lumber Ridge Trail (B – Two Miles) – Lyre Leaf Sage (FP – BP), Bur Cucumber (FB – AP), Galax (JS), Star Grass (AP), Mapleleaf Viburnum (MB – AP), Solomon’s Seal (BP), Fairywand (MB – JS), Sweet White Violets (FB – BP), Rue Anemone (FB – BP), Long Spurred Violets (FB – AG),  Brook Lettuce (FB – BP), Crested Dwarf Iris (FB – AG), Blackberry (MB – AP), White Milkweed (FB – JS), Meadow Parsnip (FB – BP), Yellow Wood Sorrel (2), Hawkweed (MB – AP), Carolina Vetch (FB – BP), Sweet Shrub (MB – BP), Star Chickweed (FB – AG), Common Cinquefoil (FB – Varies), Vasey Trillium (27 – BP), Common Blue Violet (1), False Solomon’s Seal (FB – AP), Large Bluet (MB – BP), Skunk Meadow Rue (FB – AG)  and Dog Hobble (FB – AG).


May 5

Appalachian Trail from Newfound Gap toward Clingmans Dome, about a mile in Spring Beauties are still covering the ground on both sides of the trail, along with Trout Lilies, Sweet White Trillium, and Canadian Violets.

May 4

Cooper Road Trail (Abrams Creek Ranger Station (includes driveway to campground and campground) to Hatcher Mountain Trail – Lyre Leaf Sage (MB –V), Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Rue Anemone (FB), Dog Hobble (MB – AP), Meadow Parsnip (FB), Daisy Fleabane (MB – BP), Red Clover (FB – JS), White Clover (FB – JS), Solomon’s Seals (AP),  Fire Pink (MB – V), Cross Vine (FB – BP), Carolina Vetch (FB – BP), Blackberry (MB – V), Golden Ragwort (FB – BP), Wild Phlox (BP), Wild Geranium (MB – AP), Stone Crop (FB – AP), Yellow Trillium (FB – AP), Sweet White Violet (MB – AP), White Fringed Phacelia (FB – BP), Star Grass (MB – AP), Common Blue Violet (FB – AP), Hooked Butter Cup (FB), Little Brown Jugs (MB), Common Cinquefoil (MB – AP), False Solomon’s Seal (FB – V), Foam Flower (MB – BP), Doll Eyes (FB – JS), Vasey Trillium (FB – BP), Catesby Trillium (MB – BP), Wild Oats (FB – BP), Star Chickweed (FB – AP), May Apple (FB – BP), Pinxter Flower (FB – BP), Mountain Laurel (FB – JS), Wild Confrey (FB – JS),  Alum Root (FB – BP), Bristly Locust (FB – AP), Flame Azalea (FB – AP), Birdfoot Violet (FB – BP), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (FB – BP), Bur Cucumber (FB – AP), Skunk Meadow  Rue (FB – BP), Early Buttercup,  Low Hop Clover (MB – AP)  and Blueberry (MB – AP). 

Hatcher Mountain (From Cooper Road Trail to Little Bottoms Trail) – Star Grass (MB – AP),  Blackberry (MB – AP), Hawkweed (MB – AP), Blueberry (MB – AP), Daisy Fleabane (FB – BP), Robin’s Plantain (MB – BP), Crested Dwarf Iris (MB – BP), Dog Hobble (MB – AP), Mountain Laurel (FB – JS), Star Chickweed (FB – BP), Common Cinquefoil (MB – AP), Bristly Locust (FB – AP), Catesby Trillium (MB – BP), Solomon’s Seal (FB – AP), Sweet White Violet (MB – AP), Rue Anemone (FB – AP), Gay Wings (FB – BP), Common Blue Violets (BP), Fire Pinks (MB – V), Sweet Shrub (AP), Robin’s Plantain (MB – BP), White Milkweed (1)  and Frazer Magnolia (FB – AP). 

Little Bottoms (B-E) – Common Cinquefoil (MB – AP), Sweet Shrub (MB – AP), Birdfoot Violet (MB – BP), Golden Ragwort (FB – BP), Fire Pinks (MB – V), Crested Dwarf Iris (MB – BP), Hawkweed (MB – AP), Mountain Laurel (FB – JS), Dogwood (1 Tree – AP), Umbrella Magnolia (FB – AP), Little Brown Jugs (FB), Lyre Leaf Sage (FB – V), Foam Flower (MB – BP), Blackberry (MB – AP), Star Chickweed (FB – AP), False Solomon’s Seal (FB – V), Catesby Trillium (MB – BP), Daisy Fleabane (MB – BP), Star Grass (MB – AP), Cross Vine (FB – BP),  Prostate Bluet (MB – AP), Seersucker Ginger, Meadow Parsnip (FB – AP), Robin’s Plantain (MB – BP), Common Yellow Wood Sorrel  and Flame Azalea (FB – AP). 

Spring Beauties
Spring Beauties (Claytonia virginica), some of the first of the spring ephemerals, are found throughout the park. - GSMA Photo

April 28

Ace Gap Trail (B-E) - MANY BLOOMING:  Wild Geranium (AP), Catesby Trillium (100s of them – AP), Star Grass (AP) and  Common Cinquefoil (AP).

GOOD SHOWING OF BLOOMS:  Yellow Trillium (AP), Sweet Shrub (AP), Rue Anemone (AP), Meadow Parsnip (AP), Solomon’s Seal (AP), Daisy Fleabane (BP), False Solomon’s Seal (AP – at far end of trail just starting to bloom), Fire Pinks (AP), Common Cinquefoil (Some areas AP but at beginning BP), Dogwood (AP and Flame Azalea (AP – very very beautiful).

FEW BLOOMING:  Hispid Butter Cup (AP), Stone Crop (AP), Carolina Vetch (BP), Common Blue Violet (AP), Birdfoot Violet (BP), Large Flowered Bellwort (JS), Yellow Mandarin (AP), Plantain Leaf Pussytoe (BP), Wild Oats (AP), Striped Maple (JS), Little Brown Jugs (BP), Gay Wings (1), Halberd Leaf Violet (AG), Star Chickweed (BP), Squaw Root (BP), Crested Dwarf Iris (BP), Vernal Dwarf Iris (BP) and Blue Berry (JS).

BUDDED:  Mountain Laurel, Hawkweed and Galax.

April 26

Oconaluftee River Trail (B-E) - Sweet White Violet, Long Spurred Violet, Hispid Buttercup, Dog Hobble, Foam Flower, Solomon’s Seal, Toothwort, Star Chickweed, Crested Dwarf Iris, False Solomon’s Seal, Canadian Violet, Showy Orchis, May Apple, Fringed Phacelia, Wild Stonecrop, Dogwood, Large Flowered Trillium, Jack-n-pulpit (1), Bed Straw, Bluets, Golden Aster, Blue Phlox.

April 20

West Prong (B-E) – Sweet White Violet, Long Spurred Violet, Hispid Buttercup, Dog Hobble, Foam Flower, Solomon’s Seal, Toothwort, Star Chickweed, Crested Dwarf Iris, Yellow Trillium, False Solomon’s Seal, Doll Eyes, Canadian Violet, Showy Orchis, Little Brown Jugs, Umbrella Magnolia, Squaw Root, Rue Anemone, Yellow Mandarin, Trillium Erect, Sweet Cicely, Large Flowered Trillium, Cancer Root, Daisy Fleabane, Wild Oats, Striped Maple, Common Cinquefoil, Dogwood, Frazer Sedge, Blue Berry and Prostate Bluet.

Bote Mountain (B to West Prong Trail) – Wild Strawberry, Common Cinquefoil, Dogwood, Long Spurred Violet, Star Grass, Common Blue Violet, Lousewort, Fairywand, Sweet White Violet, Catesby Trillium, Daisy Fleabane, Dog Hobble, Hispid Buttercup, Trillium Erect, Solomon’s Seal, Yellow Trillium, Star Chickweed, Birdfoot Violet and Toothwort.

School House Gap (B to Chestnut Top Trail) -  Yellow Trillium, Hispid Buttercup, Trillium Erect, Sweet Cicely, Wild Phlox, Long Spurred Violet, Foam Flower, Star Chickweed, Rue Anemone, Canadian Violet, Doll Eyes, Bishop Caps, Sweet White Violet, Catesby Trillium,  Jack-n-pulpit (1), Wood Anemone (2), Daisy Fleabane, Little Brown Jug, Bed Straw, Golden Ragwort, Dog Hobble, Wild Geranium, Carolina Vetch, Crested Dwarf Iris, Star Grass, Dogwood, Wild Oats, Common Blue Violet, Halberd Leaf Violet, Birdfoot Violet  and Plantain Leaf Pussytoe.

Chestnut Top (B-E) -  Wild Oats, Star Grass, Catesby Trillium, Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Flame Azalea (few), Solomon’s Seal, Umbrella Magnolia, Birdfoot Violet, Dogwood, Halberd Leaf Violet,  Carolina Vetch, Squaw Root, Rue Anemone, Lousewort, Yellow Trillium, Foam Flower, Long Spurred Violet, Star Chickweed, Dog Hobble, False Solomon’s Seal (nice), Yellow Mandarin, Hispid Buttercups, Bishop Caps, Sweet Cicely, Blackberry, Purple Phacelia (very beautiful – nice displays), Sweet White Violet, Meadow Parsnip, Stone Crop (outstanding), Cancer Root, Little Brown Jugs and Fire Pinks (very vivid red).

April 12

Twentymile Trail to Twentymile Loop Trail – Sweet Betsy in abundance, Yellow Trillium, Crested Dwarf Iris just getting started, Blue Phlox, Star Chickweed, Rue-Anemone, Toothwort, Catesby’s trillium, Foamflower, Solomon’s Seal just getting started, Wild Geranium, Long Spurred Violet, Halbred Leaf Violet.

April 11

Cucumber Gap (B-E) – Star Chickweed, Sweet White Violet, Spring Beauty, Trillium Erect, Common Blue Violet, Trout Lily, Wood Anemone, Creamy Yellow Violet, Painted Trillium (9 very small blooms), Long Spurred Violet, Halbred Leaf Violet, Rue Anemone, Toothwort, Bishop Caps, Blue Cohosh (just starting to bloom), Yellow Trillium, Canadian Violet, Frazer Sedge, Solomon’s Seal, and Squirrel Corn (few).  Following budded:  Brook Lettuce, False Solomon’s Seal, Foam Flower and May-apple.  Note:  The Trillium Erect, Wood Anemone, Trout Lily and Rue Anemone are putting on a majestic display.

Little River (B to Cucumber Gap) – Yellow Trillium, Trillium Erect, Solomon’s Seal, Blue Cohosh (Just starting to bloom), Common Blue Violet, Creamy Yellow Violet, Celandine Poppy, Frazer Sedge, Toothwort, Star Chickweed, Jack-n-pulpit (1), Spring Beauties, Stone Crop, White Fringed Phacelia (few), Rue Anemone, Bishop Caps, Yellow Mandarin, Squirrel Corn, Wild Ginger, Hepatica (few), Wood Anemone, Hispid Buttercup (few) and Large Flowered Trillium.  Following budded:  Wild Phlox, Lousewort and Brook Lettuce.  Note:  Most of the blooms first mile and a half.

Chestnut Top (First half-mile) – Purple Phacelia, Bishop Caps, Toothwort (about gone), Star Chickweed, Yellow Trillium, Trillium Er

Wildflower Reports for 2014

September 26

Low Gap (Cosby Campground to Low Gap) – White Snake Root, Golden Rod Erect, White Top Aster, Great Lobelia, Filmy Angelica, Black Cohosh, Heal All, Curtis Aster and Mountain Gentian (really nice).

Fields of Tall Goldenrod blanket Cades Cove in late summer. These are some of the last flowering plants to bloom before the onset of autumn. - GSMA Photo

September 15

Meigs Mountain (From Jakes Creek Trail to Curry Mountain Trail) – Golden Rod Erect, White Top Aster, White Snakeroot, Pink Turtlehead, Mountain Gentian (really nice ones) and Hearts-a-busting.

Curry Mountain (B-E) – Golden Rod Erect, Curtiss Milkwort, White Snakeroot, Great Lobelia,  Dark Jewelweed, Wild Golden Glow and Red Clover.

September 12

Sugarland Mountain (From the  A T to Huskey Gap) – White Snake Root, White Top Aster, Golden Rod Erect, Pale Jewelweed (one area massy beautiful display – many many), Black Eyed Susan, Love Vine, Mountain Gentian (2), Filmy Angelica, Curtis Aster, Doll Eyes berries and Black Cohosh.

Huskey Gap (B to Huskey Gap) – Golden Rod Erect, Canadian Violets, Curtis Aster, White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed (really nice large display), White Snakeroot and Hearts-a-busting

September 5

Trillium Gap (From Roaring Forks Motor Trail to Trillium Gap) – White Top Aster, White Snakeroot, Goldenrod Erect, Pink Turtlehead, Sweet White Violets (2), Pale Jewelweed, Black Cohosh and Filmy Angelica.

Brushy Mountain (B-E) – Mountain Myrtle, Black Cohosh, White Snakeroot, White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed, Rosebay Rhododendron (1), Rattlesnake Plantain (2), Pink Turtlehead (nice), Pinesap (2), Hearts-a-bustin and Cardinal Flower (1).

September 1

Jakes Creek (B-E) – Wild Golden Glow, White Top Aster (many), Asiatic Dayflower, Smooth Phlox, Pale Jewelweed (many), Dark Jewelweed, White Snake Root, Golden Rod Erect, Black Eyed Susan, Doll Eyes (Berries), Heal All and Rattlesnake Plantain.

August 25

Appalachian Trail (From Dome to Goshen Prong Trail) (Includes half-mile traditional trail from dome parking lot to the A T).  -Wild Golden Glow, White Snake Root, Joe Pye Weed, Yarrow, Crimson Bee Balm, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed, White Clover, Red Clover, Ox Eye Daisy, Filmy Angelica, Love Vine, Bush Honeysuckle, Pink Turtlehead, Michaux’s Saxifrage, Early Goldenrod and Erect Goldenrod.

Goshen Prong (B-E) – White Snake Root, Pink Turtlehead, White Top Aster, Indian Pipe, Rattlesnake Plantain, Coreopsis, Filmy Angelica, Goldenrod Erect, Dark Jewelweed, Wild Golden Glow and Heal All.

Little River (B to Goshen Prong) – Asiatic Dayflower, White Top Aster, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed and White Snakeroot.  Note:  Witch Hobble, Blue Berry and Red Maple leaves are changing to their autumn wardrobe in the mid and high elevations.

August 22

Middle Prong (B-E) – White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed, Heal All, Love Vine and Yellow Wood Sorrell.

Greenbrier Ridge (B-E) – Doll Eyes (berries), White Top Aster, Wood Nettle, Love Vine, White Snakeroot, Pale Jewelweed, Crimson Bee Balm, Wild Golden Glow, Joe Pye Weed, Golden Rod Erect and Indian Pipe (1).

August 11

Metcalf Bottoms Trail (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Heal All and Flowering Spurge.

Walker Sisters Cabin Trail (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Cardinal Flower (just started blooming), Coreopsis, Dark Jewelweed, Heal All, Thimbleweed, Southern Harebell, Red Clover, Rattlesnake Plantain and Flowering Spurge.

Little Brier Gap Trail (B-E) – Heal All, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Tick Trefoil and Yellow Fringed Orchid.

Little Greenbrier Trail (B-E) – Tick Trefoil, Coreopsis, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Wood Nettle, Basil Bee Balm, Smooth Phlox, Rosebay Rhododendron (1), Pale Jewelweed, False Fox Glove, Turk Cap Lily (1), Partridge Pea, Southern Harebell, Curtiss Milkwort, Star Grass, Erect Golden Rod (Just starting to bloom), Sweet Golden Rod (just starting to bloom) and Yellow Fringed Orchid (11).

Wear Gap Road (Boundary to Little River) – Heal All, Wild Potato Vine, Tick Trefoil, Mountain Mint, Cardinal Flower (just starting to bloom), Black Eyed Susan (outstanding blooms – at peak), Dark Jewelweed, Smooth Phlox, Red Clover, Flowering Spurge, Joe Pie Weed, Partridge Pea, Horse Nettle, Asiatic Dayflower, Yellow Wood Sorrell, Wild Sensitive Plant, Thimbleweed and Hairy Milk Pea.

August 4

Grapeyard Ridge (B-E) – Yellow Fringed Orchid (70 – First time seeing these flowers so abundantly & beautiful display), False Fox Glove, Heal All, Wood Nettle, Star Grass, Tall Bellflower, Tick Trefoil, Hawkweed, Pinesap (one group), Southern Harebell, Pale Jewelweed, Cardinal Flower (1), Turk Cap Lily (2), Coreopsis, Rattlesnake Plantain, Crimson Bee Balm and Smooth Phlox.

July 28

School House Gap (B-E) – Basil Bee Balm, Rattlesnake Plantain, Coreopsis, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Yellow Fringed Orchid (4), Tick Trefoil, Thimbleweed, Mountain Angelica, Queen Ann’s Lace, Heal All and Doll Eyes (berries).

Chestnut Top (B-E) – White Top Aster, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Curtiss Milkwort, Yellow Fringed Orchid (1), Tall Bellflower, Horse Nettle, Pale Jewelweed, Turk Cap Lily (1), Mountain Saint John’s Wort and Pokeweed.

July 14

Turkey Pen (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Tick Trefoil, Star Grass, Basil Bee Balm, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Mountain Angelica, Rattlesnake Plantain, Black Cohosh, Coreopsis and White Top Aster. School House Gap (From Turkey Pen Trail to Laurel Creek Rd.) – Basil Bee Balm, Rattlesnake Plantain, Tick Trefoil, Rosebay Rhododendron, Mountain Angelica, Wood Nettle and Doll Eyes berries fully colored. Bote Mountain (B to Finely Cane Trail) – Basil Bee Balm, Rattlesnake Plantain, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Red Clover, Rosebay Rhododendron, Heal All, Star Grass, Coreopsis and White Clover. Finely Cane (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron, Tick Trefoil, Basil Bee Balm, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Wood Nettle, Black Cohosh and Rattlesnake Plantain. Note:  Not many flowers blooming now.  Rosebay Rhododendron blooms are about gone.

July 7

Cooper Road Trail (From Abrams Creek Campground to Hatcher Mountain Trail) – Wild Potato Vine, Wild Hydrangea, Spiderwort, Black Cohosh, Butterfly weed, Heal All, Rattlesnake Plantain, Star Grass, Mountain Angelica, White Clover, Rosebay Rhododendron, Mountain Camelia (few), Coreopsis, White Top Aster, Daisy Fleabane, Black Eyed Susan and Tick Trefoil.

Hatcher Mountain (From Cooper Road Trail to Little Bottoms Trail) – White Top Aster, Star Grass, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Coreopsis, Rosebay Rhododendron, White Clover, Wild Hydrangea, Basil Bee Balm, Curtiss Milkwort (just starting to bloom), Sourwood, Pokeweed, Rattlesnake Plantain, Red Clover, Horse Nettle and Tick Trefoil.

Little Bottoms (B-E) – Star Grass, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Hydrangea, Sourwood, Butterfly Pea (3), Coreopsis, Pokeweed, Tick Trefoil, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross and Bleeding Heart.

LeConte and Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) blooming on Mount Le Conte. - GSMA Photo

June 16

Gregory Ridge Trail (B-E) – Pipsippewa, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Hydrangea, Galax, Foam Flower, Indian Pipe, Star Grass, Flame Azalea, Canadian Violet and Indian Cucumber Root. Gregory Bald (From Gregory Ridge to Parson’s Branch Road) – Common Cinquefoil, Prostrate Bluet, Flame Azalea, Galax, Star Grass, Wild Hydrangea, Spiderwort, Canadian Violet, Loosestrife, Hawkweed and Rosebud Orchid (2) (eyes only please).

April 25

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Bishop Caps, Purple Phacelia, Yellow Trillium, Trillium Erect, /Solomon’s Seal,  Foam Flower, False Solomon’s Seal (Just starting to bloom), Sweet Cicely, Rue Anemone, Star Chickweed, Stonecrop, Hooked Buttercup, Bed Straw, Silver Bells, Spring Beauty, Dogwood, Squaw Root, Meadow Parsnip, Long Spurred Violet, Buckeye, Toothwort, Yellow Mandarin, Crested Dwarf Iris, Common Blue Violet, Fire Pink, Common Cinquefoil, Little Brown Jugs, Dog Hobble (JSB), Cancer Root, Dutchmen’s Pipe, Sweet White Violet, Lousewort, Catesby Trillium (great display), Bird Foot Violet, Wild Oats, Trailing Arbutus (AG), Halberd Leaf Violet, Carolina Vetch and Star Grass.  Note:  Down to Bird Foot Violet most of the blooms were on the first half-mile of the trail.??School House Gap (B-E) – Common Blue Violet, Bird  Foot Violet, Dogwood, Common Cinquefoil, Rue Anemone, Long Spurred Violet, Star Grass, Crested Dwarf Iris, Wild Strawberry, Halberd Leaf Violet, Carolina Vetch, Lousewort, Catesby Trillium, Wild Phlox, Large Flowered Bellwort, Sweet White Violet (outstanding display), Hooked Buttercup, Golden Ragwort (JSB), Wild Geranium, Dog Hobble (JSB), Canadian Violet, Daisy Fleabane, Solomon’s Seal, Trillium Erect, Toothwort and Yellow Trillium.??Bote Mountain (From Laurel Creek Road to West Prong Trail) – Long Spurred Violet (+), Sweet White Violet (outstanding display), Catesby Trillium, Lousewort, Gold Ragwort (JSB), Crested Dwarf Iris, Wild Strawberry, Trillium Erect, Solomon’s Seal, Common Cinquefoil, Wild Oats, Dogwood and Lyre Leaf Sage (1).

West Prong (B-E) – Umbrella Magnolia, Common Cinquefoil, Halberd Leaf Violet, Dog Violet (1), Foam Flower, Solomon’s Seal, Dog Hobble (JSB), Daisy Fleabane (Past peak), Showy Orchis (very beautiful), Large Flowered Bellwort (JSB), Silver Bell, Doll Eyes (1), Canadian Violet, Hooked Buttercup, Long Spurred Violet, Sweet White Violet (outstanding display), Trailing Arbutus (about gone), Prostate Bluets (AG), Trillium Erect, Star Chickweed (great display), Rue Anemone, Pennywort (AG), Toothwort, Sweet Cicely, Blue Cohosh (AG) and Yellow Mandarin.??Tremont Road (From Laurel Creek Road to the Institute) – Toothwort, Dog Hobble (JSB), Trillium Erect, Showy Orchis (great), Sweet White Violet, Common Blue Violet, Hooked Buttercup, Golden Ragwort (JSB), Crested Dwarf Iris, Bed Straw, Lousewort, Star Chickweed, Wood Anemone (-), Yellow Mandarin, Bishop Gaps, Dogwood, Solomon’s Seal, Foam Flower, Long Spurred Violet, Wild Strawberry, Sweet Shrub, Daisy Fleabane (Past Peak), Common Cinquefoil, Yellow Trillium, Large Flowered Trillium, Wild Phlox, Purple Phacelia, False Solomon’s Seal (JSB), Wild Geranium and Bleeding Heart.??Special Notice: Tom is presenting a wildflower program on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM in the Cades Cove Amphitheater (across from the ranger station). Later in the season, it may be starting at 9 PM.

April 22

Abrams Falls (From Cades Cove to falls) – Halberd Leaf Violet, Star Chickweed, Bleeding Heart, Daisy Fleabane and Sweet Shrub. Many blooms: Common Blue Violet, Catesby Trillium,  Common Cinquefoil, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe and Gay Wings?Few blooms:  Golden Ragwort, Halberd Leaf Violet, Prostate Bluets, Little Brown Jugs,  Wood Anemone, Lousewort,  Solomon’s Seal, Long Spurred Violet, Crested Dwarf Iris, Birdfoot Violet (2) and Carolina Vetch.?Note:  The Gay Wings and Common Cinquefoil between the horseshoe and falls are at peak bloom and the display is tremendous.

April 18

Little River from Trailhead to Huskey Gap Trail - Bishop Caps, Blue Cohosh, Brook Lettuce, Canadian Violet, Celandine Poppy, Common Blue Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Dogwood, Frasier Sedge, Golden Ragwort, Hispid Buttercup, Hooked Buttercup6, Jack-n-Pulpit (1), Large-Flowered Bellwort, Large Flowered Trillium, Lousewort,Prostate Bluet, Rue Anemone, Service Berry, Showy Orchus, Silver Bell, Solomon’s Seal, Spring Beauty, Squirrel Corn, Star Chickweed, Stone Crop, Sweet White Violet, Toothwort, Trillium Erect, White Fringed Phacelia, Wild Phlox, Wild Ginger, Wild Strawberry, Wood Anemone, Yellow Mandarin, Yellow Trillium, Yellow Wood Violet.

April 11

Porter Creek (B-E) -  Yellow Trillium, Common Blue Violet, Trillium Erect, Trout Lily, Squirrel Corn, Rue Anemone, Wild Phlox and Dutchmen’s Breeches. Many Blooms: Large Flowered Trillium, Long Spurred Violet, Frazer Sedge, White Fringed Phacelia, Wood anemone, Spring Beauty and Dwarf Ginseng. Few Blooms:  Creamy Yellow Violet,  Sweet White Violet, Common Cinquefoil, Little Brown Jugs, Wild Ginger, Star Chickweed and Hepatica. Just Starting to Bloom:  Foam Flower, Blue Cohosh, Daisy Fleabane, Wild Geranium, Solomon’s Seal, Meadow Parsnip, Bishop Caps and Yellow Mandarin. Past Peak Blooming:  Seersucker Sedge and Toothwort.

Note:  The White Fringed Phacelia is at peak.  The blooms between the long foot log bridge and Fern Falls are fantastic.  Probably a hard rain would greatly reduce the quality of the blooms on many of the plants. Now is an excellent time to view the flowers on this trail.

Bloodroots (Sanguinaria canadensis) are some of the first spring ephemerals to bloom in early March. - GSMA Photo

April 9

Metcalf Bottoms Trail (B-E) – Yellow Trillium, Wood Anemone, Rue Anemone and Carolina Vetch. Decent number of Yellow Trillium and Wood Anemone in bloom.

Walker Sisters Cabin Trail (B-E) – Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Common Blue Violet, Rue Anemone, Wood Anemone, Carolina Vetch,  Sweet White Violet, Halberd Leaf Violet and Star Chickweed. Good number of Rue Anemone and Star Chickweed in bloom.??Little Brier Gap Trail (B-E) – Star Chickweed, Halberd Leaf Violet, Yellow Trillium and Trailing Arbutus.  Not many blooms.

Little Greenbrier Trail (From Little Weir Gap to Wear Gap Road) – Common Blue Violet, Trailing Arbutus, Wild Oats (1), Birdfoot Violet, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe and Common Cinquefoil. Not many blooms.?? Wear Gap Road (From Park Boundary to Metcalf Bottoms) – Carolina Vetch, Yellow Trillium, Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe, Common Blue Violets,  Rue Anemone and Hepatica. Good number of Rue Anemone and Common Blue Violets in bloom.

April 8

First half-mile of Chestnut Top: Spring Beauty – Trillium Erect  - Yellow Trillium – Solomon’s Seal – Rue Anemone – Purple Phacelia -  Star Chickweed – Long Spurred Violet – Common Cinquefoil – Little Brown Jugs – Stone Crop – Seersucker Sage – Fire Pink (1), Bloodroot and Toothwort. Porters Creek trail is expected to be at peak for the next week. Cove Hardwood Trail - Spring beauty, hepatica, squirrel corn, fringed phacelia, fiddle-head ferns, yellow trillium, white erect trillium, large-flowered trillium, trout lily, blue violets.

April 1

White Oak Sinks – hepatica and spring-beauties now in bloom. Still early for most flowers. Little White Oak on the other side of White Oak Sinks falls, wildflowers are much more advanced. Several types of arboreal orchids are in bloom and tree ferns have greened. Temperatures and humidity much higher than in big White Oak. Noted a fence lizard that I judged to weigh over 40 pounds. Water lilies now past peak. Several extremely large pileated woodpecker like birds. Still a great hike for the adventurous. Hepatica and spring-beauty are blooming on Porters Creek Trail in Greenbrier. This area should be a good destination for wildflower seekers over the next three weeks.

March 24

In Cades Cove, visitors can find the daffodils blooming at the site of Civilian Conservation Camp # 5427, which operated in the cove in the 1930s. Through the years, the daffodils have spread, but if you have a very good eye, and a better imagination, you can see “CO 5427” spelt out by the flowers. According to Tom, "The daffodils at the old CCC camp across the road from the Missionary Baptist Church are in full bloom at this time. In fact, it is one of the best displays that I have observed there. The letters are fairly clear and only the numbers 4 and 2 are somewhat difficult to make out."

March 21

Rabbit Creek Trail (From Abrams Creek Ranger Station to Hannah Mountain Trail) – Really nice Hepatica blooms about a half-mile up the trail on the left.  Some Trailing Arbutus and Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe in bloom. Also, 2 Spring Beauty blooms and one Common Blue Violet bloom seen.  Some of the Trailing Arbutus have beautiful pink blooms (very rich pink).   SPECIAL NOTICE:   ABOUT A QUARTER OF A MILE UP THE TRAIL (ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER CROSSING THE FOOT LOG BRIDGE OVER ABRAMS CREEK THE DISPLAY OF THE DAFFODILS (IN FULL BLOOM NOW)  FOR AROUND 100 FEET ARE A REAL TREAT TO ENJOY. Hannah Mountain Trail (From Rabbit Creek Trail to Campsite #14) – A few Trailing Arbutus and Plantain Leaf Pussy Toe in bloom.

March 7

It appears that the blooms will be late this year, which probably surprises no one.   Today I found nothing blooming on the Jakes Creek Trail.   I did check out the first quarter of a mile of Chestnut Top and found:   2 Spring Beauty blooms, a Long Spurred Violet in bloom and a few Star Chickweed in bloom.  The Plantain Leaf Pussy Toes were budded.  A week ago on Little Bottoms Trail, I found a couple of Common Cinquefoil blooming.

Wildflower Reports for 2013

November 12

Finely Cane (B-E) – Last mile before Bote Mountain Trail has nice colorful foliage – mostly yellows and orange – It is especially nice when the sun is shining through the foliage.

November 4t

Laurel Falls (B-E) – Beautiful foliage before reaching the falls – beyond the fall almost to Little Greenbrier Trail Junction scattered bright foliage – above Little Greenbrier Trail junction most of foliage down.   

Cove Mountain (From Laurel Falls Trail to Park Headquarters) – Most of the foliage down in higher elevations – mid-elevations has very bright and beautiful foliage – Lower elevation scattered colorful foliage (not as vivid as mid-elevations).

October 28

Rabbit Creek (From Abrams Creek Ranger Station to Hannah Mountain Trail) – Curtis Aster, Curtiss Milkwort (Very beautiful – good selection), Hearts-a-busting, Black Eyed Susan, Heal all (1),?Purple Gerardia, Hawkweed, White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod and Southern Harebell.

Hannah Mountain (From Rabbit Creek Trail to Campsite #14) – Teaberry (1), Flowering Spurge (1), Curtis Aster, White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod and Mountain Gentian (very nice blooms).

Hearts-a-bustin (Euonymus americanus) blooms in late summer. - GSMA Photo

October 21

Flowers in bloom on Huskey Gap Trail, Erect Goldenrod, Curtis Aster (3), Hearts-a-busting (2), White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed, White Snake Root, Canadian Violet (3) and a nice showing of Mountain Gentian.

September 20

Roundtop (B-E) – Black Eyed Susan, Curtis Aster, Great Lobelia, White Top Aster, Coreopsis, Erect Goldenrod, Southern Harebell, False Fox Glove, Curtiss Milkwort, White Snake Root,?Hearts-a-busting, Dark Jewelweed, Pink Turtlehead (the tallest I recall seeing), Star Grass (1), Cardinal Flower, Hawkweed, Purple Gerardia and Mountain Gentian (1).

September 16

Meigs Mountain (B-E) – Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root, White Top Aster, Pink Turtleheads, Mountain Gentian (really nice ones about 2 miles from Jakes Creek), Hearts-a-busting, Asiatic Dayflower (1), Curtis Aster, Pale Jewelweed and Southern Harebell.

Meigs Creek (B-E) – White Top Aster, White Snake Root, Erect Goldenrod, Hearts-a-busting, Whitewood Aster, Pink Turtlehead, Ironweed (1), Cardinal Flowers, Curtis Aster, Curtiss Milkwort, Southern Harebell, Great Lobelia and False Fox Glove.?? Few Sourwood, Sugar Maples and Red Maples are starting to change colors.

September 13

West Prong (B-E) – White Snake Root, Golden Rod Erect, Pale Jewelweed, Hearts-a-busting, Great Lobelia, Wood Nettle, Love Vine, White Top Aster, Curtis Aster, False Fox Glove and Southern Harebell.   Note:   The display of the Hearts-a-busting at the junction of West Prong and Bote Mountain Trails is outstanding (have never seen such an abundance of these blooms).

Finley Cane (B-E) – White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed and Hearts-a-busting.

September 2

Lumber Ridge (B-E) – False Fox Glove, Erect Goldenrod, Southern Harebell, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort, Hawkweed, White Top Aster, Wood Nettle, Starry Campion, Star Grass (2), White Snake Root (Just starting to bloom) and Yellow Fringed Orchid (1). 

Meigs Mountain (From Lumber Ridge Trail to Curry Mountain Trail) – Southern Harebell, White Top Aster, Pale Jewelweed and White Snake Root (just starting to bloom).

Curry Mountain (B-E) – Curtiss MIlkwort, White Top Aster, Coreopsis, Asiatic Dayflower, Heal All, Cardinal Flower, Joe Pye Weed, Dark Jewelweed, Ironweed, Wild Golden Glow, Wild Phlox and Great Lobelia.  Note:   After first four flowers mentioned all were blooming at the trailhead at Little River Road.

August 26

Trillium Gap (Roaring Forks Motor Trail to Trillium Gap) – White Top Aster, Heal All, Pale Jewelweed, Erect Goldenrod, White Snake Root, Pink Turtleheads, Wood Nettle, Rattlesnake Plantain, Black Cohosh and Filmy Angelica.

Brushy Mountain (B-E) – White Snake Root, Crimson Bee Balm, White Top Aster, Erect Goldenrod, Rattlesnake Plantain, Indian Pipe, Pale Jewelweed, Pink Turtleheads, Wood Nettle and Yellow Fringed Orchid.

Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) and a Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) in mid-August. - GSMA Photo

August 23

Rich Mountain Loop (B-E) – Flowering Spurge, Red Clover, Hairy Angelica, (1) Mountain Mint, Southern Harebell, Heal All, Coreopsis, Curtiss Milkwort and Great Lobelia.

Crooked Arm (B-E) –Mountain Mint, Wood Nettle, Southern Harebell, Tick Trefoil, Coreopsis, Erect Goldenrod, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Reclining Saint Andrews Cross, Great Lobelia,?False Foxglove and White Top Aster.

Indian Grave (From Crooked Arm Trail to Rich Mountain Loop Trail) – Erect Goldenrod, Southern Harebell, Yellow Fringed Orchid, False Foxglove, Coreopsis, Hairy Angelica, (1) Star Grass, Flowering Spurge, Curtiss Milkwort, Curtis Aster (1), Heal All and Reclining Saint Andrews Cross.  Note:  The Yellow Fringed Orchids are really beautiful now.

August 12

Mount Sterling (B-E) – Starry Campion, Heal All, Spiderwort, Coreopsis, False Fox Glove, Southern Harebell, Hairy Angelica, Indian Pipe, Joe Pye Weed, Tall Bell Flower, Pale Jewelweed, Love Vine, Turk Cap Lily, Rattlesnake Plantain, Whitewood Aster, Tea Berry, Mountain Saint John’s Wort,  Orange Touch-me-nots, Crimson Bee Balm (nice), Filmy Angelica, Erect Goldenrod, Basil Bee Balm, White Snake Root, Wood Nettle  and Yarrow

Baxter Creek (B-E) – Pink Turtlehead (nice), Wood Anemone (1), Indian Pipe, Pale Jewelweed, Wood Nettle, White Snake Root, Rattlesnake Plantain, Hawkweed and Rosebay Rhododendron (1 large shrub blooming).

August 9

Chestnut Top (B-E) – Flowering Spurge, Reclining Saint Andrew’s Cross, Yellow Fringed Orchid (very beautiful), Curtiss Milkwort, Star Grass (1), White Top Aster, False Fox Glove, Rattlesnake Plantain, Horse Nettle, Pale Jewell Weed, Tall Bell Flower, Coreopsis, Pokeweed, Purple Phacelia, Tick Trefoil and Basil Bee Balm.

School House Gap (B-E) –Wood Nettle, Heal All, Tick Trefoil, Orange Touch-me-nots, Coreopsis, Flowering Spurge, Hairy Angelica, False Fox Glove, Curtiss Milkwort, Yellow Fringed Orchid and Reclining Saint Andrews Cross.

July 29

Goldmine (B-E) – Hairy Angelica, Reclining St. Andrew’s Cross, Heal All, White Top Aster and Coreopsis.??Cane Creek (B-E) – Wild Potato Vine, Rattlesnake Plantain, Wood Nettle, Heal All and Asiatic Dayflower.

July 22

Ace Gap (B-E) – Hairy Angelica, Black Eye Susan, Queen Ann’s Lace, Coreopsis, Reclining St. Andrews Cross (many – at peak), Rattlesnake Plantain, Starry Campion, Tall Bell Flower (about gone), Spiderwort, White Top Aster, Curtiss Milkwort, False Fox Glove, Heal All, Indian Pipe, Star Grass, Rosebay Rhododendron (about gone) and Smooth Phlox.

July 15

AT (From Newfound Gap to Boulevard Trail) – Wild Hydrangea, Tassel Rue, Wood Nettle, Rudgel’s Indian Plantain, Wood Sorrel and Love Vine.

Boulevard (B-E) – Bush Honeysuckle, Tassel Rue, Dwarf Rhododendron, Blackberry, Wood Sorrel, Rugels Indian Plantain, Indian Pipe and just starting to bloom Crimson Bee Balm, Wild Golden Glows Michaux’s Saxifrage and Turk Cap Lilly.

Alum Cave Bluff – Wood Sorrel, Mountain St. Johnswort (really nice blooms), Bush Honeysuckle, Wild Hydrangea, Wild Golden Glow, Wood Nettle, Prostate Bluet, Rosebay Rhododendron, Michaux’s Saxifrage and Crimson Bee Balm. Note: Not a lot of blooms at this time.

Catawba Rhododendron
Rosebay Rhododendron blooming at Cataract Falls in early July. - GSMA Photo

July 5

Little River to Huskey Gap Trail – Wood Nettle, Wild Hydrangea, Black Cohosh, Rosebay Rhododendron and Heal All.  Note:   Not many blooms.

Huskey Gap (From Little River Trail to Huskey Gap) – Pipsissewa, Basil Bee Balm, Wild Hydrangea, Coreopsis, Rosebay Rhododendron, Star Grass, Wood Nettle, Narrow-leaf White-Topped Aster and Mountain St. Johnswort.

Sugarland Mountain (From Huskey Gap to Fighting Creek Gap) – Pipsissewa, Star Gras, Coreopsis, Black Cohosh, Rosebay Rhododendron, Narrow-Leaf White topped Aster and Flowering Spurge.  Note:  Not many blooms.

June 24

Bullhead (B-E) – Wild Hydrangea (Many & at peak bloom much of the way), Canadian Violet, Flowering Spurge, Purple Flowering Raspberry (about gone – just a few blooms), Galax, Golden Ragwort (one plant with blooms), Wood Sorrel (nice blooms), Mountain Laurel, Partridge Berry, Dwarf Rhododendron, Catawba Rhododendron, Blackberry, Prostate Bluet, Spring Ladies Tresses, Wood Nettle, Pipsissewa and Tassel Rue.

Rainbow (B-E) – Prostate Bluet, Blackberry, Wood Sorrel, Catawba Rhododendron, Dwarf Rhododendron, Galax, Wild Hydrangea, Partridgeberry, Tassel Rue, Wood Nettle and Loosestrife.

June 21

Jakes Creek Trail (B-E) – Rosebay Rhododendron (only a few), Ox Eye Daisy, Wild Hydrangea, Flowering Spurge, Red Clover, Partridge Berry and Pale Jewelweed (Yellow Touch-me-nots).

June 14

Gregory Bald - Flame Azalea Progress Report - There are only a couple of Azalea Shrubs in full bloom, there are probably less than a dozen with a fourth to a third of their blooms open and many of the shrubs buds are showing no color at this time. Layman’s estimate of the peak of blooms – 10 days to two weeks from now although a period of hot weather could shorten the time before the peak of the blooms.

May 27

Middle Prong (B-E) – Maple Leaf Viburnum, Tassel Rue, Blackberry, Canadian Violet, Mountain Laurel, Lyre Leaf Sage, Common Cinquefoil, Sweet White Violet, Wild Strawberry, Foam Flower, Dog Hobble, Wild Ginger, Blue-Eyed Grass and Wood Lily (2) - (Hopefully I identified them correctly – do not recall ever seeing them previously). Greenbrier Ridge (B-E) – Blackberry, Dog Hobble (nice fragrance), Lyre Leaved Sage, False Solomon’s Seal, Foam Flower, Prostate Bluets (nice fragrance), Sweet White Violets, Silver Bells, Meadow Parsnip, Canadian Violets, Squaw Root, Clinton Lilies, Brook Lettuce, Doll Eyes (2), Sweet Cicely, Common Blue Violets, Star Chickweed and Blue Eyed Grass.

Catawba Rhododendron
White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) at peak bloom in early April. - GSMA Photo

May 24

Rabbit Creek (from Abrams Creek to Hannah Mountain Trail) – Spiderwort, Solomon’s Seal, Lyer Leaf Sage, Flowering Spurge, Teaberry, Star Grass, Galax, False Solomon’s Seal, Mountain Laurel, Blackberry, Robin’s Plantain, White Milkweed, Golden Ragwort, Hawkweed and Ox Eye Daisy.??Hannah Mountain (from Rabbit Creek to Campsite #14) – Flowering Spurge, False Solomon’s Seal, Meadow Parsnip, Star Grass, White Milkweed, Galax, Mountain Laurel, Maple Leaf Viburnum,?Solomon’s Seal, Common Cinquefoil, Blackberry and Rue Anemone.

May 10

West Prong (B-E) -  Sweet White Violet, Foam Flower, Yellow Trillium, Dog Hobble, Solomon’s Seal, Crested Dwarf Iris, Blackberry, Star Chickweed, Sweet Cicely, False Solomon’s Seal, Cancer Root, Trillium Erect, Canadian Violet, Robins Plantain, Rue Anemone, Vasey Trillium (few – others budded), Galax (just starting to bloom), Fairywand (nice), Common Cinquefoil, Common Blue Violet, Prostate Bluet, Little Brown Jugs, Star Grass, Hawkweed, Hooked Buttercup and Mapleleaf Viburnum.

Bote Mountain (B to West Prong Trail) – Common Cinquefoil, Lyre Leaf Sage, Hawkweed, Sweet White Violet, Yellow Trillium, Hooked Buttercup, Star Grass, Crested Dwarf Iris, Hispid Buttercup, Lousewort, Robins Plantain, Dog